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Young Miniatures Feb 2013

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Mac1966, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    The head and the hand are problematic for me, I will pass on this one which is a shame as I really do WWII airborne subjects. Actually looking at it again, the whole thing is cliche Young miniatures, so YAWN!
  2. dArtagnan A Fixture

    I think it's a very nice sculpt, perhaps some resemblense with earlier work, and than there's the hand.
    But if that bothers you so much don't buy it, it's that simple.
    And we all know who is becoming cliché here, don't we, yawn...
  3. JasonB A Fixture

    I think many of the Young busts are getting all too familiar. The focus of a bust is of course the face, and if you don't see a resemblance between this one and a number of other Young busts, please consider corrective lenses. Its not that its a bad bust or badly done, is just kind of...more of the same. Theres nothing about it that says to me "must have", and I will buy any era, any subject, if it has that certain je ne sais quoi. Some of Youngs bust have had that, but lately, not so much.
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  4. Gellso A Fixture

    Yeah you're right Stu, I think people (me included) focus too much on the asthetics and forget just how difficult it is to sculpt to this standard and appreciate the work that goes into these pieces.

    Maybe if all of us sculpted a bust of their own bust then submitted it to be critiqued by our peers, we might be a little less quick to judge other peoples work.

    Also can I please ask the same people who cut and paste the same quotes when a Youngs bust comes out to at least rephrase the comment.

    E.g. "Not another WW2 bust"
    "Yet another German"
    being amongst the two most used statements in history.
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  5. JasonB A Fixture

    Young Miniatures is a commercial entity, not someone sculpting for their own enjoyment/purposes. If an individual wants to post their stuff to the public, they should expect an honest critique, not just "another great bust" or "well done", when/if its not. When a commercial company posts their wares for all to see, I'm sure they are aware that there will be those who like it and those that don't for whatever reason. The manufacturer can take the critiques for whatever its worth to them. Perhaps they will say "hey they are right, we need to do something different", or perhaps they will just ignore it and continue doing what they do. Thats up to them. Trying to stifle negative or just non-flattering commentary does no one any good.
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  6. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    For me it is not so much a matter of taste as it is economics. I look for certain things in a figure/bust (a check list if you will), and if they aren't there, my cc stays in my wallet.
  7. debrito A Fixture

    Is what forums are about …personal point of view, if some someone don’t like It his problem..Why we all have to say that is great... I personally don’t like WWII, and I do think that Young Bust are among the best, but for the last months they just create WWII and all look the same, same faces expressions, same uniforms with minor changes etc...etc.. I will continue to say so, Not another WWII bust Please..Doesn’t mean that I do not respect people taste, it is just my point of view..
  8. bonehead A Fixture

    Nice sculpt! But wow, so much kvetching!

    Fact # 1: Young B. Song is, and still remains, one of the very best sculptors out there.

    Fact #2: Yes, his faces have a similar look to them. That is his style - heroic and handsome (for the most part). Get over it.

    Fact # 3: If you had never seen a Young bust before - and this piece was the very first one you saw - everybody would be singing its praises! Why? Because it is a superbly executed!

    BTW, I like the hand. Young has found a formula for busts that works. I know, I have made a whole slew of them that look clumsy. The "cut-off" at the bottom of the sculpt is calculated to give the whole bust ideal dimensions that avoid clumsiness, imbalance or take attention away from the main part of the subject, the face.

    I think some people just like to complain..... :wtf:

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  9. JasonB A Fixture

    Fact # 3: If you had never seen a Young bust before - and this piece was the very first one you saw - everybody would be singing its praises! Why? Because it is a superbly executed!

    Possibly, but they are a company that releases many busts/figures, and the people that keep them in business have every right to critique them individually or make their thoughts known about their releases as a whole. This isn't a commentary on Young B. Song's sculpting ability in any way, its commentary on the subjects that the company, Youngs Miniatures, decides to release. This is true for any figure manufacturer thats posts here. I guess it all comes down, once again, to some people wanting us to post nothing but positives whenever a new fig is released, and anything negative should be kept to ourselves.
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  10. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Some good points there(y)

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  11. Tommi A Fixture

    Another fine release again, Young`s bust are some of the best around, so clean, minimal clean-up and every part fits exact, I have them all and will be getting this one and paint it for what it is.
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  12. pmfs A Fixture

    With all respect for all, why so many complaints about the faces likeness in some of last releases of Young Miniatures? I thought we were all humans here, but seems to have here some parrots, you are very repetitive - if you dont have nothing to add on this beautiful releases of Young Miniatures please stay away and put your fingers quiet. NO OFFENSE INTENT THIS IS NOT PERSONAL.

    Regarding the bust I like it very much, but I would love to see it with a helmet option.
    Well done!

  13. Martin64 A Fixture

    Let`s see - crisp sculpt - not another German - a heroic looking allied subject .....................but the same comments as usualo_O

    Quote from "Life of Brian":

    Brian: There's no pleasing some people.

    Ex-leper: That's just what Jesus said, sir!

    All the best! :D

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  14. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Look at this latest offering from Young and then look at a Verlinden bust and be very grateful.

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  15. kiwi45 Active Member

    Great bust once again.
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  16. Gellso A Fixture

    Not another, another "Not another WWII bust" quote!
  17. elanlane13 A Fixture

    While I am all for constructive criticism, I don't understand why Young gets so much flack. This bust has high quality sculpting and is not a run of the mill subject.. oh there's a moon on a stick I want it...
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  18. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    Young Miniatures are at the top of the tree IMO , both in subjects and style , this particular bust "looks" similar at the initial look due to the cigarette and the positioning of the body , together with a "similar" cap .

    Its good to see a different Airborne division as a subject but there is the option to "convert" ,

    The bust has so much more as you look at it the parachute in particular , the fall of the clothing , and of course the painting is 2nd to none .

    The hand is a brave move and I feel works but might not be to everyones taste.

    In short another great release and one that will be wlcomed in our community .

    Another great commercial release

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  19. Sturm Grenadier Well-Known Member

    First, I would like to say, that I have the utmost respect for Young B. Song, his company, and his exceptional talent, as a sculptor, and artist. If I were he, I would like hearing all the controversy, good or bad, about my latest releases, it would at least prove to me, that people are viewing my work. WWII subjects are very popular right now, and It seems this is the trend Young B. Song, is moving in. It must be very successful, and profitable, or he wouldn't be doing them. Some like his work, others do not, that is your right. As far as the similarities of his busts, remember that is his style, also for you to decide if you like or not. What is the first word of his company, YOUNG! Nothing we say is going to change the way he conducts his business, that is HIS right. The only thing Young B. Song, should ever worry about, when posting his latest releases to P.F, is if there are 0 replies, and 0 views, and I doubt that will ever happen. I like most of his busts, but not all. They are extremely well sculpted and detailed, no denials there. Regards SG:)
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  20. Richie A Fixture

    Hi All,
    A fine piece of sculpting as usual, I would be a one armed sculptor...... because I would cut my right arm off to be able to sculpt like that. Try it, post your bust/work and see how many accolades you personally receive, irregardless of the subject matter. I certainly don't have a pair big enough. Remember we all have a doppelganger!
    As Mike said it's about a "style", how many of you recognise a Mike Good, Carl Reid or a Corry figure because of their style. How many of you recognise a box art by gothicgeek because of his style!

    A good job I'm not the only sculptor in the world as all you would get is 1879.
    monkey frowning.jpg
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