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Young miniatures MAY 2013 FLYING TIGERS 1942

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Tarracus, May 14, 2013.

  1. Filipe Well-Known Member

    The details are sculpted or painted? Because i cant even write in chinese, imagine to paint!
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  2. sarouman A Fixture

    Very nice sculpting, however, this person(face) is almost all recent busts of the company, have him seen by a German, Roman, and now pilot, what others will see ...
    Anyway all good!!

  3. hintge New Member

    As a Chinese fans,
    The bust must collect,
    The flying tigers is to help the Chinese resistance against Japanese aggression "American hero"!
    We respect them very much!
    Jacket is printed on the back:“来華助戦 洋人 軍民一體 救護”

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  4. Merryweather Active Member

  5. DEL A Fixture

    I have to agree with Alexandros on this, it's pretty much the same face being recycled.......maybe it's a bust of a serial reenactor.
    Lovely sculpting though
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  6. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Don't see anything wrong with that face father jack:happy: put a hat on any face and the character changes . especially mine :happy:
  7. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    This is a great miniature and a great inspiration too! I personally purchase all aircraft related figure busts. :happy:

    However, and I type this in the hope that Young can pass here and read our comments, because we are the ones that purchase his busts, I agree with the opinions proffered previously by other fellow members: This face is practically identical to other releases in the catalogue. I perfectly know it is a hard task, after so many busts, to create differently looking faces each month, especially when outsourced sculptures are not seen in Young's range for a while. But I strongly suggest a change and a rapid change in this, let's say, "standard Young Miniatures face". As a bust painter, one of the things I like the most is a brand new face on each piece I make.

    Faces apart, this is a great novelty to me and one to buy asap! :) Who knows a Tuskegee Airman will come soon (that would also solve the face question :happy: )
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  8. sd0324 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Wow,tough crowd! I like it and that is just his style,I see similarities but not clones. What a great subject.(y)
  9. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    Nice piece like the idea of all that leather to paint and together with the emblems as well very distinctive

  10. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Yea Nap lots of leather to work on ,but the real challenge is to simulate cracked paint on the emblem on his back ,haven't tried that yet:facepalm:

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  11. bane3D Member

    Fantastic bust! another one to add to the shopping list... :D
  12. bonehead A Fixture

    With various whines noted, I have to say that this is probably my favorite Young bust to date. I consider that high praise. :woot:
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  13. JasonB A Fixture

    Wow, having an opinion other than "another great bust" is now a whine.
    We bow down before your superior judgment, sir, we are mere plebes...
  14. bonehead A Fixture

    Young is doing some of the very best busts out there, and this is one of his better ones. Yet, I see much lesser works receiving nothing but unvarnished praise here, while Young's work is criticized nearly every time. It is like complaining about the quality of the food while surrounded by gourmet riches unknown only a few short years ago. When I see those lesser works recieving the same kind of harsh comments as some specifically reserve for Young's work, then I will no longer have cause to refer to such comments as "whining".

    Until then, i think whining is the proper term. :blackeye:
  15. JasonB A Fixture

    Well, to say that a number of Youngs busts are starting to look a lot like each other is hardly a harsh critique, and anyone with an unbiased opinion about them would say so. I love many of Youngs busts. I think the recent SAS bust is great. But that doesn't mean I can't honestly voice an opinion (or in this case, agree with one) that says otherwise . No one harshly judged this bust, they said the head looks a lot like many of the other Young bust, which it does. To argue against that would just be silly. They also praised the bust otherwise. I agree that there are a lot of other figs that get free passes, and unfortunately unvarnished praise is far more permissible while honest but possibly brutal and unflattering honesty is many times unwelcome here. I have been shouted down more than once for going against the grain and not heaping praise on a figure that I thought was poor (and it looking like other figs from the same manufacturer isn't what I was pointing out), so I have pretty much learned to limit any negative comments or just keep them to myself totally. I would say complaining about a person expressing an opinion that doesn't jive with theirs better matches the definition of whining...
  16. DEL A Fixture

    Very well put Jason
  17. bonehead A Fixture

    I too think that many of Young's busts have similar facial characteristics. No argument there. But then I think the same of the literally dozens of heads turned out by Roger Saunders of Hornet fame. Nevertheless, Hornet's head sets are the gold standard for such items. Work of that caliber has a deserved reputation - even if they all look like inbred family relations.

