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Young miniatures MAY 2013 FLYING TIGERS 1942

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Tarracus, May 14, 2013.

  1. bonehead A Fixture

    Well, thanks Blue Thunder! As I said above, I too see the similarity of many of Young's faces. I also understand the consumer end of things. But, of all the busts pictured above, I still think this one is tops - even if he looks a lot like some of the others. That coat rocks! And the various badges also add a nice touch of eye candy. It is a great piece.

    As for faces looking similar, I have found over the years that some sculptors seem to sculpt faces that consistently look similar. I have no idea why that is, but it is a fact. Even when Roger Saunders does his many character faces they all seem to have vague familial resemblance. Or how about all of those old Warriors figures that all have the same skinny face? Young falls into this category. If you can overlook this small peculiarity in his sculpting, you will find that what he does with everything else is nothing short of brilliant. That awesome leather jacket on this bust is a prime example. I only wish mine looked that good. I can assure you, they don't!

    And, if this had been the only Young bust you had ever seen, you would be singing the praises of that beautifully sculpted face! It is a great bit of sculpting, every bit as well rendered as that leather jacket. The complaint here is not with the sculpting, but only with the fact that it looks like several other faces he has done - all equally well sculpted.

    If you were complaining about soggy tuna sandwiches, then I think such complaints would be totally justified. But, instead, we are talking about some of the finest fish sandwiches ever made. In my opinion, it is the quality that counts. And if we use that as the measuring stick, then Young's busts are right near the top of the heap.

    Because of that, I think such complaints need to be weighed against the relative standing such work has in the overall scheme of things. If the worst complaint aimed at a piece is that its wonderfully rendered face looks like others, then I think that complaint is a little over-blown. If it really bothers you, then you can always swap heads (or faces) with some other available busts or figures in a similar scale. If you actually attempt that, I think you will discover fairly quickly how very good Young's faces actually are. They are truly excellent!

    Nobody needs to agree with me. As far as i am concerned, it is only the quality of the work that matters in the end. And this is me, singing Young's praises..... :singing::singing::singing:

    I think they are well earned.
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  2. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    The proof will be in the pudding Gentlemen ,it's a great sculpt and will sell ,not only is the stuff good it is also very competitive price wise and I'm having one :happy:
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  3. DEL A Fixture

    I avoid clichés like the plague :stop:
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  4. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    GIRUY :playful:
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  5. plasticbattle Member

    As I wont be buying every kit in their catalogue this "same-face" arguement is a non-starter for me. Cant complain about the quality fo their figures ... setting the standard in many ways! :woot:
  6. DEL A Fixture

    Bloody hell Frank......the voice of reason, and I thought the Irish liked a good argument (at least my wives lot do) :blackeye: You are absolutely right of course.
    Away and watch the Eurovision :singing:
  7. plasticbattle Member

    Actually listened to it while sitting at the computer .... ever have that lobotomy feeling, without drinking a skinful the day before? :depressed:
  8. DEL A Fixture

    What drives me nuts is there's always one or two that have a hook that you can't get out of your head even if you only heard them in the background.
    Like the devil's song '99 red balloons'......... see, that's it in your head now :troll:
    Wonder how much the Irish Govt paid the voting panels to ensure they wouldn't come near winning again.

    On the matter of Youngs bust I have a fair few of his earlier pieces and even though this particular theatre of war is not my period of interest I think I'll get this. There's loads of interest for the painter.
  9. tonydawe A Fixture

    It seems impossible for Young to bring out a bust without someone saying "the faces look similar" and sparking a heated argument.

    I've already expressed my views about the similarities between Young's faces on a previous thread, so I wont repeat myself here.

    The best response I can give is to say that I've purchased at least a dozen Young miniature busts over the years, and this one will be recruited into my Grey Army too.

    In the end,I let my money do my talking for me!!

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