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Review WW1 Photographer Lt Malins released by HQ Models

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Time to share the latest release from [IMG]...its been a while since a release from them or should I say him as this is very much a hardworking member of this forum ...I refer of course to Felipe Margem ( use ID fmargem )

    Felipe has released previously including a WW1 bust that I looked at here:


    Now I don't know about you but I am not aware of too many casters in Brazil where Filipe lives so sensibly items are produced and despatched from Florida in the USA , under licence.

    The release was announced by Felipe here


    The last bust was a WW1 and so is this one , but something different again ........depicting a man who created perhaps the most famous of depictions of WW1 newsreels/films

    Lt G.H. Malins


    But who was Lt Malins (curtesy of Wiki )

    Arthur "Geoffrey" Herbert Malins (18 November 1886 – 1940) was a British film director most famous for camera and editing work on the 1916 war film The Battle of the Somme, which combined documentary and propaganda, and reached an audience of over 20 million viewers.

    Filmed using a cumbersome Moy and Bastie 35mm Cine Camera ( 16"long, 9"wide , 18" high , heavy and with a awkward tripod


    Malins published an account of his wartime filming in 1920 entitled How I Filmed the War.

    The book conveys the extremely dangerous conditions under which Malins worked .

    In it Malins described his own feelings towards the Battle of the Somme's initial reception in Britain:

    "I really thought that some of the dead scenes would offend the British public. And yet why should they? It is only a very mild touch of what is happening day after day, week after week, on the bloody plains of France and Belgium ... the British public did not object to these realistic scenes in the film. They realised that it was their duty to see for themselves."

    In June 1918, Malins was awarded an OBE. The citation commended his work as official photographer "in circumstances of great difficulty and danger

    Filming was also carried out by other nations:


    Other film unit members showing camera used


    Lt Malins


    aaaMalins and McDowel.jpg

    The later shows Lt J B McDowel on the right again with the M & B camera

    The bust is sculpted wearing a trenchcoat , of course there were many variations , issue and private purchase


    Shown wearing the Mk1 helmet

    Z000.JPG Z00.jpg Z0.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Details of the release:

    Title: Lt Geoffrey H Malins - WW1 Photographer

    Reference: N/A

    Scale: 1/9th

    Material: Lt Gray Resin

    No of parts: 8 plus 2 small

    Sculptor: Carl Reid

    Caster: Joel Nelson

    Box Art: Milan Dufek

    Produced by Felipe Margem

    As you can see we have a couple of very well known names , Mr Carl Reid for the sculpting and for the HQ models boxart Milan Dufek

    Shipping was quick from the US reaching me in just over 7 days

    On first looking I thought there was a slip on all around label ...its not ..it is a wrap around sticky one so to get into the box you need to carefully cut across and peel back

    HQ 045.jpg HQ 047.jpg HQ 046.jpg

    On opening the box : HQ 013.jpg

    Whats in the packing HQ 014.jpg

    • A total of 8 parts the Torso , 2 arms ( the right with camera ) head , helmet , camera lens and strap and a base

    • Torso....A very fine casting line to sand away up the middle at the sides , general cleanup underneath
    • Left Arm.... Again the casting line needs sanding off , putty is needed to the shoulder area
    • Right Arm...General clean up on arm
    • Camera...remove 2 small casting plugs on top and 1 on front
    • Head....Slight air hole on left side by strap , general clean up
    • Helmet.... Fit to headtop ( there is a shape inside matching the head top ) small amount of putty around edges of head when helmet fitted
    • Strap and Lens ...fit into position on camera
    In this part I will show the torso and the arms


    Wearing the trenchcoat , suitably well creased , with the additional shoulder material hanging horizontally at the back and angled on each shoulder at the front , nice undercuts on the lapels and the epaulettes

    There is a strap running across the the body front and back pulling well into the coat material

    At the neck there is a collar and of course a tie ...standards are maintained by this fellow

