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Young Miniatures - New Release for October

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Guy, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. T50 A Fixture

    No. If it is, it's an inaccurate one. I'm saying this from my own experience.
    An accurate market research comes from the retail dealers whom you buy
    models from. And guess what they request? Yup, you guessed it.
    "it would be nice to see this and that" is just that, online comments.

    On the other hand, the manufacturers are waiting for the day when
    the less covered subjects are not ignored by modelers when they become

    Unless manufacturers see a sudden change and the less popular figures
    fly off the shelf FIRST, please don't expect any change from them.
    And please don't make these 10-20 online comments sound like these are the
    general voice across the market.
  2. housecarl Moderator

    I feel as though it's my fault, with my initial comment.:( I did say it's a superb piece of work, that wasn't the point I was trying to make. I just think that the market is full of Germans. Do we need anymore, evidently we do? There's plenty of other great products to spend our cash on, if they aren't your cup of tea. Just it would be nice to see another subject get the Young treatment, as we know it would be stunning. As Taesung rightly says. How many of the figure buying public don't frequent forums?
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  3. T50 A Fixture

    I think it was me who sounded too stand-off-ish
    and made it sounded like it's the modelers versus

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    I wouldn't worry Carl. By internet standards this isn't even a tiff, never mind an argument. Just a friendly disagreement. I can see both sides...it must be very frustrating not having access to the figures you want. But there is a cure for that. Pull out some putty and have a bash yourself.

  5. housecarl Moderator

    Thanks Taesung. As a matter of interest, do your non German subjects sell well?
    Cheers Colin, must be me being over sensitive,
  6. specmod Active Member

    I understand from both sides, but with all the current conflicts going on, and referece availiable, surly young and other very talented sculters could produce some stunning modern subjects, like the Navy seal not done to long ago. More of this would be fantastic. Just a thought??

  7. T50 A Fixture

    Okay, let's get back to the figure at hand.

    In my opinion, what separates Young's busts
    from others is that they are designed in a way
    that you can enjoy viewing from all sides.
    They usually have interesting detail in back, etc.
    But in this particular bust, that is missing.

    I do noticed that Young gave us a different face
    sculpting this time. Well, I am a fan of his old
    usual handsome ones. :rolleyes:

    Just my 2 yens.
  8. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Ahhhhh, the ever loved, but never seen "not another German/ Roman discussion" Well? we hardly ever see this discussions....right? :whistle:


    To me? I have no problems with another WWII German figure. I don't usually buy busts but I can appreciate a well designed and sculpted figure of any era, which, Young's busts are right on the money for both of these. ALWAYS!

    Going hand in hand with Colin's comments earlier. I wonder how many of us painters would be so receptive to a manufacture choosing the figures we buy for us? Can you imagine if a company, any company, chose the figures we will be painting next? Then why do we, as painters, think that we should start telling a manufacture what to sculpt and release? It will sell or will not sell doesn't matter to me. The simple fact of the matter it is THEIR company and therefore THEY get to choose what is released.

    Back to the figure. The second thing that struck me (the first being another beautifully sculpted bust from Young) was the likeness to the American film actor Sean Penn. Did no one else see this? Have a look at the pictures attached and tell me if I'm dead on or way off base.

    Jim Patrick

    Attached Files:

  9. redhorse Active Member

    I hadn't noticed the Sean Penn resemblance, but then again I rarely watch movies or TV. You're right, it isn't far off at all and Penn does have a really interesting face that would be fun to sculpt.
  10. ironelf Member

    Consumers' voicing their opinion shouldn't be cause for alarm. Of course sculptors can produce exactly what they want. In return, we can exercise our right to comment, and to buy or not buy as we see fit. Criticism, constructive or otherwise, just like praise, is part of the deal. They're all components of that wonderfully messy free market thing :D

    In regard to this particular figure, I like the face and find it a refreshing change from the idealized Aryan recruiting poster version Young often favors. I would have preferred to see something other than Waffen SS though, but c'est la vie.


  11. ryall Active Member

    Love the bust and the face is great, I like it alot.
    But I will have a rant too, I see all these great busts with really nice faces. Can Young please do one or two full figures a year :)

    Large figures ( bigger than 120mm) with great looking faces are rare!

  12. tonydawe A Fixture

    I'm a big fan of Young's busts and have bought many of them over the years, but I won't buy this one.

    Not because it's WW2 German, simply because it doesn't appeal to me.

    Having said that, I've also tried to encourage Young to do fewer WW2 Germans and include more Allied WW2/ WW1 subjects.

    At the end of the day if Young needs to produce WW2 Germans to keep his business going, so be it. I'd rather see him in business producing WW2 Germans, than out of business and producing nothing.;)
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  13. figuresong New Member

    Hello all

    Thanks a lot for all your valuable opinions.
    Young miniatures did not made just German figures always.
    We tried to make other items many times.
    But I know, We had released a some more kind of German WWII bust than other items.
    One reason is because of diversity of material.
    Thier variety uniform, weapon, camouflage, unit etc... is big attraction for me.
    Sure, it's just my opinion.

    And one more reason is sales volume.
    Sales volume of German WWII line is not always far better than other items.
    But frankly, It is maintains steady income.
    I admit that we can't ignore that reason.
    We need it for recoup the loss of some items.
    Because we are not so big company.
    It is helpful for manage and future of Young miniatures.

    Thank you very much again for all your interest and opinions.
    I know, you are expecting more good and new one from us.
    We will more and more try for it.

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  14. foxyboy Member

    I think it's a great bust and I'll be buying it.

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