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Zaporozhian Cossacks - Young Miniatures New Release

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Guy, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    The russian artist Ilya Repin (1844 - 1930) painted his famous picture "The Zaporoshian Cossacks writing a Letter to the Turkish Sultan" in the Years 1880 to 1891.

    Besides he gave to many people in the picture the faces of his friends..
    The face of the Ataman Iwan Sirko (1610 - 1880) is like the the one of (to Repins times very much known) Russian general Michail Iwanowitsch Dragomirow (1830 - 1905) from whom there exists also a Portrait by Ilya Repin.

    The bust is very similar to this face.


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  2. Pepperpot Active Member

    Another project for you Martin? I followed your last one :)
  3. Einion Well-Known Member

    Nice one, I like it. Wish the face were a little less in the heroic mould, more like in the painting, but the piece looks good all the same and the drapery is super as is to be expected from Greeny.

    Good general point, anything specific to this though? Most any historical issues aren't going to bother the majority of potential buyers anyway but except for one or two details (most notably the pipe) to me it does look pretty like Cossacks are depicted in art from around this period and a little later, at least in general appearance.

  4. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Definitively! I decited a longer time ago to make a bust of Iwan Sirko.

    But I think about to change the Head of the bust, certaily not, for it is bad or so, but only by historical reasons: Russian scientists restored in 1968 Iwan Sirkos real face...


    ...and after that a friend of mine had sculpted a head in the matching scale...:


    This will be a very fine project, for this face looks not so heroic, but as one of an old man. The scene with the letter to the Turkish Sultan (1676) happened only four years before his death (1680).

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  5. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Going for this one

  6. DEL A Fixture

    This is the business....loads of character and plenty textures.
  7. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Awesome new release a must have for me.

    Cheers David
  8. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Sorry Dimitry, I read your post just now. You are terribly wrong with your statement, for me that is almost a slander of the painter. :cautious:

    Ilya Repin researched for the details of this paintig for almost ten years, visited the scene several times, talked with descendants of the protagonists, then painted a number of preliminary designs (one of which is now in my possession) which were again checked by experts and he worked for several more years at his painting.

    I myself am dealing for scientific an historic reasons with this painting for twelve Years and You can be sure: Every detail is right and corresponds to originals from the 17th century!

    This painting was not without reason at that time the most expensive painting in the world!
    It is artistically fantastically painted history

    Please be with such frivolous statements in the future a little more reserved.

  9. YellowBear Active Member

    This is not a preferred topic for me. But the face, it look amazing that really make me excite and want to paint this
  10. tonydawe A Fixture

    Great character study, but not a subject that appeals to me. Nice to see Young's stepping outside its comfort zone.
  11. Einion Well-Known Member

    Um, but what about the pipe?

  12. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    A great new release from young miniatures,it reminds me of the film Taras Bulba with Yul Bryner,the casting and sculpting are what you come to expect from young,this will be a real pleasure to paint and I for one will be adding it to my young collection,10 out of 10,

  13. Figurenfreund66 Well-Known Member

    yes, yes yes and to 2 times no wwII


  14. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Using and smoking of tobacco was well known in Russia since the middle of the 16th century. Smoking was so widespread in Russia that Tsar Michail I. in the 16th century punished the consumption of tobacco with banishment, torture, excommunication and execution.

    The cossacks knew also smoking!

    For some else informations look at wikipedia or other mediums.

  15. Einion Well-Known Member

    I meant the type of pipe Martin, not that he has one... I think everyone knows that they smoked in the 1600s ;)

    Pipes from this era were almost all meerschaum or some type of clay, and almost without exception had small bowls and long stems. Bowl size and stem length are two features that are so characteristic that they're used as instant identifiers of the age of a pipe when one is found in a dig.

    The type of pipe carried in the painting is, as far as I'm aware, a late-18th or 19th-century style.

    If this isn't correct the viewer can't assume any other detail in the painting is either. That's not to say anything else is anachronistic, just that they have to be checked - the same standard that must be used when viewing the Roman paintings by Alma-Tadema for example.

  16. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

  17. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Cossacks and pipes... brings to mind a record of a Ukrainian opera my grandfather used to play. In the story, a Cossack's wife was somewhat of a nag and prone to ruining dinner. After some haggling with a cossack from another sich, they struck a deal... our hero returned home a bachelor with a new pipe and a pouch of fine tobacco.

    Fair trade(y)
    With that said, I believe I shall light a bowl myself;)

  18. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Hi Cokin

    Thanks, Your avatyar shows another pic of Iwan Sirko with the same kind of pipe...

  19. Gaudin A Fixture

    Martin, I like your certainty and your conviction :)

    I am not an expert but I eagerly put all my trust into Sergei Shamenkow who put alot of effort into researching the period and all availiable evidence and published several pieces on cossak uniforms. Now it is his opinion that I accepted as a one I agree with. It also needs to be said that in serious ukrainian reconstructor's circles this opinion is also held.
    I am a mere mortal of course so I have to choose what to believe with a pinch of salt. If ukrainians, who are serious into their history, have doubts about something they are most proud off - I think its tells something.

    Repin indeed did use some items from private collections but i doubt he did a phd type research that you are implying ( I agree that he did his research - its awell known fact)

    Based on what you saying regarding every detail in that painting beeing researched and true I am way too curious about what discussion you two guys may have about it.

    "Every detail is right and corresponds to originals from the 17th century!" this is not possible from the start - as its a very absolute statement it stops beeing true the moment its made - dont you think:) Please dont see it as attack - I am curious about language you use - quite a generalisation. Every detail? (Thank you, Einion)

    Like I say I can hardly argue with you at the same level of expertise, based on what I have heard and read so far -I choose to believe that Repin did have rather free go at it.
  20. Gaudin A Fixture

    Are you sure they arent replicas based on exactly same kind of type Iwan Sirko uses in the picture?

    They look kinda new...
    (and also any "true" ukrainian will spit feathers at suggestion that russian and ukrainian pipes could be same :))
    If they are replica's - then how can you use that as something that proves your point?
    How do you know they are russian? 17ht century? Based on any reality? any relation to a real thing?

    Surely you cant refer people to wikipedia or google or some random imageshack.com as a historical source.Its actually surprising of an expert of 12 years to rely on such sources and believe wholeheartedly that that genius of the painter and paintings cost reflects absolute truth in terms of historical evidence.
    If you see yourself as Repin expert ( and hense such passionate response to perceived "attack" on Repin) that's fine.

    PS ..... one more thing, couldn't help to notice
    "Hi Cokin Thanks, Your avatyar shows another pic of Iwan Sirko with the same kind of pipe..."

    Its actually...erm....Taras Bulba on Colin's avatar (Kibrik's drawing from 1944)....
    If you consider that as historical evidence or evidence supporting your argument then any argument is truly futile.

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