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Young Miniatures - New Release for December

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Guy, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. pmfs A Fixture

    Now i´m searching is promotion to Standartenführer.

    I was convinced by the two photos that I posted, Max Wünsche was an Sturmbannführer. Now, I know it was not in Normandie.
    The promotion to Obersturmbannführer was in January of 1944, yes Mr.Youn the photos are tricky and your search are CORRECT.
    To all of you that posted here and everyone who saw this topic and has been misled because of my statements please forgive my stubbornness and accept my apologies.(y)
  2. JasonB Moderator

    Just saw it listed at Colorado Miniatures. $108 dollars. OUCH!
  3. Pedro Molina A Fixture

    SS-Obersturmbannführer Max Wünsche

  4. baldwin8 Member

    Am I the only one who sees the front view of the sculpture looking just a bit like one of the Thunderbirds?
  5. Ebroin Active Member

    Pedro, I accept your apology.
    And it wouldn't really matter like jburch said.
    I was stubborn, too.

    For jburch, Wunsche was a commander of a panzer regiment.
    But I am not sure he had his own panther.
    It is something I cannot tell.
  6. JasonB Moderator

    Hmmmm... I think you might be on to something!

    Attached Files:

  7. Pedro Molina A Fixture

  8. Michael Tse Active Member

    Hi, Mr Jburch,

    I find all your comments so far very interesting. Cant help to make responses.

    So you are planning to build the complete turret? Wow! I would love to see that! I myself have always wanted to do something similar, on Soviet subjects.

    And as for the high price, I guess it is only natural... That is a lot of tank parts there... Looking back, their latest German machiner gunner bust and before that the 90mm tank crew with COMPLETE T34 turret both went for GBP50, and they both contain much less resin in my opinion. What with the US dollar being in this state and the mark-up, I guess the price is about right...

    I get it your association of the likeness with Thunderbird. It doesn't matter if the suspicion turns out true. Deep down, a lot of people have a dark side and endorse evilness. May I use an extreme and impolite example:
    If a sizable Oriental population is convinced they are spiritually western and portray themselves in certain art forms as biologically Caucasion, it is probably easier to swallow the fact that certain evil ideologies have survived and remained endorsed. (this is not referring to figure modelers portraying Axis subjects but people who actually live the ideologies).
  9. baldwin8 Member

    I thought those marionettes were a little bit too good to me true! I've been hoodwinked all these years.
  10. JasonB Moderator

    Please, call me Jason (I should change my user name)
    That was my plan, but $100 plus probably puts this one out of my budget. The Panther turret is fairly simple without too many hatches or fittings, so of all the German tanks, it would probably be the easiest to do. I have some scale drawings I could easily enlarge to use as a guide, but I think its going to be a nonstarter in this case.

    I dunno about that. I think the MG-42 gunner and this kit probably are about equal in resin content, maybe a little more on this one because of the cupola. But the MG-42 gunner is $72, this one is $36 more. I don't think theres THAT much difference between the two. Take Maurice Corrys new 1/9 scale full (not bust) US paratrooper with 30 cal machine gun. In USD is about $95 with postage included from the UK to the US (GBP61).I'm not slamming Young or Colorado Miniatures for their pricing on the kit, I just don't see the difference that justifies the extra $$$, and it prices me out of the game. Unfortunately thats getting more and more common in the hobby, and thats the way it goes. Not everyone can afford a nice exotic car and end up driving a Hyundai. I can't afford this kit, I will build something out of my grey army or buy a 1/16 fig that I can afford. As far as the T-birds likeness goes, I'm not sure there's an evil undertone, but it does look like the people that made the Thunderbirds puppets might have used Max as a reference! :)
  11. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Wow!,that's some figure,i cant wait to get my brushes wet working on this,i've been waiting for something like this for quite some time,my only suprise is the personality,i always thought it would have been micheal wittmann in the tiger.
    Having viewed the box art photos can anyone tell me if the MG34 machine gun is included or is it just the machine gun mount?,overall great review and well pleased,well done young miniatures,
  12. BarrieHynd Well-Known Member

    Just got the news letter through from Historex and its advertised at £76. (before postage) double ouch.

  13. sam b Well-Known Member

    To me its a must have !!! However that price is a tad high , but what can you do ?
    pmfs likes this.
  14. red tom Active Member

    Sam asks what can you do? the answer is leave it on the shop shelf. £78 for a bust??? Pricing gone crazy. Not for me.
  15. JasonB Moderator

    Thats my choice. Red Lancers is even worse, $120 plus postage.
    I recently got a garage kit on e-bay, its a 1/6 scale full figure of Kratos, from the God of War video games. Stands 12" tall when finished. I got it for less than $80 with postage, from a US seller. Its well cast with good detail, no air bubbles that I have found. I told my wife that I might just do him as a bust and leave off the lower part of his legs and put him on a pedestal. She asked me if that wasn't a expensive waste of parts. I just smiled...
    dArtagnan likes this.
  16. fmargem Active Member

    The price is not a surprise. Every one of their kits is expensive, hell, figure painting is the most expensive section of our hobby! You can buy a whole 1:16 tank from trumpeter for 250 US$!!!!!! I think the tank parts take lots of resin and you have to take into account everyone involved. Mold making is extremelly expensive and blá blá blá. . .
    It´s a must have for me But I think I´ll have to wait.
    And you people earn money in US$ or Euros. Let´s talk about buying model kits in my country! Ha! Currency comparison:
    1,00 US$ = 1,69 BRL!
    1,00 EUR = 2.21 BRL!
    1.00 GBP = 2.61083 BRL!

    Whenever I need to buy anything from abroad a huge saving operation has to be made let´s just hope God gives me strengh to keep on working hard and earning my meager salary to buy my kits and feed the kids. . .
  17. Einion Well-Known Member

    Holy sticker shock Batman!

  18. housecarl Moderator

    Won't be long before the re-casts are out at £20.
  19. pmfs A Fixture

  20. ryall Active Member

    I really like it and like that the tank part is included.
    I can't winge about the price as I would prefer the kit to be made, than never made at all.


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