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your history

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by john crawford, May 25, 2017.

  1. billyturnip A Fixture

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  2. Windy Active Member

    And swing lanterns while spinning shit dits! :)
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  3. billyturnip A Fixture

    :ROFLMAO: Can't argue with that.
    We had a dog handler from the Devon & Dorsets on the patrol boat I was on, you haven't been talking to him have you Windy? :LOL:
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  4. Windy Active Member

    Haha! No mate. But you might have come across my uncle - a barking mad Commodore who was sunk on the Coventry. He can really spin some shit dits! :woot:
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  5. billyturnip A Fixture

    I tried to steer clear of anyone of that rank but you never know, what's his name?
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  6. Windy Active Member


    So do I as a rule but you can't really avoid family. Won't name him in an open forum mate, but hazard a guess going by my user name!
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  7. billyturnip A Fixture

    Fully understand and got you, just reading his experience on the Coventry now. ;)
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  8. John Bowery A Fixture

    First, Thanks to all that served for your service.
    Royal Air Force for 9 years. Bomber Command, Corporal.
    RAF Halton
    Offutt AFB where I bought out my service to stay in the USA for the opportunities for our Kids.
    Worked on anything that arrived from the UK including Comets, Victor, Vulcan, Valiant.
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  9. john crawford Active Member

    Dan , I did indeed , I met an Argentinian pilot that we shot down in 1992 on the 10th anniversary

    Memories indeed Nige , I remember the wee fella in Bessbrook mill , he used to sew socks onto the jackets to make nice cuffs , and a zip for patrol boots,
    Helly Hanson , was out my price range , although before
    a tour of S Armagh , the wife bought me a DPM barbour jacket , Memories right enough m8s
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  10. Nige Active Member

    Not if you used the Living overseas allowance bud. In fact the company Sergeant Major usually negotiated a bulk buy with the locals for things such as duvet boots as well as Helly stuff and Norge army issue.;).........and I remember those cuffs though never bothered with them myself - that's taking luxury too far :LOL:
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  11. john crawford Active Member

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  12. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    Germany and Windsor. Mostly Knightsbridge. No medals for shovelling horse s---t :) I was a "Trained Soldier" at the depot for a year!!
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  13. john crawford Active Member

    I was an Instructor at Depot , in Caterham Coy .
    Looking very dapper in photo m8
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  14. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    I was HQ Coy 81/82. I see it's all been pulled down and rebuilt now.
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  15. john crawford Active Member

    shame about being rebuilt :p many a UNHAPPY time spent there , especially my mess bills |
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  16. brian A Fixture

    I served in the RAAF from 1971-1980
    Enlisted in London and did my basic training near Adelaide.
    Went onto a clerical course,but it wasn't for me,so i re-mustered to Police dog handler.
    Moved around a fair bit,and my daughter was born in Wagga Wagga NSW.
    My claim to fame was i achieved Top Dog in Australia one year (i think my dog had something to do with that) My dog also held the Worlds highest jump from a standing start which was 5ft 1 inch.He ended up in a lot of the newspapers,and one reporter said he was more famous than Rin Tin Tin:D
    Had the honour of guarding the Queens aircraft in Canberra when she visited OZ .
    Best 9 years of my life,as it changed my whole outlook on life,which helped me no end when i returned to Scotland in 1980.
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  17. jai A Fixture

    The navy, the army, the aviation
    They did not want me

    Now I'm a general of a big gray army
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