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XIV Century medieval

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by rafaelega, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. rafaelega Active Member

    Today I begun with this 70mm kit:


  2. Roc Active Member

    Rafael, nice job on the face .
    Who is the manufacturer?

    Roc. :)
  3. Guy A Fixture

    Nice flesh work Rafa...........keep on going. I have one started but it got side tracked.

    Roc - Its a 70mm Figure by Young Miniatures.
  4. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Welcome to the dark ages, Rafael! ;)

    Looks nice so far, I have this beuty of a kit myself.

  5. Roc Active Member

    Thanks Guy.

  6. Cicero New Member

    A very promising start, Rafael (y) !

  7. rafaelega Active Member

    Roc, Guy is right, this is a Young 70mm

    Janne, I hope to learn more from you because this is my first medieval. Thanks

    Guy thanks a lot for your kind comments. I am very interested in looking your color choice for this figure!!

    Johan, thanks. Nice to meet you at PF!
  8. mertenspeter Member

    Looking forward to see the next step in your paintjob, the fleshtones are verry nice, verry medievel :lol:

    (y) Peter
  9. bert New Member

    Hello Rafael

    Nice work on the face, flesh tones are very convincing.
    It's painted in acrylics I suppose. Which colors did you use ?

    Waiting to see more pictures in progress.

  10. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Your start is very good Rafael. I really like those fleshtones. Good luck on your first medieval figure. I'm sure you will do great.

  11. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Rafa - Excellent skin tones! ;)

    What a deep tan you gave him! I look forward to seeing what you do with the rest of the figure!

    All the best,
  12. bonehead A Fixture

    Hhhhmmmm, I don't want to rain on anybody's parade but, the top of that helmet is way too small! The helmet is actually smaller than the what the top of his head should be for the size of his face!

    Really! Just try this: cover up the top of the head on your screen with a finger, then imagine the top half of his head above the face. Okay, now remove your finger........ Scary, eh?

    This could be easily fixed by enlarging the dome of the helmet.

    Otherwise, the thing just looks deformed!
  13. rafaelega Active Member

    * Peter: Thanks a lot for your kind comments

    * Bertrand: Yes, This is painted with Vallejo Acrylics. The base is made with brown sand+drop of old rose+little drop of magenta. Highlits are made with sunny skintone and +light flesh in the last lights. shadows with some washes of brown and also pure black very diluted.

    * Xenofon: thankssf for your support!

    * Dan: thanks a lot. I experiment with new shadows and I tried to add more contrast between shadows and lights.

    * Mike: I appreciate your comments. I have a look over the figure and I note that the helmet is backward. I attach two pics. One with the base of the coat and another for to discover where the helmet is in relation with the face.


    Attached Files:

  14. rafaelega Active Member

    Another thing: My wife wants to add some motives on this coat. I note that the artbox appears with the coat with some animal motives. What do you think about doing that? How about to add flowers or another motives?

  15. Tarok Active Member

    Hola Rafa

    As always it's an absolute treat to see your work. This looks like another winner!

    Rudi :)
  16. garyjd Well-Known Member

    What does this have to do with the painting? Seeing that he did not sculpt it. Rafa, I like the way your reds are coming together.~Gary
  17. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Im not sure what I should think about this head. While I at first agreed with Mike about the helmet I come to my conclusion that it is not too small. Perhaps the the whole head is a bit small but Ive tried the trick of blocking out the face and looking at this figure in profile. It does not look too odd, at least not to me?

    Usually these helmets are worn lower in line with the eyebrows. In this case its pushed backwards a bit could that be fooling us?

  18. Calvin Member

    This subject seems grabbed from the knight on page 24 of "Medieval Military Costume" (Crowood Press).
    Maybe, this (an almost exact copy from a picture) is the reason for which the knight does not wear the spurs and for the too small helmet. As one can see by the picture posted by Rafa, only from the 3/4 view the helmet looks right (like in the picture from the book).
    About the coat, the motif is the heraldry/coat of arms of the knight, also used on the helm. On page 52 of the above book there is another example of a beautiful motif (gold on red), but to be coherent, if you change it you should change the heraldry on the top of the helm too.
    By the way, very nice rendition of the skintones, with a great contrast, I like it.
  19. ArturM Well-Known Member

    Great start, my friend. Can't wait to see next steps :)

    Best regards
  20. rafaelega Active Member

    * Rudi: Thanks a lot for you kind comments

    * Gary: Thank you very much. I really appreciate your comments.

    * Luca: I looked on page 52 but I note that this figure is XV century instead XIV. At this time I am not sure if this type of coat usually has heraldry motif. Perhaps I must convince my wife ;)

    * Janne: I am not sure about the size problem in this helmet. As Mike or Gary said perhaps in a future I must do some sculpting process and improve my figures.

    * Artur: I am very pleased with your words. Thanks!


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