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Zhao Zilong at Changban Battle - Seil Review

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Guy, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    Zhao Zilong at The Battle of Changban
    90mm white metal
    Sculpted by Kim Dong Uk
    Painted by Kim Man Jin
    39 white metal parts


    Seil brings to us a beautiful figure of Zhoa Zilong at the Battle of Changban. Sculpted by Kim Dong Uk and loaded with history behind this figure.

    Historical Note:

    Zhao Zilong (? ~ 229 AD)

    Notes by Man Jin Kim for Seil Models Jan'08 90mm Release

    Surname Zhao, given name Yun, and Zilong is his courtesy name. Zhao served as one of the 'Five Tigers Generals' with Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong, under Liu Bei. Zhao's courageous works portrayed in the Battle of Changban, prove him to be the apotheosis of bravery. Legend has it that in the Battle of Changban, Zhao alone fought against 5,000 men in order to save the wife and baby of Liu Bei.
    About the Battle of Changban (208 A.D)

    By the time the 3rd century began, Liu Bei who had not come into enough power yet, had stayed in Fan Cheng located in the outskirts of Jing Hou, with about 30 servicemen including his retainers, by the help of Liu Zong (the Grand Administrator of Jing Hou).

    But Cao Cao who was already aware of Liu Bei's high moral repute and future's vision, lead a large force of 80,000 men(some records proclaim 100,000 or 1,000,000) and attacked Jing Hou in order to eliminate Liu Bei, before his power grows more. Immediately, Cao obtained the surrender from Liu Zong.

    At the news of Liu Zong's surrender, Liu Bei in Fan Cheng retreated southward with his party. However, at this time, the number of Jing Hou‘s peoples (refugees) who followed Liu Bei, respecting his high personality and benevolent rules, reached nearly 100,000. A cause from this, their retreat speed must be slower.

    Cao Cao who reached all the way to Fan Cheng in search of Liu Bei, knew he already fled from Fan Cheng. However, traveling with several ten thousands of troops, the pursuit became difficult. Thus Cao Cao chose 5,000 special attack corps out of his army to hunt down Liu Bei and his party. This special attack corps was forced to march 120km a day. Finally on the third day, Cao Cao and his men were able to catch up with the rear of Liu Bei's party.

    Being suddenly attacked by Cao Cao's fierce army, Liu Bei and his army were savagely beaten and the men fled in all directions. The few that escaped gathered together again at Changban. It was at this time that Liu Bei discovered that his wife and only son (Liu Shan), who was a baby at the time, were both missing. While Liu Bei, his sworn brothers (Guan Yu, Zhang Fei) and many other generals became deeply troubled and were losing hope, there was one general who emerged courageously, armed with only a spear ran out on horseback to save Liu Bei's wife and only son. This man was Zhao Zilong.

    Zhao started to fight alone against Cao Cao's 5,000 men. However Cao Cao's many men were helpless against Zhao's strong force and skill. As Zhao fought against his many enemies, his spear broke in half. At this time Zhao would snatch his enemies' weapons to fight against them. Through the hoards of men, he finally found Liu's wife with child near a well, only to discover that the wife's leg has been seriously injured.

    Zhao insists that she quickly mount the horse, repeatedly saying, "I shall save you and your baby from this iron ring of men." However, the woman continuously refuses Zhao, stating, "the horse will not be able to support the burden of both of us. So please just receive my baby." Because of Zhao's persistent will to save her, refusing to leave her behind, the wife quickly drowns herself in the nearby well, knowing this to be the only way that Zhao would leave with just the baby.

    Zhao Zilong forced himself to run off without the woman, but before leaving, he pushed over a thick wall near the well and enclosed the opening of the well. He did this to prevent the enemy from ever reaching the woman's body. After doing so, Zhao quickly hid the baby tight within his armor and mounted his horse, heading out to face his enemies once again. (For visual aesthetics, on the figure the baby is not hidden within armor but is wrapped within swaddling clothes).

    fig 01.JPG

    fig 04.JPG

    fig 03.JPG

    fig 26.JPG

    horse 02.JPG

    Above are the main parts of this kit, all previously packaged in Seil's sturdy black box and sandwiched between 4 layers of foam. I spread out the parts more and took additional photos so you can see the parts better.

    fig 05.JPG fig 06.JPG

    Above are 2 views of the head.

    fig 08.JPG fig 09.JPG

    fig 11.JPG fig 12.JPG

    The top 2 photos show the helmet and the bottom 2 photos above show the helmet dry-fitted onto the head.

    [ continued in next post ]

  2. Guy A Fixture

    fig 13.JPG fig 14.JPG

    fig 15.JPG fig 16.JPG

    Above is the upper chest portion of the torso showing the armor. The locater holes on the back are for positioning the cape as well as 2 lugs for the correct positioning of each arm.

    fig 17.JPG fig 18.JPG

    Above are the front and back view of the legs which join together at the hips and fasten to the upper chest portion.

    fig 19.JPG fig 20.JPG

    Above are the front and back view of the right and left arms.

    fig 21a.JPG fig 22.JPG

    Above is the front and back view of the cape. You can see where the sword fastens into the groove by his left shoulder.

    [ continued in next post ]

  3. Steve Well-Known Member

    Wow, fascinating stuff. Go Seil! Antidote to the panzergrenadier-rebel infantry-Old Guard grenadier syndrome. Great history. Or great romance either way!
  4. Guy A Fixture

    fig 23.JPG

    Above is the sword with brass wire already attached to represent the cord of the sword.

    fig 24a.JPG fig 25a.JPG

    Above is the front and rear views of the additional body armor.

    fig 27.JPG

    fig 27a.JPG

    Above the top photo shows the baby swaddled in its blanket and the bottom photo shows the baby painted and fastened into position at Zhoa's waist, tied there with his sash.

    horse 03.JPG horse 04.JPG

    Above are each side of the horse's head with the ears and forelock cast separately.

    horse 06.JPG horse 07.JPG

    horse 08.JPG horse 09.JPG

    Above are the inside and outside of the horse showing a steel rod for the attaching feet and locater tabs and corresponding holes to assure the horse is aligned properly when assembling.

    [ continued in next post ]

  5. Guy A Fixture

    horse 10a.JPG horse 11.JPG

    Above left is the separatly cast tail and saddle and on the right are the horse's ears and forelock, tassels, etc.

    horse 12a.JPG

    Above you see the etched brass plaque, sheet lead for the reins and stirip leather and the steel rod for the spear.

    horse 13a.JPG

    horse 14.jpg

    Above is the white metal base with holes for the steel rods in the horse's feet to mount into. Also a copy of the color guide I scanned and reduced.

    Additional Box Art photos

    1300.jpg 1301.jpg

    1303.jpg 1302.jpg



    An excellent kit depicting a romantic side of Korean history. Very well cast parts with minimal seam lines and flash to remove. Dry-fitting of all parts I tried was excellent. Highly recommended.

    Seil Miniature web-site
    click here


  6. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Guy,
    Looks some extremelly well sculpted figure. I'm looking forward to your painted version.
    BTW, thanks for the historic info....

  7. vergilius New Member

    Thanks for the riview
    I'm not an expert but the head of the horse looks somewhat small
  8. Lovejoy New Member

    Great to see a figure with a good story behind it! Real men take a baby into battle...

    Nicely sculpted rider, but I'm really not sure about the horse - lots of problems there, I think, especially round the head and hind feet. I'll probably have to avoid this one, I'm afraid.
    Michael Lovejoy
  9. Jeff Active Member

    Great figure and great paint job. That horse really looks like it has been in a battle. wonderful.

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