    Yes, the face on this bust looks like others done by the same sculptor. But it still is among the best busts available in this hobby. Coming back time and again to complain about what is obviously a stylistic peccadillo of this particular sculptor gets to sounding like a broken record. It is like the cliche of the children riding in the back of the car repeating the mantra, "are we there yet?". I have now heard this same complaint practically every time Young turns out a new product. Yeah, we get it. Enough.

    No matter what you may say or think, this is still a great bust. The whining just sounds like, well, whining. And my defense of Young is just that, a defense - not a whine. When you start turning out work of this caliber, i will stand in defense of you as well. Will you call it whining then?
  18. JasonB A Fixture

    Remember, its those people "whining" that may or may not buy a fig or bust, and therefore give Young and sculptors like yourself a way to earn a living. Talking down to us as if we should defer to your opinion ("no matter what you think or say", "children riding in the back of the car repeating the mantra, "are we there yet?") or falling back on the old "if you can do it better" cliché" is a sure way to make someone like myself think twice about buying a bust or figure simply out of principle. Which I realize means just about zilch in the big scheme of things. But being talked to as if my opinion means little or nothing because the great Mike Good has said as much, and that I am merely whining, just strikes me as unadulterated ego on your part. To me your defense sounds a bit like someone that thinks the plebes should be thankful that we are allowed to be in the presence of greatness and shouldn't question their betters, that constructive criticism is only constructive if YOU agree with it. That anyone with a suggestion that Young (or anyone... ) should step back and take a look at their own work and perhaps see it could be a little more original or improved upon are just unskilled, undeserving ingrates.
    Oh well, I'm done. I will go play with my rattle and suck on my thumb and bask in the glow of knowing I am amongst greatness. :angelic:
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  19. bonehead A Fixture

    Boy, it looks like a person cannot defend the work of a fellow sculptor without being accused of being hypocritical and egotistical and full of crap. And I thought this was about the bust in question which, if you actually looked at it, has one of the best leather coats I have ever seen sculpted. The face is pretty nice too - even if it looks like some of his other sculpts.

    Kudos to Young for a good job! :happy:
  20. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    My friends, please! Unity is what makes all a community! Divergences in opinion may occur but the sum of all points of view are supra nominal: The sum of all knowledge is greater than opinions left alone: That's why we progress!

    Please, let me detail deep the point of view I expressed earlier.

    The figures are great! Young Miniatures are unquestionably the world leader in this segment! I am pretty sure no one will argue against that!

    I purchase Young's creations: That makes me a customer: As a customer I have demands, we all do :happy:

    Let me place here three of the last Young Creations:




    My complain is that the faces of these last creations are extremely identical, and ... allow me to use this word: They are uncharacteristic.

    With this I intend to mean that the face used can represent any one every where! It's a bit like we are seeing the same guy wearing different costumes.

    What I really appreciate is this:


    This face is a british in all inches and the face really highlights the situation: It is this delicacy and originality I miss in these last creations. I am the first to recognize the subjects are stunning, the sculpture is sublime but with a pipeline of a bust per month I just would like to wish more differences in the faces, rather than a brotherhood.

    Please Mike, don't misunderstand me: This is not a shot: When you say "When you start turning out work of this caliber, i will stand in defense of you as well."

    You see, I am a purchaser, not a sculptor. I choose what I buy, and if I dislike I won't buy. But as I like this brand and I like the range I want to keep buying them. That's why I'm typing: I don't want this range to get boring: This kills brands and businesses.

    Please just imagine yourself complaining at Walmart for the high price of rice and the manager replying to you: "my friend, go plant your rice, than we'll talk!" :dead:


    From the very early creations for other brands that I purchase Young's creations, and I want to keep buying them :happy:

    In the meantime, and if I may ask it as well, I sincerely hope you can create more of your stunning airmen! What fabulous creations you already gave to the modelling world: I still remember the very first miniature I saw from you. It is in my lap right now: Attila the Hun - The cover of Military Modelling way back in February 1989 :happy:
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