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WIP Young Miniatures Roman Signifer

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by lespauljames, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. lespauljames Active Member

    Hi folks I'm back with a new one. A nice sculpt again by young miniatures and a nice challenge too..
    The bust was primed with mr surfacer 1500 and the levelling thinners and then sprayed black and then white from the top. With the airbrush shadows and highlights on the face were defined ready for painting. And the eyes were painted in. ( still practising eyes.. )

    After the eyes were complete I mixed up red, dark brown and orange and blocked in the shadows. The highlight were started using stippling to build up a natural effect .

    More work


    The colours were brought together with glazes of purple and orange. I painted in some wrinkles and then layered some highlights over them


    So far I am at the stage of building the contrast on the face up to a point where I am happy.

    Thanks for looking


    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. lespauljames Active Member

    The face is nearly done. Wrinkles and moles and freckles added.
    Just a little touching up and the face is done
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  3. Redcap A Fixture

    Excellent tutorial and well done for not bothering with any annoying music so one can concentrate on what you are doing - thank you!

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  4. phil_h A Fixture

    Nice work and write up James. Looking forward to seeing more (y)
  5. Nap Moderator

    Hi James

    Trying to catch up inbetween pcking to move house !!

    Good to have you back again ...and great SBS as well ...and a film star as well ...agree about lack of music

    Great start on this piece

    Look forward to your demo at Bugle Call..whatever it involves !

    Following with interest


    PS I turned and added the 2 pictures at the end in the first post
  6. lespauljames Active Member

    Gary thanks ! I thought about music but decided in the end not to haha glad I didn't.
    Thankyou Phil !
    Nap thank you I got my welcome pack yesterday, looking forward to doing a demo table have to get some stuff to do ! It will defo be bust related .
    ! More soon folks
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  7. Nap Moderator

    Hi James

    Glad you got the Bugle Call info pack ...promise not to chain you to the chair ...it's your demo so you do what you want

    Maybe you could have the you tube video running on a PC as well you have power access ?

    looking forward to seeing this at the show ...first time we have actually done this as a separate thing .

  8. lespauljames Active Member

    Nap I'm looking forward to it. As long as the lighting is ok I'll be top. My computer is a hunk of junk. It would struggle running a viddy I'll have to do it the old fashioned way.!
    Do you mean first time there is a specific demo area ?
    Got some more busts care of Graham after euro to try and get me deeper down the rabbit hole. A fantastic sk mongolian archer bust. Very dynamic , and the freebie yul brennar that looks like it will be a blast to paint. ( one peice cast.. no faffing . Ideal.. ).

    Progress.. well the face is pretty much done so i started on the armour. This bust has been stripped numerous times as the armour kept going wrong, but it is on the way to becoming something almost like what I had in mind.

    I used mr metal colour dark iron. Stainless and aluminium in various blends and have done some more since the pic was taken. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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  9. Nap Moderator

    Hi James

    Great Progress there

    Yes we have a specific demo area on the opposite side of the food serving area , as for light ...there is power available for lamps if needed ....and the table will have a very fetching purple cloth .

    Nice purchases ref the busts look forward to seeing that Yul B ..is that the one from Euro Mniature Expo ?

    This current one looking good armour is coming on well ....do you stipple to get the effect or is it washes ?

    Will you add any rust ?

    Like the fleshwork and the reds , nice shading and highs

    Thanks for sharing


    Currently packing up the house to move early November so not too much on my bench !...can't wait to put my table back up again
  10. Babelfish A Fixture

    If you had put music to it, I would have been straight round to your place of residence to smash you in the face with a custard pie :ROFLMAO:!!! That sh!t really grates my gears :mad: :mad: . Especially when it's Thrash Metal. Not that I don't mind a bit of Thrash Metal. But "time and a place" & all that. And the place is NOT in a modelling tutorial!!

    Anyway, great tutorial and now bookmarked for future reference. I enjoy seeing how guys approach things in various ways, this is how we can all learn from each other.

    Great start on the bust as well. And the metal is shaping up nicely (y).

    - Steve
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  11. lespauljames Active Member

    Thanks Nap yes the metals are stippled, luckily due to the nature of the mr color it sinks into the previous layers. I'm aiming for a little bit of rust, I have some lifecolour weathering stuff that doesn't react with the mr color as my usual oils recipe does.
    Also nail on the head with the yul bust. Graham sticks to his scratch building so that one got sent my way.
    Steve thankyou ! I'm glad you liked the tutorial . Its a fairly new avenue for me and am finding lighting the vids a pain despite having some powerful bulbs surrounding the bench haha.

    So on to bust things. Mr metal colour aluminium was sort of stippled/dry brushed onto the areas where I wanted the highlights. And I added a glaze of black violet to define the areas between the plates and for extreme shadow. The helmet has been started with mr metal colour and Darkstar golds.
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  12. Nap Moderator

    Hi James

    Look forward to seeing the weathering appear

    Lucky you getting given that Yul B bust ......I believe it is available from Gordon or Ross now ...it was a free one if you put 5 or more pieces to EME comp which obviously Mr Sutch did ...bless him

    At least your more Hollywood than me .....more vids please !

    Coming on really nicely now


    PS we are moving to Dulverton in Somerset which I think isn't that far from your club ....you have been warned .......LOL
  13. lespauljames Active Member

    Hi nap ! Is that the one on exmoor? That about 25mi from me and 27 from club. You'll have to swing by if you get the chance !
    Very grateful to Graham for the busts couldn't ask for a more supportive mentor !

    Small progress so far. The nasty gap on the back of the figure was filled with milliput. And my first sculpt... a little bit of fur.

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  14. Nap Moderator

    Hi James

    That's the one on the very edge of Somerset/ Devon .....looks like I very well might have to swing around! ........but don't tell anyone otherwise it might be an empty club meeting ...lol

    Nice work on the fur didn't realise there was a nasty gap with this Youngs ?

    Agree about Graham ...top bloke

    Looking forward to seeing more from this

  15. lespauljames Active Member

    Nap I'm sure it won't lol !!! I kept my eyes peeled at bovington for you looks like you gave it a miss ?
    The gap was a pain. I'm currently stuck on the fur. Unsure how to move forward to improve it


    If any of you folks have any fur tips feel free to share !
  16. Nap Moderator

    Hi James

    Fur......so much variations , for me plenty of washes and highlighting the textures

    Couldn't make Bovi mate ........surrounded by boxes !!

    Following with interest

  17. lespauljames Active Member

    Ooh still swamped! Are you going to telford?
    I have stalled on the roman. A hurricane has landed in the way for a week or so lol. Hopefully more soon then on to Yul brennar

    I made a series of 4k shots of my busts on a lazy Susan. Just messing about instead of getting work done
    Feel free to have a peek
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  18. Nap Moderator

    Hi James

    "Swamped" isn't the word ...just a waiting game now till the big day ...5th

    Unlikely to get to Telford as much as I would like to ....will be unpacking !!!

    Thanks for the video ...looks great

    Looking forward to more from the Roman


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