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WW1 Wedgie/vignette 1:48th

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by rej, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. rej Well-Known Member

    Hi to all :) I'm still alive and modelling, but a 15day+ delay due to my pc having outlook problems, kept me out of the online world.........mind you the problem with my pc is still there, so tomorrow I'm changing to a new technician who hopefully won't take as long to see to my problem........also on Saturday I'm changing to a new IP :)...........

    Anyway, my grumbling aside, here's Mike Good's WWI vignette of a German pilot + ground crew..........I had the pleasure of seeing this vignette on my first EuroMilitaire visit way back in 1996, and like so many others spent hours just gazing and gazing at these tiny but huge duo!! I had since dreamt of painting them, so asa I got home then, I persuaded my next brother who is an aircraft modeller, to set up a tandem project, where he'll do an aircraft, and I will paint these gems..........however, since he did not have a "decent" whole aircraft, (he was against a wedgie since day 1) they just sat on my bench shelves, waiting for their time to come.............

    When I got home from Girona, I called him and told him that aircraft or no aircraft, I was going to paint the vignette for Euro, and then would remove them to affix with a decent aircraft maybe in the next life!!! Thanks God, he saw the light and bit the bait :D a tail wedgie is in the making, while I had the pleasure of painting two well sculpted and well BALANCED 1:48th scale figures (well it shows the talent of the sculptor, not that anyone has any doubt) and the pics I took prior to pin insertions, were done on purpose as I just could not stop ranting about this feat (the balance) asa I cut them off of their locating lug with a side cutter.........lo and behold they could STAND on their feet without toppling :D I know that Mike recieved so many praise before, but I just have to say BRAVO again, if he don't mind me saying that to him :eek:

    Asa my brother finishes up his portion of the project, I will post pics with the finished setting..........in the meantime, please admire Mike Good's sculpting skills and don't be too harsh on my paint splashing :(

    Ray ;)

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  2. RossM Active Member

    Ray - Superb. These are great figures and you have just got to admire the skill in sculpting them in this scale. Your painting is doing them justice. Excellent.

  3. slaj Well-Known Member

    Great stuff mate. This was unusually fast :):)

  4. Christos Well-Known Member

    Good work,many great miniatures in the small scale,maybe I should try and paint one!
  5. Bluesking Active Member

    immaculate painting. Lovely
  6. rej Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ross, the pics are a bit over exposed maybe I should have touched them a bit with PS but alas I only have PE :(

    Steve, thanks mate and yes that was quick by my SLOW standard :D

    Christos, my friend you really should try not one, but two........they are really awesome for such a small scale believe me...........

    Bluesking you are way too kind..........thanks............

    Ray ;)
  7. megroot A Fixture

    Nice work Ray, in fact i find it awesome.
    I really would like to see the figures in their invironment when your brother has done his part of the deal..

  8. krom1415 Member


    Yes, love to see them on the finished item. Your painting excellent
  9. dave mosher Active Member


    Very nice work; even more impressive with the scale you are working in. My one suggestion for authenticity would be to re-paint the enlisted man's cap band with black, piped red above and below the band, and piped red around the crown. This would be appropriate for pioneer, artillery and technical troops (including fliegertruppen). Your painting of the officer with a yellow band and piping would indicate prior service with one of several cavalry regiments(either uhlans or dragoons) which is certainly a possibility, so no comments there (other than "well done").


  10. jjgurk Member

    Wow! In 1/48th no less. Superb painting.

  11. "Tarakaman" New Member

    It's looking great!!!!!
  12. rej Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words........

    Dave, I followed Mike Good's painting from the box art and from a pic on Military Modelling Mag Euro 1996 Special.........I really appreciate your suggestion, and will consider it for sure.........not sure if I would find the drive to "touch up" in this scale after they are done however, afraid I might mess up and have to repaint again :( but as I said I really appreciate your feedback :)

    Ray ;)
  13. Sam Active Member

    Aw siehbi,

    Dawn ta min huma kemm huwa sbieh :D....ovja Ray Farrugia :p

    I'm sure it will be a nice vignette :)

    See ya!

    Samwel Vella =]
  14. Marcel Active Member

    Excellent painted figures Ray, I would like to see this ones together in a dio!
  15. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Well done Ray!!!

    All the best,
  16. rej Well-Known Member

    Sam :), Marcel and Dan thanks for looking...........will definitely post the finished wedgie.....

    Ray ;)

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