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Yesterday and the Vets!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Don, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Don Well-Known Member

    Watched a wg=hole lot of the 70th Aniversary for there old heroes and it was wonderful.
    Apart from the old soldiers doing their bit (again) I have to say that the British and French Military did a wonderful job putting it all together. A big thanks to all who took part.
    It was super to see so many of these men and to hear the individual stories. The old Para who jumped again thanks to the Army and the now famous Navy Officer who went on his own. I also liked the chap who came out of the engine room to discover they were there, bodies floating past must have been a shock for him.
    Didnt really understand why the old men had to wait in the sun to meet politicians who hardly recognised them. That is apart from the French President who shook hands and chatted to the Vets and I am sure it was him who saw what was happening and organised French servicemen to shelter the vets with an umbrella over each man.
    A wonderful event and again hats off to the French and British millitary for taking such care of the veterans and for putting the whole thing together.

  2. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Don, I thought the thanks of the French people who lined the streets were particularly touching and the Vets were also overcome by the response, I had to laugh as one was asked to sign an autograph. A fitting tribute to them all.

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  3. Don Well-Known Member

    Sorry Keith you are right the French people should never be forgotten. What they did during WW2 was outstanding.
    Loved the old chap in a wheelchair who was keeping time with the band, wonderful.

  4. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Her Majesty, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also all mixed freely with the veterans (and without the need for an army of bodyguards!). At times the Queen was completely hidden from view whilst meeting her veterans.

  5. Don Well-Known Member

    Mike I did see that and know the vets loved it, she was after all THEIR Queen.
    It was the rather useless politicians I was talking about, dont know what they were there for. The French President and Prime Minister were the only politicians who recognised and mixed with the old soldiers.

  6. Helm A Fixture

    It was great coverage rerally, I agree and I saw Taff Edwards (Chris) old man in some of the shots as well (y) Nice to see some of my own lot R Sigs and my adopted lot Paras amongst them
  7. taff edwards A Fixture

    Hi Guys came back with dad
    Can only discribe it as the most emotionally charged 5 days ever incredible marched in to Arromanche with my dad as his legs are giving up and said I have marched the same march on the 40th 50th 60th and was not going to fail the boys on the 70th .
    Incredible .,so few left .
    I have attached a link for the BBC Link to my dad, hope you enjoy it
    Cheers Chris and Dad
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  8. Helm A Fixture

    Nice one Chris and thanks again to your Dad
  9. taff edwards A Fixture

    Cheers mate I will pass it on to dad the guy next to me and dad marching on the film was in the Belgian SAS what a bloody bloke he was he had me in stitches priceless .
  10. DEL A Fixture

    Wow wow wow ........ what an honour ......... you must be very proud.
    Thats what legacy truly is, two generations on are learning from the real deal.
    It's a sobering thought that your dad and his mates were just a very few years older than these kids.
    Best wishes to your Dad
  11. taff edwards A Fixture

    Cheers Del I am immensely its been awesome and so very humbling ,I will pass on your regards
    Cheers Chris
  12. housecarl A Fixture

    Good to hear the weekend went well Chris..(y)
  13. Don Well-Known Member

    You must be very proud of your Dad Chris and I dont blame you. The school named after him must have pleased him no end. Did you get to meet any of the people rom the film?
    Tell your Dad there is a whole lot of people on Planet who thank him and all his mates for what they did.

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  14. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    Chris. I will give Dons, post a really big 'Bump'.!! How proud must you be ! .. I have watched your clip more than once, and its more emotional each time ! .. :cry:


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  15. taff edwards A Fixture

    Cheers Guys will pass on all your kind words really means a lot to him
    Cheers Chris

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