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WIP Zeus, Alexandros Models

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by franck edet, May 20, 2018.

  1. franck edet A Fixture

    Hello friends,
    after our masterclass in Quebec ( see here : http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/sergio-calvo-rubios-masterclass.116028/ ) i felt a need to start my Zeus from Alexandros, this is such a beauty that i didn't felt confident enough before ... anyway, following the steps i've learnt last week-end i give it a go today, here are the steps for a good session in the man cave (around 6 hours maybe, didn't really count ;) )

    first picture is the colors i used for the skin tones, last one is where i stopped this afternoon :)

    001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg
    to this stage i would say that sketching is final for the skin.
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  2. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

    seems like that the masterclass paid off some nice dividents
  3. franck edet A Fixture

  4. Phater Active Member

    Very nice! Could you give us a run down on the paint mixes and process?
  5. franck edet A Fixture

    thank you Tom, sure i can tell you about the process :

    first i started with a mix of African Shadow and purple (around 3 for 1 mix) this gives you a very dark base (purple is here to cool the tone), second layer is the same color lightly lightened with basic flesh, 3rd is the same but with more basic, 4th is still the base coat but with almost 50% of basic flesh, then for the 5th and 6th layers it's this mix lightened with golden skin then pale skin.

    the key is to always start your new layer shorter than the one before. it gives you a sketch almost like a cartoon drawing with very high contrasts. then you blend it with glazes of basic flesh. here i added a touch of deep blue in it as i want a very cold God.

    the Togae is a mix of deep blue and gobi brown, more blue on the side of the lightning and more brown on the eagle side. for now the lightning is on its basic color : Tesla blue.
    all my acrylics are Scale75 (scalecolors)
    regarding dilution : almost direct from the bottle, just a drop of tap water as you want heavy covering for your firsts layers.

    The glazes for the shadows (still to be done here) are working best if done with the Airbrush, but it stil work with a paintbrush, it will just be longer :)
    the key is to play since the very beginning with colors to give "life", the major key for a bare chest as here is to "link" all the elements together as your supposed to look at skin, not armor ;)

    I hope it was clear enough, if not don't hesitate to ask :)

    cheers !
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  6. phil_h A Fixture

    Nice job so far - I really need to get this figure!
  7. franck edet A Fixture

    thanks Phil, yes do not hesitate this is really a must have and a real pleasure to paint (first time i don't whine on a white metal fig ;) )
  8. franck edet A Fixture

    i made some progress yesterday :) a little bit of freehand, light from the lightning weapon is placed etc. it still needs work here and there but i'm soon starting the eagle, which is a project in itself :)
    if possible i will paint the hair and beard today :)

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  9. franck edet A Fixture

    progresses of the day :)

    010.jpg 011.jpg 012.jpg 013.jpg
    2 firsts pictures are in workshop light, the 2 last ones are in normal daylight outside.
  10. Graham A Fixture

    Loving the skin tones, must dig out my Scale75 set out and try them again when I get back to the bench....
  11. megroot A Fixture

    very good work so far

  12. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

    I love the colour tones. impressed by how you have blended all elements togather to make an interesting piece.

  13. franck edet A Fixture

    Graham, Marc, Slinte : thank you very much :)
  14. franck edet A Fixture

    still working on Zeus ... this will be how i will let him before the final adjustements, for now i'm going to start his Eagle :)

    014.jpg 015.jpg 016.jpg 017.jpg
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  15. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    This one is really coming together nicely. Excellent skin tones.
  16. franck edet A Fixture

    Thanks a lot Ken :)

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