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your history

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by john crawford, May 25, 2017.

  1. john crawford Active Member

    Hello all ,
    I know a lot of the PF members are ex services or maybe still serving ,
    I would love to know what reg , when , where served,

    I do understand if you would like to withhold any info ,
    I will start.........

    1976 Joined Scots Guards,
    N I
    Hong Kong
    that's it , ( my feet were too sore )
    Gsm , S.Atlantic , Kosovo , ASM , 1 bronze oak leaf ( and a lot of memories )

    Looking forward to yours
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  2. swralph A Fixture

    Hi John.
    Probably the shortest time in the forces for me.
    Joined the Royal Navy in 1983.
    Suffered a serious head injury.
    Was medically discharged in 1984.
    8 months in total and went nowhere.
    All the best.
  3. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Here in Sweden we have the conscript system, or at least had until 15 years ago. That means that about all men of my generation did military service unless you werent an extremist, criminal or drug user.

    I served with the Signal Corps far north operating inside the artic circle, basic training 10 months 85-86. Then two additional months at two different times with a few years in between before being placed in the reserve. Mainly because defence budget being cut and my unit type becoming obsolete. First role to operate a lorry with fuel, second machine gunner.

    I will see if I can find picture decent enough to post.

    Janne Nilsson
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  4. john crawford Active Member

    Ralph , if you did not have your accident , you no doubt wouldn't be saying that, i admire anyone who took the Queens sheckell
    Janne , impressed me friend , imho , i really wish they would bring national service back to this country
    regards to you both
  5. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Promised some pictures.

    Me behind the wheel in my Scania.

    The cargo.

    Me, tree and snow.


    Me (far left) in me snowsuit and Mp-45.

    Janne Nilsson
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  6. megroot A Fixture

    I served for my number from march 1977 till june 1978 as a sergeant hospitaller.
    It was the saddest 16 months of my life. Awefull, and nothing what i liked.
    I did my civilian work in the army for the half of the normal paycheck.
    The happiest day of the army was that I could go home for ever.

  7. housecarl A Fixture

    Best man & Norway.jpg
    Joined the Royal Army Medical Corp 1988-94.
    AMF (L) 5 Winter Norways.
    Ended up in the medical centre at Mill Hill.
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  8. billyturnip A Fixture

    My turn.
    Royal Navy 1981-2004.
    HM Ships,
    Fife, Guided missile destroyer
    Liverpool, Type 42 destroyer
    Orkney, Fishery Protection Sqn.
    Anglesey, Fishery Protection Sqn
    Arun, Northern Ireland Sqn.
    Shetland, Fishery Protection Sqn
    Illustrious (Refitting Rosyth and never went to sea on it. Thank God, the worst ship I ever served on.(n) )
    MV Hurst Point. Op Telic.

    Shore bases,
    Faslane/RNAD Coulport

    I think that just about covers it, I've a good line in sea stories for the price of a pint. :D
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  9. john crawford Active Member

    shame Marc , but you done it, respect
    Carl , brill m8 , I remember all BFPO mail come through Mill Hill
    Lol , Billy, that's a long time on the water , and I bet you got some tails , worth a pint my friend
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  10. billyturnip A Fixture

    And still doing it in civvy street, there must be something wrong with me. :wacky:
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  11. Windy Active Member

    My turn. I'm a filthy STAB. Joined regular army in 1989 (Royal Armoured Corps) but was too young and naive, and left realising I'd made a big mistake. Joined local county regiment in 1996 - 4th Bn Devon and Dorsets, which after various amalgamations is now 6th Bn The Rifles. I'm still serving as a Colour Serjeant. In that time I've been deployed on ops four times:

    Bosnia - 2000 / 2001
    Iraq, Telic 4 - 2004
    Afghanistan, Herrick 12 - 2010
    and Herrick 14 - 2011

    And then we got pinged for the Olympics too! I'm currently in a recruiting job which is boring the tits off me but I'm taking over the Mortar Platoon at the end of the year. Back to blowing stuff up, which to be honest is what it's all about!
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  12. john crawford Active Member

