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Zaporozhian Cossacks - Young Miniatures New Release

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Guy, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Grod A Fixture

    Spot on Chris
  2. Figurenfreund66 Well-Known Member

    What a great character!



  3. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    You are right, it IS Taras Bulba in that avatar. Sorry, I stay at Madrid and do not have my sources with me. Anyway, the story of Gogol played in nearly the same time (mid 16th to beginning 17th) and it is the same kind of pipe.

  4. Gaudin A Fixture

    Sirko with pipe.jpg
    Ah, my friend, but I will still have to disagree. It isn't - if we trust Repin of course. A drawing from 1944 cant be a source we can seriously consider.
    Call me a sad soul, but I spent an hour gathering sources. Lets just stick to pipes:D .

    I don't know if you ever looked at Repin's painting up close or checked the pipe in the painting, but if you find a picture big enough and zoom, one would need to be blind to not see that the pipe of Sirko in fact .... has a lid

    By now I have reviewed 5 ethnic museum collections of Kozak pipes of 17th - 19th century, 2-3 private collections and 2 ukrainian military re-enactors forums discussing the above ( its not an OCD, just dont like being told off) All good sound original ukrainian sources
    I have found only 2 real authentic examples of kozak pipes with lids. they are 19th and 18th century. Now, they do look similar to Sirko's pipe. Not as single pipe for 16th - 17th century I saw is found or preserved with a lid. Not even depicted in any historical source (whilst we are at it, Repin per se isn't a historical source. Nor is Gogol' by the way).
    I must say I have to leave the door open in case I just haven't found one out there and people who know more are welcome to correct me asap
    The conclusion I draw from it - there weren't pipes with lids in that century. The next conclusion I draw from it is that Repin drew 18th century or 19th century pipe - he has seen plenty of them when he did his research - surely.

    I really don't like where its going now.... If Repin drew one historically incorrect pipe...oh shi...
    What else could be wrong...
    Now, I think he just compiled a borsh of all he could with a huge artistic license. It doesn't matter how far and pure one wants to go when making a figure

    I truly dont care about the pipe. I just hope that you may one day consider a possibility that this beautiful moving and inspiring picture isnt quite a kosak bible.
  5. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    I myself smoke a pipe and have a nice little collection, my grandfather worked for Medico Pipes just before he retired... but I must say, I have never have seen such a passionate and detailed discussion about pipes:whistle:. I have certainly picked up a few new pieces of information.
    If I may add my own rather uneducated opinion... I believe cossack pipes would have been simple clay pipes or may have leaned more towards a "Turkish" design more like the one held by the cossack behind Sirko, with the blonde moustache.

    Just an observation

    Gaudin likes this.
  6. Gaudin A Fixture

    You need to thank Einion for that ;)
    Its not about pipes and you know it, hehehe
  7. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Concidering there was no real cossack uniform at the time and a cossack's personal equipment was bought, traded and plundered from all corners... a little artistic licence (within reason) is forgivable. As long as he's not tapping away on a laptop while armed with an AK-47 and a lightsabre

  8. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Not a bible but well researched, as I said.

    Here is one more picture and I think, it is not a too young one, and it shows a Zaporoshian Cossack of the 17th century with a type of pipe, I posted above..:


  9. Gaudin A Fixture

    This picture is dated as 18th century in Ukrainian sources, so sadly, not contemporary.

    Assuming Repin had all the sources- and more than is availiable to us as so much was lost over years - all the historical well known characters in the picture - he surely has seen their portraits that are availiable to us.
    Yet for some reason he chooses to cast his chums from Academy and famous people for the roles.
    Why ? Because he is an artist, he needed to sell and he wasnt a museum resident with a pHd.
    There wasnt such thing as academic historical research at the time, it appeared much later, people used to collect stuff, fair enough.

    As an example (and I hope I am not starting another holy war) - Angus Mc Bride- brilliant artist, may he rest in peace, but some of his paintings are often not accurate as he introduced alot of details to make it look good - again - I only read what people say with a pinch of salt

    I really dont want to get into " prove I am right" game as i dont think its ethical for me to present you with other people's arguments. I also respect you as knowledgible and passionate enthusiast.
    All I said at the start is- if one wanted to do a kossak figure and be serious about it, they might want to consider checking out alot of stuff in Repins picture, but for inspiration it is invaluable
  10. cadno New Member

    Well sculpted bust ,beautifully painted ,pipe can be corrected i guess but why is he wearing his belt up around his chest ,a bit like old fashioned men who wear their trousers up around their necks, uk readers will know what i mean .
    all the best
  11. Kevin D. Active Member

    This one is going to appear on Show tables for sure!!
    Is it just me or does this bust look like Ward Bond (friend of John Wayne, wagon master of the show Wagontrain) ? 3815777_f520[1].jpg

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