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Review WW2 French Cafe Ruins fromPathos Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all on PF ,

    We all know of the quality releases from Pathos Miniatures including of course busts which I have reviewed prior on this forum so it was with a happy face I was asked to share the latest from them .

    Its not a bust !!! this time Pathos have gone into bricks and mortar and released the "SCENERIES" series , the first being a very interesting subject and one that I am sure was a meeting place for many a GI or Tommy maybe perhaps with a young lady or maybe just for some refreshment or as we see the release as cover during the bitter street fighting seen in any conflict particularly WW2.
    Bulding 001.jpg
    What are we looking at :

    Title: French WW2 Bistrot/Cafe (as shown in the insert)

    Scale: 1/35th - 54mm

    Material: Resin and clear perspex

    No of pieces: 3

    Sculptor: Christos Apostolopoulos

    Box Art: Zacharias Andriopolous

    Casting: YS Castings (Yiannis Sagiadinos)

    The set was received in a strong clear resealable plastic bag the pieces then again held safely in their own bags , we have a card insert with the box art being shown on it .

    Parts consist of : 3 resin in a gray colour these being the base , a remnants of a wall and a framework of a door , in addition to these we have a sheet of clear plastic and a total of 7 posters that can be used on the walls .
    Bulding 002.jpg
    Prep was easy ...even for me a dedicated bust modeller!!!! ...a very quick run round the edges of the cast resin just to take a slight edge off and then remove the flashing from the framework ...total time for me about 6 minutes....easy and time well spent . fit was achieved using 2 part epoxy and then it was primed in black ....ready for a figure ...yes I do have full ones in the GA!!

    The building has been destroyed by the fighting and is depicted in ruins , masonary off the walls revealing the brickwork underneath , the framework shattered as is the glass (you can of course use the clear sheeting to put glass in wether its a full pane or smashed ..maybe even put bullet hole effects in.

    Looking at the base first this is the paved street with debris and brickwork strewn everywhere, including a delightful tin cup , smashed plate and a spoon ...maybe left by a quickly departing soldier, there is also a box perhaps the holder of flowers when times were more normal , now the top covered in brickwork remnants .
    Bulding 004.jpg Bulding 005.jpg Bulding 006.jpg Bulding 008.jpg Bulding 007.jpg
    Sculpting and casting is all over very tight and crisp the actual base are measuring approx 70 x 80 mm , everywhere I looked I found more details from the rubble to the planking on the planter ...all well sculpted and cast.

    Now to the wall upright or rather what is left of it!!! .......we are treated to another piece full of little details from the planking and rails on the lower to the light switch in the middle of the wall on one side, the other being the outer wall , revealing brickwork and we see a drainpipe ...all with nice clean lines , the edges are well done being rubble , some on the window frame , on the little bit of groundwork we have a buried plate and a opened ration tin (perhaps bully beef or even peaches) , on the wall we have the house number as well ......15 a nice touch .The height of the wall being approx 95mm.
    Bulding 009.jpg Bulding 010.jpg Bulding 011.jpg Bulding 012.jpg Bulding 013.jpg Bulding 014.jpg Bulding 015.jpg Bulding 016.jpg
    Fit is good with minimal filler needed as expected and really bring the scene to life .

    Finally the 3rd piece the framework ...another nice part of the kit , we have panel on the bottom with the remaining 4 windows being empty waiting for the glass or lack of it as is your choice, this being achieved by using the supplied clear plastic.
    Bulding 017.jpg
    As a nice little bonus we have been given 7 full coloured posters ready to be aged ...all bearing witness to the long gone sunny and sultry days of coffee and wine drinking watching the world go by.
    Bulding 003.jpg

    There are of course many books to guide you on Terrain and diorams building (including the one from Mr Black) ...all are recommended reading.

    0.jpg 0000.JPG 000.JPG 00.jpg 00000.jpg

    Final thoughts:

    It s good to see Pathos branching out to other area's of subjects and this is a great start and I am pleased to be able to share this ...details and presentation is excellent , it says WW2 but ii can be put into any period in my opinion eg WW1.

    Its good to see this being produced and a brave move and I applaud Pathos , lets look forward to what will hopefully be a continued series maybe we might see trench scenes or perhaps a sewer, napoleonic even .

    Well done to Pathos for this release


    For more information on this and other subjects from their ranges go to the website:


    Thanks to Pathos for the Review model

    ......and of course to you all for looking in

  2. Mark Dollery Well-Known Member

    Nice diorama piece, Kev, (I have the same books as that!).
    Pathos seems to have some nice items, thanks for a great review!
    Mark D :)
  3. Graham A Fixture

    Very nice, as an armour modeller (semi retired) I can vouch for a need for good pieces like this for creating really effective vignettes. Although there are kits about, they tend not to be sharp enough to be good enough in a close up scene like this so quality sculpting and casting is much appreciated and this looks quality.
  4. Nap A Fixture

    Hi guys ,

    Just to show you what you can achieve with this series here are some pictures to enjoy with a figure in situ ......



    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  5. swralph A Fixture

    Great review,thanks for showing.
  6. Sag997 Member

    Great review!! Very nice piece!!
  7. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

  8. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Half expecting Lt Grouber to say come into my little tank .very Cafe Rene (y)
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