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WIP Critique WWII 1/35 diorama

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by fmargem, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. fmargem Active Member

    All right this is the first WWII diorama I´ve ever built. and also my first time in 1/35th scale.
    I´ve been working on it during the last three monthes. It´s not finished yet, actually it needs lots and lots of things.

    The figures are from the Master Box exceptional range. Excelent sculpture and almost perfect fitting. Base coloured in acrylics and detailed in oils. Weathering is still going to be done.


    The building is from Miniart. It´s great as a finished piece but it´s a knightmare to build. Street section and sidewalk are from a local producer.
    Wood work on the ceiling is scratch built as the floor is. Glasses are done with lab microscope coverslip and swers culvert and manhole made from plasticard. The stone wall on the left is made from styrofoam.
    Right now I´m working on cast bricks and some furniture to add some realism to the destruction.

    I hope you enjoy it.
    Please, leave your comment. As this is my first 1/35th scale project I´d apprecciate the feedback.(y)



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  2. Steve Well-Known Member

    You are very brave Felipe! Big job. Your figures are nice but I think if you add deeper and darker shadows they will be better. They are very neat and clean (your paint job, not the uniforms appearance). This goes for the skin tones as well as the uniforms. Take a look at some of the work on the Planet to see what I mean. Your building is off to to a fine start, but I suggest you take a hard look at how big it is going to be at street level. To fill the amount of space showing now would take many, many figures and a lot of furniture. A smaller space packed with figures is both more realistic and more interesting to view. Please keep us updated.--
  3. fmargem Active Member

    Thank you for your comment, Steve.
    [/B]That´s why I wanted to post this WIP here. You've got the experience in this sacale and I don´t. I' ve built vignetes and other small bases before,but never something like this.
    The street seems a little empty and I´ve bought a zundapp with sidecar from Tamyia that I´ll fix near the manhole. As for the furniture, I think that all the debris left inside the house will cover most of the ground giving a destruction feel. If I can scatter the broken furniture I think it´ll add up.

    Thanks for looking! (y)
  4. Dr Force Well-Known Member

    Hi Felipe

    Nice work. Although I do not work in this scale, I would like to make another suggestion.

    The iris of the eyes need to be bigger (should be around 80% of the whole eye) this helps reduce the stare effect you can get. I appreciate this is a very small area, but with a tiny dab of paint either side and a hint of gloss varnish it will make an awful lot of difference.


  5. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Felipe:

    You're doing fine work, and I would be in agreement with the suggestions
    that other Planeteers have made. Particularly with the remarks of Dr. Force.
    "May the Dr. Force be with you!" I thought I did detect a hint of gloss on the
    painting of the uniforms. And a good quality flat shot thru your air brush will
    take care of that. I use Testors Dullcote, but remember it is lacquer, and you
    do not want to be breathing that or getting it on your skin. Since it is lacquer
    you would need to cut it with lacquer thinner.

    I also agree with Dr. Force's suggestion about the size of the iris in the small
    heads that you have to work with in 1:35th scale. I am trying to improve my
    work in 1:35th scale figures as well. I paint the eyes with acrylics, as it dries
    so quickly (and I use a hair dryer to quicken the drying). Sometimes I have
    to paint the iris of those tiny eyes 5 or 6 times before I get rid of the "deer
    in the headlight" phenomonen (sp). You know, that deep stare kind of look
    in the trooper's eyes. Along with Dr. Force's tip, I would suggest you use a
    lighter colour (your photos look like you're using black for the iris in most
    cases, but not all. I thought I saw some blue eyes in the photos) to paint the
    iris of the eyes. Such as lighter brown, or lighter blue.

    As you know, with figure painting the eyes have to be right, or the figure
    just does not create that illusion of reality. Hope my long winded diatribe
    helps. Paint lots of 1:35th figures. We do learn by doing.

    Good luck from The Miami Jayhawk
  6. fmargem Active Member

    Dave- thank you for your comment. I can see what you´re talking about and I´ll try to fix it tonight.

    Jayhawk - thanks for taking the time to post such an explanation. I agree with you. The more youpaint the better you become, for sure!

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