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Young Miniatures News May 2013

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Tarracus, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. DEL A Fixture


    Absolutely correct Laurent.
  2. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    I sincerely hope I won't be misunderstood, how can I say: You see, way back when we were young, our parents told us, at certain occasions to avoid speaking what we thought. On the other hand, too many times in our lives we regret we didn't said what we were thinking because we felt ahead something was going wrong ... but we feared speaking because flames could hit us back. Isn't this true about all our lives in everything we live on: Family, job, hobby and so on?

    I'm having a bit of these two lessons in my mind right now: In social behaviour, no one wants to be "the foe" for being against something great. But individually I feel a bit sad inside myself because sincerely I just love too much Young's miniatures to be quiet. Perhaps this is the sole reason of my text. I complained last month about the face similarity of the recent creations, but please now look at these:


    I blended the images together, because they transmit what I feel far better than what I could describe.

    Let me try to put it this way to see if it can correctly transmit my feelings: While I perfectly recognize Young Miniatures are THE LEADER, the undisputed leader in busts, and I perfectly admire the astonishing skills Young Song has, I'm fearing there is a certain loss of inspiration in the range. I complained about the faces similarities, now I'm complaining about the pose similarity - please this is strictly my opinion - I'm fearing, after so many busts and so many stunning creations, Young is now having difficulties to reinvent something completely new: A completely new pose, new face, new theme, new attitude ... le'ts say like the new arrivals from Flintlock or Life Miniature busts. All the last creations were all done by Young, and creating something completely new each month is a gargantuan task.

    I don't know how many Young pieces I have ... I sincerely lost count many moons ago. Maybe that's why I'm typing: I have a strong connection with these creations: I know them too well, even before he established his company, when Young created sublime pieces for Diorama Studios and Elite Miniatures. These fallschirmjager and signifier are marvellous ... but while I have no complains about faces ... the first looks to my eyes a conversion of the last :sorry: :sorry::sorry:

    Please, please, please Young: Even knowing it is incredibly hard, after so many but so so so many unique creations: Bring something completely new! Attitude, face, subject: Please everything! I don't have here a smile with a thumb up, but just like the offspring song: "You can do it"! I certainly know you can!

    Gentlemen, please: In this democratic world we are all entitled to give our opinions. I'm expressing mine, sincerely because I want this range to continue for many many years to come and to be regarded as the bar, but really THE BAR for others to follow: Young really deserves it!
  3. DEL A Fixture

    I personally don't see any problem or issue with the arms on these two.
    There are only so many ways you would hold items like these and this way is the most comfortable and logical if be it a spear, gun or even a garden hoe resting on the ground.
  4. DEL A Fixture

    I personally don't see any problem or issue with the arms on these two.
    There are only so many ways you would hold items like these and this way is the most comfortable and logical, be it a spear, gun or even a garden hoe resting on the ground.
  5. DEL A Fixture

    Don't know what happened there
  6. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    You see Derek, allow me to explain: I'm not complaining about "the pose" as a pose for a single miniature. Sure you can hold an object like that.

    What I am complaining is that the two busts are exactly in the same attitude: It is the similarity in both poses, that don't suit my expectations not the pose as a pose for itself .

    I certainly understand that after more than sixty busts, Young may be having quite a hard time trying to imagine something completely new: New attitude, new face, new subject... everything new and with a periodicity of one per month! I think this ambition is unique in the figurine arena, and applauded must it be!

    But, however, in my honest opinion, these last creations are missing the novelty impact (and read comments month after month here), because they are creating in me the feel "oh no, I've already seen this before" and what I truly want to feel is "Phew!!! What an outstanding imagination - here's one to paint right now".

    If I was to advisor, I would simply say that one subject per month is overwhelming for a man alone. Like already done in the past, bring creations from other sculptors regularly to allow Young's fresh new ideas to come.

    Hope I could clarify better now.
  7. CAT of BORDO Member

    Right good review; Ok with you, with yours observations and thinks; all the last face remain the same !
    I love Young Bust, I have one of last reissue , DAK Grenadier, and the face is like this Grune teufel ! Why ???
  8. CAT of BORDO Member

    Do you know the French Great Actor LINO VENTURA (Like in the '60 war movie " UN Taxi pour Tobrouk")
    The same Good hard man face
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  9. Don Well-Known Member

    Have just been through all of this and let me put my point of view, having just seen this put on the site."You see Derek, allow me to explain:" RUBBISH.
    This is a wonderful sculpt but I feel very strongly that if you dont like it DONT BUY IT! You dont need to come on here and fill a page or two saying that Mr. Young has got it wrong.
    I think its stunning, but I dont do a lot of busts so it would be a one off if I did buy it. How can members write so much about a beautiful sculpt and run the sculptor down saying "they look the same!"
    What would everyone do if Young decided to quit and not produce, just because someone hurt his feelings! What would you all have to complain about then. And as for the poor soles who cant remember how many Youngs busts they have "but they all look the same", the problem is not really with Mr. Youngs faces.

    I like it

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  10. Martin64 A Fixture

    At least we have now a hobby-related discussion.
    To turn out something that surprises the customers on a regular basis is not that easy. If your main theme is restricted to busts (=head and shoulders) it gets harder.
    So I would like to ask for twelve different bust-projects the disappointed posters would like to see from Mr. Young. By not just listing other themes like: "Bust of a Grenadier of the Old Guard at Waterloo" or "British Grenadier at the Alma" but with a detailed discription how this theme should be presented as a bust without repeating the previous concept(s). If somebody manages that task he deserves to teach Mr Young "to suck eggs" IMHO. But before I see this happen I prefer to appreciate the new releases and concepts of Mr. Young.
    Cheers, Martin
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  11. Don Well-Known Member

    Well said Martin. I have just looked through the Youngs site and just on busts there about 60. I looked at my favourite which is a Korean Heavy cavalry officer and strangely enough he doesnt look anything like a drummer of the 23 foot and he doesnt look much like Hector and he has no resemblance to a Royal Navy Captain who looks nothing like an SAS officer not a Waffen SS troop0er.
    Should I tell Mr. Young he has got them all wrong by making them different.
    Any ideas on this feel free to write to me or Mr. Young!
    Hey Del did you learn much from your "instruction"?

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  12. DEL A Fixture

    Absolutely Nothing at all .......I only take instruction from ladies in leather.
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  13. ldom77 Member

    can it be use for a Fallshirmjager in Normandy ?
  14. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    What about lederhosen do you take instruction there

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