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Years in the hobby

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Roc, Dec 18, 2005.


How many years have you been in the hobby?

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20 and over 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Johnsonva New Member


    Started in 1968 with tank models and some Merit figures. Been going strong ever since. Not as talented as many, but I enjoy painting a good figure.

  2. mertenspeter Member

    Seems there is hanging some echo around here :lol: :lol:

    I still remember the big white plastic figures from Airfix like Jean Dark, Cromwel, Tower Gard etc... even made some pirate flintloc pistols on scale 1:1 oh those memories...

    I am 43 now and i recently got a hold of such an old big figure (pure nostalgy) but boy it was crap ;) against the figures now.

  3. DaveCox Member

    I started modelling at 7 years old, with an Airfix Hawker Hurricane - painted gloss red with black stripes!. 42 years later I'm still at it - just changed direction a few times over the years. From aircraft to Historex figures ( I worked in a model shop and got them cheap), then to armour/aircraft mixed, and now back to figures again!
  4. Tomas Member

    My first box of Airfix figures,date when I got 8 years old,always remembered,she
    was; The Buckinghan Palace Guards. :) Five years later,my first proffesional work
    was painted,A tremendous quantity of Hinchlife figures in 25mm,the great army
    of Federick of Prusia,a lot of infantry men,cavalry,artillery and intendence troops,
    around 1500 figures!!,for a particular collection.In 1977,I started my first scracth
    figure,a german soldier on a bike,in 1/32 scale.
    All the best,

  5. AJLaFleche Active Member

    Built my first model somewhere around 1955. Back then, I'd build anything and everything. Stayed in the hobby at my level until the late 60's. Came back about 1975 and did my first free standing figure a couple years later, Airfix's Scot's Grey mounted figure. Took my first award for a figure based vignette in 1980. I've done plenty of armor, aircraft and sports cars as an adult and ahve been primarily doing figures for about 6 years.
  6. RobH Active Member

    Ignoring the small child with plastic kit to keep him quiet on a rainy holiday in Pickering, Yorkshire (Airfix SAM missile IIRC), I really got serious as a 12/13 year old and discovered my local and very active branch of the British Model Soldier Society. It all coincides with the realease of Shep Paines "How to Build Dioramas" and "The Verlinden Way". So that makes 25 years!
  7. Wlas Member

    I was just talking about this subject with my chum Methusala. He said he thought we started modeling when we were watching the Egyptians working on Cheops' tomb. I thought we got into it shortly after we climbed down out of the trees and started to walk upright ( I must admit I still drag my knuckels but I think Gravity might be the blame ). He doubted that ,since he said my dexterity wasn't good at that time, pointing out that I frequently poked my eyes while trying to pick my nose. Finally we agreed we started modeling around 1953 but we're not sure if it's B.C. or A.D.. Miniatures were arrived at in 1969 B.C. or A.D........
  8. quang Active Member

    Hello John,

    Thanks for sending me a pic of your first figure.

    Great sculpt! I like the way you did the hair.(y)

    Keep on with the good work!

    Quang ;)

  9. robbyk9 Active Member

    Hi guys

    I am very new to figures :eek: . I doing it now for 2 years and never finished
    a figure isn't that great of me hahaha :lol: .
    But still working to get my figures finished.

    Cheers Dick ;)
  10. Vikingz Member

    Discovered figures around 90-91, been painting off and on since then w/ many of life's little interruptions. Met my wife, marriage, buying house, having children all contributing factors into big gaps in between. Started painting again when I found this site a week or so ago with only about 3 projects painted in the last 4 years.
  11. Roc Active Member

    I want to thank all of you who took the time to participate in the poll, some very interesting comments.

  12. geebee Member

    Hi all
    i have been interrested in the hobby for over 20 years
    but began figurepainting for the first time almost 2 years ago
    and i love it and the things that surround it like this forum
    greetings geert
  13. Wlas Member

    Still have the picture, Quang! Methusala and I sent it to you only a week after she posed! ( Some people never throw anything away.... ) She was a tough barter at 10 clam shells. Her hair was a pleasure to do, and her smile kept me at it! My only regret was no one had invented paint at the time and ( as usual ) I couldn't grasp the concept.
  14. herbwf Member

    Damn, I am old:)

    Started building models...... hack, gasp, feeling of disbelief,....50 years ago with a ship model my dad bought me. A few years ago I met some folks (some of whom post regularly here) and they brought me into the light. It has been a great ride and I've met some great people.

    Herb Forgey

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