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Review WW1 German Home Guard from HQ Model Kits

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. Nap Moderator

    As always its good to be able to share my thoughts on releases this time we have from a company called HQ Model Kits .

    Who are they , well its a one man band as the owner told me ...his name Felipe Margem , the company produces and ships from Florida , and was originally a garage kit company began by Felipe to produce those models not normally released by others,the first release was the mermaid which sold out others have followed

    Felipe is a member of PF his user name fmargem

    Not a company I knew much about ,so its really good to share this review so I was pleased to see that they have also released other models in larger scales (see link) including this one we will look

    The release was announced here on PF http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/wwi-german-home-guard.77901/ as well as social media

    Whats the subject : German Home Guard

    As you can see its a WW1 subject of the Landwehr or Home Guard , men normally considered unfit for front line service but they still served in the Landwehr , suffering the harshness of war , guarding supply depots and the likes but even so they also did serve in the line as the need for manpower got more as the war progressed .
    0a0aa.jpg 0000B.jpg th.jpg
    One of the harshest fronts to serve on was the Eastern one , incredibly cold winters and sentry duty was a real hardship to be put on , all manner of clothing was used to protect against he cold , including long fur trimmed coats . Of course conditions were often as harsh in the other front ie the Western.
    000.jpg 0000a.JPG 0000aa.jpg
    Our Landwehr is lucky he has a warm coat ..no doubt passed between each ongoing sentry.

    The model is based on this postcard sent wishing a happy new year in 1918 (this has been colourised)

    0aaaaaaaaa.jpg 0aaaaaaaa.jpg 0aaa.png 0aaaaa.jpg 0aaaaaa.jpg
    0ab.jpg 0bb.jpg 00000000.jpg 00000.jpg 0A0A.jpg 0a0.jpg a00.jpg a0.jpg

    References are easy to find here are a couple to look out for the first is extremely good.
    bbb.jpg 0bbb.jpg b.jpg
    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Lets see what we have:

    Title: WW1 German Home Guard

    Reference: N/A

    Scale: 1/9th

    Material: Lt Gray Resin

    No of parts: 10 (11 with insert)

    Sculptor: Carl Reid

    Caster: Joel Nelson

    Box Art: Kirill Vladimirovich Kanaev.

    Produced by Felipe Margem

    The shipping was direct from the caster as the original stock qty had sold out, this is direct from the US ,on taking the parcel wrapping off I was greeted by a shipping box with the parts inside but no actual model box , this is of no consequence as it not only does the job but it keeps the costs to HQ down ..a big consideration for the smaller companies.

    Proudly stamped on the end of the box there was the Hq Model Kits logo HQ WW1 001.jpg

    The parts were all carefully held in bags ,surrounded by bubble wrap , the parts consist of the main torso , head, helmet, , 2 straps for this , gasmask container and a base.
    HQ WW1 004.jpg

    Also we have the Rifle and Strap and the pipe and to avoid and damage these were secured onto a hard backing ...a nice thing to see being done.
    HQ WW1 005.jpg
    Also included is a postcard sized insert with the box art on it , great colour reproduction of the artists work , one side being a full view HQ WW1 002.jpg , the other has several viewpoints . HQ WW1 003.jpg

    In order to use all my pictures I will look at the torso first followed by the remaining parts

    Without doubt this is a sculpt from Carl , doing what he does best , a sculpt with great character , looking at the reference he used , all I can say is well done mate you have got this spot on .

    Something must be said about the casting ...its EXCELLENT and very very smooth ( bit like your reviewer..lol) so a well done to Joel.


    As a result of the quality casting this is minimal , needing only to fit the straps , the gas mask container, the head and helmet ( you might wish to fit this after painting separately), Rifle and the left hand with pipe.

    The Main Torso..obviously the largest piece , the coat is open showing the uniform jacket , the collar is a good shape , no rank marking are on it as in the box art this was beautifully painted on !!,there is a strap hanging down fro the container , this has a cut out area on the tunic with a locating hole.
    HQ WW1 015.jpg
    The lining and collar of the coat is heavily sculpted to recreate the correct look as per reference , and it looks great , this is a great chance to get those washes on it , painting in the colours of your choice ., arms are held angled one holding the strap for the rifle the other his beloved pipe , a moment of calm in a long cold sentry duty.
    HQ WW1 006.jpg HQ WW1 007.jpg HQ WW1 008.jpg HQ WW1 009.jpg HQ WW1 011.jpg HQ WW1 012.jpg HQ WW1 013.jpg
    HQ WW1 010.jpg
    Moving down to the waist there is a belt with a part of the pouches showing on the right ( could be either the 3 version or the single pouch ( I have included both in the review references) , the belt buckle is nicely done with the Landwehr crown clearly visible.
    HQ WW1 014.jpg

    Continued in next post

  3. Nap Moderator

    Onto the remaining parts

    The Head , a typical head from Carl , nicely sculpted , , facial features are of a older man with strong cheekbones , the eyes and nose are good of course , the ears have been sculpted so the helmet fits properly his sports a rather well kept and large moustache his mouth held together enjoying his pipe. , under the chin we see the strap , good idea making it easier to fit the remaining pieces , fit to the neck area of the torso is clean and sits well.