    Windy , recruiting to support coy , jeez m8 ,
    I was anti tanks at one stage , in those days recruiting posting was , well lets just say , you had to polish the RSMs pace stick to get that,
    and cheers for your campaigns , us civvies appreciate it
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  13. Nige Active Member

    Joined Royal Marines in 1976.
    To 45 Commando after training.
    2 Tours and a Spearhead in NI.
    5 Winters in Norway.
    Various exercises/trips around Europe.;)
    Had a 40th anniversary reunion with our training troop last year and was amazed to find that 2 of them are still serving at the CTCRM. :wideyed:
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  14. Windy Active Member


    Cheers John! But remember - you're not a civvy, you're an ex-soldier. There's a big difference! :-D
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  15. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Military - 22 years USAF as a bioenvironmental engineering technician and, after graduate school, bio engr officer. Made all the competitive enlisted and officer promotions. Started as a no stripe airman and finished as a Major.

    Enlisted in USAF 1971 without a specific assignment. San Antonio, Texas, Lackland AFB.

    I remember standing in a long line of "unassigned" one hot September morning. A Training Instructor with a clipboard of names and assignments - "You five guys...you're gonna be cops. You two...you're gonna be engine mechanics. You six...you're gonna be cooks. And you, end of the line...you're gonna be an environmental sumpthin' or other."

    True story.

    Civilian - If you're familiar with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), I was involved in the "health" parts in both the military and later as an engineering consultant and still later working with Union Pacific Railroad. Measuring noise exposures, workplace air emissions, ionizing and nonionizing radiation, etc., etc.

    Try to explain the job to someone at a cocktail party and their eyes glaze over after 20 seconds.

    Left USAF and was a consultant for three years. Then I regained my sanity and went to work for Union Pacific Railroad. Roughly the same fun industrial hygiene or workplace environmental stuff but with freight trains for fifteen years.

    Retired three years ago and should have done it sooner! :)

    All the best,

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  16. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Perhaps it was a waste a time, but somethings you pick up is very handy. Especially first aid and to react in dangerous situations. The pay however, it cover two coffebreaks at the regulars mess. And a pack of fags. I was working extra every leavy, usually the weekend every second week. But it was easy to get a ride and symphaty when you where in youre blue leave uniform. Man I looked handsome.

    The equipment was outdated. Many of the lorries where from late 40s and 50s. My boots where about 20 years older than me and no special clothing for the very cold winter, -47 degres below zero at the very most. Most of us bought or own Helly Hansen underwear and brought a sleeping bag.

    And in the end it is to protect ones way of life and the ones you hold dear. Living close to Russia, you have to be prepared.

    Have money for a pint and can travel. ;)

    Janne Nilsson
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  17. john crawford Active Member

    Brilliant Janne
    Nige , respect my bootneck friend

    No Top Gun then Dan:whistle:
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  18. housecarl A Fixture

  19. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Uh...no Top Gun, John. That's a Navy deal. But my first base assignment was Tyndall near Panama City, FL. Tyndall hosts William Tell which, if memory serves, includes the best squadron from USN, best from several NATO country air defense fighter units and some Latin American fighter units. Tyndall also operates a target range over the Gulf of Mexico with F101 and F106 converted target drones. More info here...

    Didja ever meet fighter pilots? Not all of them, but some I've met were fun guys except for the tricky combination of egos the size of Alaska and maturity levels stalled somewhere about 16. On the other hand, wouldja want guys (or gals) that shot down enemy air planes for a living to not be like that? Kinda fits.

    All the best,
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  20. Nige Active Member

    Respect to all who served and are serving John (y)

    Janne great photos (y)
    Old kit issues :LOL:. One of my winter wool shirts had a 1958 date on it . Was my favourite though as it was washed so often it was no longer itchy. My first issue of arctic socks were used so much previously that they were like wearing compressed cardboard. Naturally we too relied on private purchase of Helly Hanson and also Norwegian Army shirt. Memories :LOL:.
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