    Around the lower edge a belt with a buckle

    On the left side there is a cast on clenched hand fingers folded in , the hand will need a little tidying up with filler when meeting the arm

    HQ 015.jpg HQ 016.jpg

    HQ 019.jpg HQ 020.jpg HQ 018.jpg HQ 021.jpg HQ 017.jpg HQ 022.jpg


    The left is bent at the elbow with the material well creased as becoming the material used , there is a armband sculpted around the upper arm

    At the lower edge of the coat there is the strap , nicely done with the uniform jacket sleeve peeking out

    Fit to the torso at the shoulder and the wrist will need a little filling but nothing drastic

    HQ 024.jpg HQ 025.jpg HQ 023.jpg

    The right is again bent at the elbow holding onto the camera box itself , a bit of excess resin to take away where the camera meets the arm

    Filling is needed when the arm is in position

    Detail on the hand is good with the thumb on top , the remaining 4 fingers working their way around the camera corner .

    Details on the camera is an area you could really work on adding something even more to this part

    HQ 030.jpg HQ 027.jpg HQ 026.jpg
    HQ 028.jpg HQ 031.jpg HQ 029.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Onto the remaining pieces


    Getting a likeness to a known person is always difficult but I think Carl has done a good job , it's not 100% like him! the eyes might look a little offset but they are not , the angle of the helmet perhaps increasing the illusion

    As with other faces from Carl a good sculpt , high cheekbones , mouth clenched shut , the nose is shaped when looking from the side , eye and nostrils are well defined

    Hair is textured , a little rough perhaps

    Along the forehead top there is the hint of the helmet lining and a helmet strap under the chin

    Fit to the torso neck area is clean and easy to do

    HQ 036.jpg HQ 032.jpg HQ 034.jpg

    HQ 038.jpg HQ 037.jpg HQ 035.jpg HQ 033.jpg


    A good shape here with a nicely done outline in the underside for the head to fit in , you could also detail it up as per the pictures here in the review with the blip on the top and a edging

    HQ 039.jpg HQ 041.jpg HQ 040.jpg

    Fitting the head and helmet together ( a little bit of filling inside as said earlier )

    HQ 042.jpg

    Strap and Lens

    Basic shaping in this piece , it will benefit a lens being added using something like Micro Kristal Klear

    The handle is a good shape as per the photograph I think was used ( this differs from the reference pics in style being more basic looking )


    HQ 043.jpg


    This is the usual pedestal design used by many companies , textured but more than suitable , some like me will use a brass rod

    HQ 044.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    An interesting subject from HQ here , not seen before , little bit of prep needed but nothing too drastic , painted up it looks very good , not colourful for sure but will certainly add a great display piece to the cabinet.


    For more information contact them by e mail at:


    FB Page being HQMODELKITS

    Or you could message Felipe via PF

    Thanks to [IMG] for the review piece

    Cheers to you all for looking in ..Enjoy your modelling

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    For your enjoyment and reference some pics of the artwork by MILAN DUFEK

    And a version painted by DA COSTA MINIATURES

    XXXXXX.jpg X.jpg XX.jpg XXX.jpg XXXX.jpg XXXXX.jpg

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  5. fmargem Active Member

    I'd like to thank you for the supperb in depth look at the character and the bust itself. I'm sure intereted parties will check this review with interest.

  6. valiant A Fixture

    Nice though the sculpt is, Im still not convinced that it resembles Malins, even after looking at the unpainted sculpt. I think it may have been a better move to have marketed it as "war photographer", IMO.

    Just my twopenn'th!(y)
  7. MCPWilk A Fixture

    A fine bust of a WWI photographer - an unusual subject.

  8. KenBoyle PlanetFigure Supporter

    A very nice WWI bust and a great, as usual, in depth review. Kudos to Felipe and Nap both!

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  9. grasshopper A Fixture

    Nice honest review..thank you for the hard work....
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