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Review Wurttemberg Infantry from SOGA Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Dec 29, 2021.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hello to all

    Following on from the announcement from SOGA Miniatures here :

    IMG_0581.JPG IMG_0582.JPG

    IMG_0583.JPG IMG_0584.JPG

    Details of the release

    Title: Wurttemberg Infantry Officer 1812 year

    Reference: 5426

    Scale: 54mm

    Material: Gray resin

    No of Pieces: 11 ( including a choice of helmet type )

    Casting: In House

    Sculptor: Mikhail Tyulkin

    Box art: Dmitri Baev

    As with all from Soga the box keeps everything secure and with little movement as the pieces are also held in resealable bags which was sitting on a layer of packing material

    Again open carefully and remember:

    On the box top a full colour of the painted piece ,more are available from the website as well as usual


    It would be nice to have the company name or perhaps get a logo on the box as well

    There are a total of 11 parts , namely full body with left arm, sword, cane/stick, right arm , sash , sword knot , cane tassel , base , a choice of TWO different helmeted heads ( these are one with the crest and the other a grenadier style one )


    Lets have a bit of information on the Infantry :

    The Duchy of Württemberg allied with the French in 1805, as a reward Duke Friedrich was crowned King on 1 January 1806 and Württemberg joined the Confederation of the Rhine on 12 July 1806 (Treaty of Paris) the federal contingent being fixed at 18000 men.

    By 1810 Württemberg had doubled the population and territory it had possessed before the Revolution. One price was supplying troops for Napoleon’s campaigns (some 20,000 in 1809 and 16,000 in 1812).
    12 July 1806: Seven line infantry regiments, each comprised one battalion of 4 musketeer companies (of 160 men).

    Between 1807 and 1808, all infantry regiments were gradually increased to two battalions,the first battalion of one grenadier and three musketeer companies , the second battalion of four musketeer companies.

    Prior to the 1809 Austrian campaign, all infantry regiments were expanded to an establishment of two battalions

    An infantry division of 2 line brigades (each of 2 regiments) and 1 light brigade (all 4 jäger and fusilier battalions), By the end of the 1809 Austrian campaign Württemberg had raised an 8th regiment of line infantry

    During the 1812 Russian campaign Württemberg troops made up 2 divisions assigned to Ney’s III Corps: 25th Infantry Division of 3 brigades (2 line brigades, each of 2 line regiments and 1 chasseur (jäger?) battalion and 1 light brigade with the 2 light battalions).

    On 23 October 1813 Württemberg deserted the Imperial cause.

    Resources are available here are a couple of pictures showing various regiments

    5303e6cabbcd8a4db28056d93d26245a.jpg 97b81603bf6e3993a429756e3cb1c64f.jpg 35f3ae7637a5ade691542c3c63c4d92f.jpg


    Regts in action as used in wargaming :

    IMG_0579.JPG IMG_0580.JPG

    These are a couple of really good and informative books you might like to look at

    [IMG] IMG_0572.JPG 41FGzMjISXL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

    Continued in next post


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  2. Nap Moderator

    Lets look at the resin now:

    Main Torso

    Prep: Remove from former, sand away tiny casting line from rear of arm , slight flashing between the legs

    As you can see the pose is rather positive the right leg forward , he stands proud , the left arm on his hip the hand holding his gloves

    Casting is really very very good indeed and even with out the head this piece has attitude , wearing a long tailed coat , a thing to note is the sharp undercut on this , clearly separate from the legs ...really accessible as well for painting

    Wearing knee high boots with the trousers tucked in , the boots are well shaped , good work on the edging of the soles , natural folds at the ankle as well

    The trousers are well worked as well in respect creases and folds , nice definition around the crutch area , on the left the sword belt with a accurate fitment point for the sword

    The coat tails are a nice shaped area with sharp lining piping at the edges , whwere they meet at lower back there is a cutout to allow the sash to fit

    The sash around the waist is well represented and full in material

    There are some nicely worked seams on the jkt and trousers , define these more when painting

