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WIP Zaporizhia Cossack, 75 mm

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by igorkordyukov, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. igorkordyukov A Fixture

    Thank Kazufumi! Yes, all the figures will be released as a single set.
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  2. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    Sorry Igor, when I honestly say my opinion:

    You have modeled six wonderful Cossacks, but the main character, the "thick red Cossack" is similar - even after the revision - not remotely the painting of Ilya Repin.

    It would have to be substantially thicker - so his pose just simply does not work.
    The 54 mm Charakter of him by "Russian Soldier Art" works much better and his statue has the right porportions.

    I am immeasurably disappointed because I would have had the set really like! Finally, for it is a tribute to my favorite picture!

    But with the - in my view - unfortunately unsuccessful "protagonist" I will now not buy.

    Very sad ...
  3. igorkordyukov A Fixture

    I'm sorry, Martin, that you are disappointed ...
    Unfortunately, tastes and vision of all people are different and it is never possible to satisfy all of them.
    I did everything I could. Sincerely.
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  4. ellie A Fixture

    Well Igor you have done a fantastic job, the who display looks great and a credit to you. like you say you can't please everyone all the time. any thought on the price of the who thing yet?

    any way keep up the good work it's a credit to you

  5. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Igor,
    Outstanding, I have just loved watching this develop and your vision and mastery is a real credit to you, you should be very, very proud of this piece as it's a show stopper and a well deserved 3 monkey's thumbs up. ;) I can't wait to see this one painted up.:)

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  6. NickM Well-Known Member

    I'll say it again, Igor - this is the nicest scene I've seen done in figures. So much character!
    I am afraid to find out how much the set costs and painting 7 figures would take me about 2 years ;), but I will definitely be buying anyway. Great work!
  7. zane666 Well-Known Member

    magnificent, this is at the top of my dear santa list, any idea when the set will be available. any plans to sculpt the rest of the guys in the painting(just kidding).;

  8. Rodion Active Member

    Congratulations, Igor, with the completion of a great work. This is the best miniature, from all I've ever seen. Absolutely unusual work.

    Regards Rodion

    Мои поздравления,Игорь,с завершением прекрасной работы. Это лучшая миниатюра, из всех виденных мной. Абсолютно необычная работа.
    С Уважением Родион
  9. igorkordyukov A Fixture

    Thank you very much for the highest praise my work, my dear friends! Very dear to me, this sculpture too! And I am doubly glad that I can make a few collectors bit happier!:)

    "Touching the masterpiece". I am at the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg. Scale 1:1(y)
    февраль-март 2014 006.jpg
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  10. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Great picture of you! I didn't know it's that big in Scale 1:1.
  11. igorkordyukov A Fixture

  12. silviug2009 Active Member

    Masterpiece, as usual!
  13. offo A Fixture

    Kak vsegdá , brilantná robóta - Igor. Očeň profesionalno sdelano. (y) Molodec
  14. igorkordyukov A Fixture

    Thanks a lot, dear friends!
  15. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Superb, would take me a lifetime to paint but truly fantastic.
    The picture when seen on the wall brings it into the modern day, but when seen on its own you look into the characters.
    I have studied the images you posted and your sculpts and to me you have captured it perfectly.
    This is sculpting at a worldclass level indeed and the painter would be proud of this, I bet he never imagined another piece of art being produced in 2014 as a sculpt and made with the same passion
    Best wishes
    Inspirational does not come close :)
  16. igorkordyukov A Fixture

    Dear Graham! I heartily thank you for your kind words and appreciation of my work!
    I tried in my sculpture to remind people of the world of the brilliant Repin canvas .
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  17. BEER Active Member

  18. BEER Active Member

    Great work!!!!

    Игорь, поздравляю !!! Это великолепно !!!
    Такие фигуры надо делать в полный рост, лить в бронзу и выставлять на площади !!
  19. igorkordyukov A Fixture

    Thanks a lot!
    В полный рост- не мой профиль...
  20. Borek A Fixture

    Hi Igor. For a long time I was not here, and one of the things that I was a curious a lot, is this diorama.
    No choice but to bow to the ground:notworthy::notworthy: . Beautiful work, amazing figure. You kept the spirit of the picture, even though many parts of the figures you have to complete yourself. Absolutely great work. High art. The splendor(y) . Thank for your work and inspiration to us all;) .

    Cheers Borek

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