    HQ WW1 017.jpg HQ WW1 018.jpg HQ WW1 019.jpg HQ WW1 020.jpg HQ WW1 021.jpg HQ WW1 022.jpg

    The Helmet , this was something that could have been the wrong shape , but no its a lovely bit of work , the shape is excellent , rivets are in the right place , the helmet rim is good and the casting as a result is super smooth , no flashing or plug to deal with .
    These helmets were often painted in camo or left plain , some were painted white , the choice is upto you

    HQ WW1 025.jpg HQ WW1 027.jpg HQ WW1 026.jpg

    Gas Mask Container , a simple cylinder to hold this oh so vital item , never away from the soldier , gas was the most feared attack., even though its a simple piece , the definition of the lid and the edges is sharp ,fit is simple by means of a plug cast on.
    HQ WW1 028.jpg

    Rifle...a Mauser Gewehr 98 pattern , the working parts are well represented , trigger details are good , a nice representation of the weapon , fit is good as there is a matching cut out on the torso ( remember its at an angle) I would suggest you fit the rifle strap first.( this has nice buckle detail on it , fit of the strap is again easy .

    a 002.jpg a 001.jpg HQ WW1 029.jpg

    The Pipe , this is being held in the hand , naturally in position , a long stem version , a valued item , perhaps brought from his home or sent by his wife who all he has to remember is a faded picture, the pipe giving the soldier a moment of pleasure in the hell of war , the bowls were often decorated with patriotic scenes , Iron Cross motifs , the choice is yours again , the shape is good , the fingers are nicely done holding the lower edge.

    HQ WW1 023.jpg HQ WW1 024.jpg

    Finally the Base a good base is provided , textured surface as seen on others from Carl , perfectly suitable , fit to the underside of the torso is fine , I would say pin it as well if you choose to use it.
    HQ WW1 035.jpg
    Final Thoughts

    This was my first piece from HQ Model Kits and I certainly hope its not my last , sculpting is "a la Carl Reid" a very talented man no doubt about that , casting is excellent with thought going into the packaging , no real issue using the shipping box IMO. This is a great subject and a nice release from HQ .

    For more information contact them by e mail at:


    Or you could message Felipe via PF

    Thanks to HQ WW1 001.jpg for the review piece

    Cheers to you all for looking in ..Enjoy your modelling

  4. Nap Moderator

    Here is some more shots of the Box Art ..top artist
    2aaa.jpg 2aaaaa.jpg 2aaaa.jpg 2.jpg 2a.jpg 2aa.jpg

  5. Adrian Cowdry Well-Known Member

    When this figure was announced - I couldn't resist - it's just different. The quality is excellent.

    My one niggle for those who cannot do miniature paintings - a decal for the pipe woulkd have been welcome.
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  6. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Superb again Nap and a superb bust.
  7. Dan Morton A Fixture

    When I received my copy, I was immediately knocked out by the things Nap has pointed out! A fine, detailed review for a superb bust - sculpting, casting, packaging all top notch! I agree with Adrian - a pipe decal would have been great! I suppose HQ could make one and offer it as a separate item. Some ideas for that attached.

    All the best,

    Attached Files:

  8. Chris Ribchester A Fixture

    That is a cracking figure, another one to add to my list.I have one of those pipes , it was my dads,
    only trouble, it does't have a military picture on it.
  9. ranchhand Active Member

    i'm not a huge fan of carl reid, but this is really nice!
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  10. Wayneb A Fixture

    Really like this piece....Good to see two connecting points for the delicate pipe.I also agree a pipe decal would would be nice.
    Great review......Thanks,

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  11. megroot A Fixture

    I almost immediately bought it. I'm on the final stages from painting this.
    Only the gun and the fur.
    It is a must have for every WW1 collector.

  12. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    Where can I get one. thanks Brock
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  13. Nap Moderator


    Hi ,

    If you e mail ( details at end of review) Felipe I am sure he will be delighted to help , or you coukd PM him via PF

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  14. fmargem Active Member

    Hey, Nap!
    Thank you for the great review.
    You have a way with the words that always makes our products look good.
    The references are really helpful and I'm going to use it as I paint my own copy that's on the bench.

    Cheers and thank you,

    Felipe - HQ Model Kits.
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  15. Nap Moderator

    Cheers Felipe .

    Believe me if it was anything wrong I use my way for words..lol

    It is a very nice piece plenty to do and we all look forward to seeing your version

    Glad the reference are of some help , Dans post with the pipe bowls us a good reference as well

    Happy painting

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  16. megroot A Fixture

  17. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Do we have any members who make decals?

    All the best,
  18. ranchhand Active Member


    I have had decals made for my tank models, but i fear that this is too small to come out cleanly with a home-printed decal. you would need a screened version ( like the pro decals ) but they are very expensive, mostly because you need to have a minimum order :(

    its small enough i think you can carefully paint one of those designs as long as you go slow, do one color at a time... I am looking forward to attempting it :)
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  19. Dan Morton A Fixture

    "its small enough i think you can carefully paint one of those designs as long as you go slow, do one color at a time... I am looking forward to attempting it :)"

    Great! Good luck and I'm eager to see your painting. How about a SBS of the process? Personally I'm a crap painter, so I'd never attempt it.

    All the best,
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  20. fmargem Active Member

    I've printed small figures and lettering on decal paper before. I've asked someone at a local impression bureau. The whole thing with editing and professional laser printing cost me U$10,00. Services where I live are much cheaper than in UK and US, but I think that a friend who can use Corell draw could do it for you.
    I also try to take all the decals I need to be printed on one sheet.
    I was planning to make it look like wood as in the reference picture.

    I can't wait to see how you guys paint it!


    Felipe - HQ Model Kits.
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