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Zouave 1870

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Jason W., Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Jason, Jason!

    You have done it again! Super job man, this one is one of your best! I hate to just say good job and all that but there is nothing else that I can say, as it is looking super.

    Keep up the great work!
  2. waynetcolorado New Member


    Love your work! Nice to see someone else that finds the 2nd Empire Period facinating.

    I am currently working on a couple of Neville inspired works myself. Nice thing about the available Detaille, Neville, and Messonier art.

    We should compare notes sometime.

  3. Kreston Active Member

    Very nice work, Jason. Now, those white trousers are just screaming for some weathering!
  4. Jason W. Active Member

    WOW!!! Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the kind words. Sorry for the late reply. Long day at work.
  5. Jason W. Active Member


    I know my friend, I know :lol: You can't see in the pic's but I did add a few "stains". Not really enough though to portray the dust and grime of August in which those fellows went through.
    I still have to overcome that fear of overdoing weathering, especially when working with acrylics. More practice is in order.
  6. yeo_64 Well-Known Member

    Jason,EXCELLENT job,my friend (y) (y) (y) Keep up the good work !
  7. Larry R New Member

    Jason, truly oustanding work. I would be interested not only in an SBS for sculpting (if there already is not one) but also materials used etc.....I would also be interested in knowing from you and other sculp dudes what the cost is from start to finish on one figure related to what one already done costs on the market!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. Jason W. Active Member

    Thanks Kenneth! :)

    Thanks Larry! As for sbs stuff, I've done some if you click on my workbench below.

    And for cost of "scratching", aside from spare heads and accessories if you wish, we're talkin pennies compared w/ stock commercial fig's. But time plays a part too, it takes me approx. 5 days or 12 hours work for a 54ish scale fig. Building originals is much cheaper when compared to the outrageous cost of figures these days. I mean, some 54's are going well into the $30 dollar range! :eek:
  9. Larry R New Member

    beleive me I know. And I look through sources and think, wouldn't that be a nice figure but can't find one. Especially non-static pose ACW figures just to mention one. You may have sparked my interest in pursuing sculpting...like I have time, but would like to try. How is the availability of parts/accesories? I'll check your SBS. Thanks, again great work!
  10. ggamzzic New Member


    There is one question.
    Did the head sculpted? or it used the existing product?

    You work is fine too much.
    There is a thing which comes out maybe with the product?

  11. Dani A. New Member


    I think your rendering of the tricoloured lace is good! It looks convincing enough in these obviously larger than life images, I'm sure is looks still better "live". It has to be taken into account that, usually, these kind of lace is impossible to paint "in scale", so you have to try to "translate" it, trying to get the appropriate impression - and in this I believe you have suceeded.

    BTW, looking at your final results, I feel more than compensated for the modest contribution I made with the research!


  12. Jason W. Active Member

    Thanks Jung!

    The head is not sculpted. It was made by the company Hornet.
  13. Jason W. Active Member

    Thanks Dani!

    Yes, it's very difficult to achieve that type of detail in such a small scale.

    What I did was paint the base color of the lace a medium grey, then painted blue "x's" w/ red dots in between. VERY tedious work, not to mention the red [tombeau]!

  14. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Jason, I meant to remark that the tombeau are really well done. Can you imagine doing a 5-6 figure vignette with Zouaves? I think tedious would need to be replaced with another word.~Gary
  15. y_wong New Member

    Dear Jason,

    A very well done figure.

    regards (y)
  16. Jason W. Active Member

    Thanks Wong!

    Gary, strangely enough thats a future project! :lol:

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