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Young Miniatures Special Edition March 2013

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Tarracus, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Tarracus A Fixture

    100 Kits Limited Edition:

    British Tank Crew WWII - Breaktime [SL001]
    Modified for Demonstration in M con 2012 Singapore
    Size : 1/10 Scale
    Material : Resin
    Weight : 190g
    Pieces : 5Designed by Young B Song Painted by Jin Kim
    SL001-1.jpg SL001-3.jpg SL001-4.jpg SL001-6.jpg

    German Feldgendarmerie WWII - With Friend [SL002] Modified a Design by Fan
    Size : 1/10 Scale
    Material : Resin
    Weight : 190g
    Pieces : 5Designed & Painted by Michael Lee
    SL002-2.jpg SL002-3.jpg SL002-4.jpg SL002-5.jpg SL002-6.jpg

  2. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    Oh wow - they are both brilliant pieces
  3. lbfactory Well-Known Member

    ouch lack of inspiration;)
    premium busts as usual the feldgendarme is from Ebroin isn't it
  4. Helm A Fixture

    I see they went with the shako plate badge on the tankie again :facepalm:
    Wings5797 likes this.
  5. Tarracus A Fixture

    TRue, the original feldgendarme was sculpted by him, but he's no credited in this edition?? I think Michael Lee has only sculpted the dog and left arm..
  6. JasonB A Fixture

    I like the inclusion of the dog..er.. dog bust, and hey, if you are going to reuse a figure or parts of a figure, why not add something to make it different? I think that tanker has an interesting look as well, very determined and dare I say "British"...or Tom Selleck. Were British tankers hindered at all by having to always fight one handed while holding a cup?
    I guess it only seems that every Brit tanker figure we see is taking time out for tea. Right?
  7. tomifune A Fixture

    Very nice work as usual from Young but with the dogs head being cut off, shouldn't this thread be in the lounge?:ROFLMAO::LOL::sneaky:
  8. Ulrich A Fixture

    can anyone tell me, what kind of glasses they have in their specs??? Looks a little bit strange
  9. Wings5797 A Fixture

    It does add weight to the piece Steve.:whistle:
    May be Carl B can get a few more right size badges knocked up to compliment this otherwise really nice sculpt.
  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    Nice pieces and I am sure that M Con 2012 was a great show ...I bet it was interesting to see all whats heading our way !!!!!! ...perhaps someone who was there took pictures ?

    The pieces are "safe" as far as commercial goes but I would have liked to see a different bust with the dog and not just additions , the Tanker I like best .......a cup of char ...magic stuff...especially in the cold confines of a tank or in a hide in a weat d cold moring .

    Be intersting to see how others techniques deal with the dog when painting .....

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    The first time I saw on Young's site the Michael Lee simple but highly charismatic conversion I was stunned. The brilliant original piece EBROIN (yep, just like LEGO he also signs in caps :) ) created is, in my personal opinion clearly highlighted by the inclusion of the Shepard.

    Regarding the British tank crew, I frankly appreciate this release much more than the previous one. Every millimeter in him is "british"

    I just see a drawback in these two, but a very complicated drawback to solve: Both have solid goggles, I would prefer them hollow, to fill with tinted transparent resin. In this very large scale, solid goggles compromise realism and can become a negative focal point.

    BTW: Better hurry up: Who wants to bet, a year from now these two will reach the 100 mark on an ebay near by you! :)
  12. Helm A Fixture

    Regulations old boy....... regulations
    Richie, Wings5797 and Tarracus like this.
  13. pte1643 Active Member

    The "Gravity defying" Tea looks a bit odd though. Easily solved though.

    Maybe just a funny camera angle?
  14. pte1643 Active Member

    Absolutely... There's even a nice little Sean Connery scene in the film Bridge Too Far? :)
  15. Tarracus A Fixture

    Love the reminder note written on his hand, Maybe saying "Deliver the Ferrari back to Robin Masters"
  16. megroot A Fixture

    Nice work, but not my cup of tea.

  17. Pops Active Member

    Love the tankie. A great pity he didn't sort out the cap badge and get it right. I cannot understand how such talent can make such a blindingly obvious mistake....
  18. Mat Lambert A Fixture

    Like the tanker - I don't really go in for busts but this has caught my eye. Can someone explain the problem with the cap badge? Just interested to know what the issue is, thanks.
  19. Helm A Fixture

    The cap badge is massively over scale Mat the original badge is about 1" tall this one works out around 3" it should look like this one Steve Readdie did for Carl
  20. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    The Tankie I like ,not a member of the badge police so can forgive that, looks a great sculpt

    And another great modelling pose from a younger Dennis Maloney :D you just keep popping up on these Brits Dennis! are you being payed:)

    Pops likes this.

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