Xenomorph Dragon Sculpture

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Winton - Artefakt, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Hello friends,
    over the last few weeks I have been devoted to a large personal project. I wanted to answer a question, What would happen if a Facehugger impregnated a dragon... so after a lot of conceptualizing and sculpting, I am very happy to bring You the first shots of my latest sculpture - The Xenomorph Dragon. I will be posting a lot more info on the process itself aswell as more detailed renders over the next few days especially on the Artefakt Miniatures site (www.artefaktminiatures.com). It was such a blast conceptualizing and modelling it. Hope You guys like him [IMG]:D
    #Giger #Alien #Sculpture #Xenomor 1Xenomorph_dragon_clear_first.jpg 2Xeno_dragon_closeup.jpg 3Xeno_dragon_base_closeup.jpg ph #Dragon #Dragonsculpture #ZBrush#3Dart #Artefaktminiatures
  2. AJLaFleche Active Member

    Dragons and Aliens, who could ask for anything more? Great looking piece.
  3. franck edet Well-Known Member

    is this 3D rendering or is it the actual fig ? looks really nice !
  4. REMOVED Guest

    I don’t know anything about fantasy stuff, but does look wonderfully executed..well done
  5. Huw63 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Looks great but where did the question that inspired it come from????


  6. REMOVED Guest

    I googled it..whole imagined world of such stuff out there
  7. AJLaFleche Active Member

    The Alien creature. referred to as a Xenomorph mutates based on the host used by the face hugger. In the Alien v Predator, a predator is a host and the chest buster that results has qualities of both predator and alien. Now, that movie also posits that predators periodically seeded Earth with aliens to hunt. So if we extract a fantasy world where dragons can exist, a dragon/alien morph would be a possibility. (I feel so nerdy writing this!)
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  8. REMOVED Guest

    Not nerdy at all...starts to make sense...not having seen the movie..but now I will check it out, I was lost. The 3d based execution of this series is unbelievably good...allows stuff that would be pretty much impossible with regular casting techniques. I’ve just enough experience with printing to appreciate its benefit

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  9. Reptor A Fixture

    Very interestting concept! Great idea, i like this ! :) :love:(y)
  10. Huw63 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks for the explanation- not nerdy at all but explained more about the concept. The Alien films I know well but not Alien vs Predator which I never fancied until now!


  11. jknaus Active Member

    That is very cool. I like it. Now all you need is a Predator in shining armour fighting him lol.

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