    The left hand grips the clearly recognised single short glove , the fingers of the hand are shaped correctly

    The plastron at the front is a accurate shape with the casting of the buttons being no issue..to be honest all the casting is spot on , really good edge definition

    On the shoulders we have his rank which is I feel a premier Lieutenant with no bullion fringe on the left shoulder .....the detailing on the contra epaulette is really good with the half moon and the retaining strap being sculpted well

    At the neck area is the cut out to fit the head of your choice


    DSCN2038.JPG DSCN2039.JPG DSCN2036.JPG

    DSCN2033.JPG DSCN2037.JPG

    Right Arm/Plume


    Prep : Remove arm from the former , dryfit and then a tiny smidgeon of filler , you will probably redefine the seams after removing, the plume is simple just remove and fit

    The arm is cast with the rank bullion in place for the premier Lt , nicely detailed and fitting accurately to the shoulder

    The cuff detail is the square edged with 2 good buttons , , piping on the cuff is well done and in scale

    The hand is positioned to take the cane top , and is wearing the actual glove

    The plume is showing surface texture and in place looks good


    Prep: Choose the head you wish to use after removing from the former I really like both but would go for the Grenadier version which you see in the first set of 4 pictures

    Both helmets have some real fine details on them the grenadier has the royal arms with the addition of grenade motifs in the plate corners , on both the arms are sharp and easily seen , a well done to both the sculptor and casting team

    Peaks are on both versions , despite this access to the well worked facial features presents no problem

    The Grenadier has a high fronted piece of fur , well textured , good chinstrap and bosses , running along the centre towards the back a high comb , again defined well in the styled sections

    The other , a line regt has a high comb running from back to rear at the centre , nice helmet plate

    Whichever head you decide its going to look good after a easy to fit collar area


    DSCN2040.JPG DSCN2042.JPG

    DSCN2043.JPG DSCN2041.JPG


    DSCN2044.JPG DSCN2046.JPG

    DSCN2047.JPG DSCN2045.JPG

    Remaining pieces

    Sash/Sword knot, Cane tassel


    Prep: Remove from former , fit with ease , no filler needed

    The sash is a good piece of sculpting , long and full the ends shaped , fit is simple and adds more interest to the rear of the figure

    The tassel is the longer of the 2 in the picture I suggest fitting this after the cane is in place , you could do the same with the sword knot as well ...both are a good version


    Prep: Remove from formers and fit , there is a small amount of flashing to remove from the sword handle area

    The cane is a angled piece of resin , wood in reality , it tapers nicely towards the metal covered lower edge

    The sword is in the scabbard so the handle has the detail on it the end of the sword knot is wrapped around the actual hand protector , there is a hand guard as well , I am unsure about the sword handle casting above the hand guard


    DSCN2051.JPG DSCN2052.JPG


    A smaller piece of textured groundwork with stones scattered , oblong in shape with 2 defined areas to fit the figure into place


    Final thoughts

    In this release we have a distinctly officer type , very nicely posed and with a good amount of details , all sharply done both in sculpting and casting , there is the option to depict any regiment , and of course the choice of heads ..a added bonus for the modeller

    Well done to the sculptor MIKHAIL TYULKIN for this figure hope we see more sculpting from him :woot:

    RECOMMENDED you visit the site ( there is a english translator at the top which is good to see ) and bookmark Soga ...it will be worth it :)

    Thank you to Dmitri @ Soga Miniatures for the review piece(y) I will be looking at others and not just cavalry so stay tuned

    For more information including other views of painted versions and to order go to their website via this link :


    Or contact Dmitri here on PF

    Thanks to all for looking in

    Happy benchtime

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  3. taliesin2013 Active Member

    Well dove this office.
    A question, there are others napoleonic figuresfrom you?
    I've find on your site only painted figures.
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  4. Nap Moderator

    Hi there

    The site shows painted versions of what I review , they can be bought unpainted as in this review, there are other napoleonic both foot and mounted

    The link is direct to order this particular figure

  5. Edorta A Fixture


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