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WIP World War I Canadian Cavalry

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Ray Welshman, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. swralph A Fixture

    Some serious work gone into this and still to come,excellent(y)
  2. Ray Welshman Active Member


    Wow you have been busy :) I went to bed (it was 2AM my time when we were posting, got up and see those pics thats great.


  3. taff edwards A Fixture

    Bloody hell sorry mate and there was me jabbering on lol , I had day off to day back to work tomorrow .
    Will get them off to you ASAP .
    I know what that little thing is that I didn't lol it a guidon or lance boot
    Cheers Chris
  4. Ray Welshman Active Member

    No worries I'm always up late on the weekends, most of the time in my hobby room.


  5. megroot A Fixture

    good start with all the small parts.

  6. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Great start Ray. Cool idea, excellent subject. Maybe for the two troopers interacting, one could be offering the other a smoke from the pack or handing him a canteen... something like that.

    Look forward to the progress of this piece


    PS- Are you going to the show in Philly? I've been trying to decide if I should make the trip... Have you been before?
  7. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Hi Colin

    Got the flight and hotel booked. I've never been before and really looking forward to it. I'm meeting a friend from the Ontario Model Soldier Society. They are driving down.


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  8. Grod A Fixture

    Great project. Good luck with this one.
  9. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Thanks for all the feedback guys,

    Colin I was thinking for the middle two figures one horse is kind of pushing the other with its head, with on ride laughing and the other surprised it happened. I got the idea from watching my brother's horses, they were riding one day and stopped to chat side by side and then right out the blue one horse nipped at the other and the one on the receiving end vigoriously tossed his head. I was making an attempt to recreate that.


  10. Joker25 New Member

    Great idea, good composition..looking forward to seeing how this works out.

    Good luck,

  11. Don Johnson Active Member

    Ray, interesting concept for your diorama. The interaction of men and horses is key to telling the story. But there should be some sort of "hook" - something to tie everything together, as opposed to just a bunch of guys in the same place at a particular moment, for no apparent reason. "Confused at the Intersection". "The map is upside down, trooper!" [pile of rubble in background] "The tavern should be right here!" Something, anything to grab the viewer's attention, and focus the storyline where YOU want it to go. Make sure that sight lines are not parallel with the base sides. A slight hillside (front up towards back) might give you the opportunity to show every horse/rider in one glance, without the ones in front blocking the ones in back. Focus on the figures first, but keep the story running thru your head in the background, so that as the figures get built and painted, you'll form a solid idea of how they will be based.

    This will be my 20th MFCA, and it is the best weekend of my year. The Committee do a great job of assembling an excellent vendor hall, as well as a diverse selection of the world's best miniature figure artists. You will pass thru a range of emotions as you see the work on the tables - "I would love to do that figure", to "What a great idea!", to "Holy crap, I'll never be able to do that...", to "I'm breaking all my brushes when I get home", to "What a great conversation with _____ - he gave me some GREAT ADVICE!". Take as many pics as you can. Talk to anyone passing by, especially when you see a piece you like. Go to the Hospitality Suite each night, and talk to whoever's there. Soak it all up.

    Just one word of advice - stay clear of anyone in a loud Hawaiian shirt, especially if you see a group of them in the SAME shirts . . . Don
  12. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Hi Don,

    Thanks for the advice. i was thinking of putting them on a slight incline. The first officer is calling a halt or move forward as the group notices something to the left. Im still working on the overall composition.

    Im really looking forward to MFCA, its the first time there. I'm booked at the Radisson in the convention hall so dont have to travel back and forth. Looking at the gallery on the website looking forward to the exhibits and the vendor tables.


  13. Don Johnson Active Member

    Ray, there are two hotel towers as part of the convention and casino complex - the Scanticon and the Radisson. The show is in the basement of the Scanticon, one floor below the casino. The Hospitality Suite has been/is usually on the top floor of the Radisson. Traveling between the two can be done indoors, or outdoors, depending on weather, mood, whatever. Parking surrounds the buildings on three sides. There are restaurants available inside, as well as several in the immediate area. The King of Prussia Mall, one of the country's largest, is a four minute drive away, with multiple options for meals. There's a Wegman's grocery palace (seriously, the place is friggin' HUGE) about two minutes away, with in-store eating for meals, or emergency munchie-run rations.
    Make sure you bring something to display. The opportunity to discuss your work with other painters is an opportunity not to be missed!
  14. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Thanks Don,

    i guess there is a shuttle from the airport that I will be taking worst case scenario I will get a cab. I guess its about 40 minutes away. I was hoping to bring this dio but running out of time. I will continue to work on it so we will see. Lots of build yet and still need to be painted, groundwork etc.


  15. Ray Welshman Active Member

    This is the interaction that I've been looking at for the middle two troopers. The young trooper is surprised at the horses and the other guy is having a laugh at it. Again not fully decided yet still playing with composition. Its funny I will sit at my desk at constantly rearranging the figures like a chess board lol.

    trooper1.jpg trooper2.jpg trooper3.jpg
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  16. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Like the idea Ray. Whatever you do, don't rush to be done for the show. You have given yourself a big job that will look fantastic... it would be a shame if it suffered by rushing it.

    A question for Don (or anyone familiar with the area)... What can be expected for weather around there at that time of year? In Toronto, late April, early May can be, at best, unpredictable. Even right now here, the weather has been bouncing up and down like a whore's panties. I was thinking about riding my bike down but I don't want to end up dealing with bad weather, wrecking my trip.

    Any how, Ray, this is shaping up to be a fantastic project... following closely

  17. Don Johnson Active Member

    Colin, this winter has been so atypical that it's anyone's guess what spring will be like.
    Normally, early May can see temps anywhere from 50s to 80s F. The weather is usually very nice at MFCA, making a side trip to the Valley Forge encampment historical site a very pleasurable diversion. It's about 3 minutes away from the hotel by car. Riding a bike along the park's roads would be both very scenic, and a nice workout (hills and valleys). We've done shorts and shirts several times. The nights can get cool.
    Again, normally by this time, the snow has been completely gone for two to four weeks. Philly just got whacked again with more snow this weekend - unless we get a week of 70s, my guess is there will still be snow on the ground on April 1st (guess the joke'll be on us). April is usually rainy, 40s and 50s, but snow is not unheard of - the only upside is that is disappears fast.
    Hopefully Brad James, or one of the Philly guys, will see this post, and let us know the actual conditions. I'm about 5 hours northeast - we haven't had all the snow, here in lower New England, that places in the MidAtlantic have received this year (usually it's the other way 'round), or upstate New York (ask Kevin Dunne, Gary D or Jim Johnston about that), but it's still darn cold, and there's still a foot of ice covering my backyard.
    All I can suggest is plan for good and bad, and put off the decision about the bike as long as possible - one would think it has to get warmer SOME time!
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  18. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Ray,
    Another great project, looking forward to seeing how you contruct the scene. I agree with Colin, don't worry about the up and coming show take your time mate. Really enjoyed your last project and no doubt will thoroughly enjoy this one too.
  19. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Thanks Richie,

    I will plug away and see how it goes. I believe this will take me most of the summer to complete, maybe take to Chicago in the fall :) This is a year for attending a couple of big shows for me plus all the shows here in the Alberta area going to be a good year for that.


  20. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Cool project!

    May I suggest a "story line" or two?

    (1) How about converting one of the horsemen to a messenger? The messenger has just reined in and is handing a written message to the lieutenant in charge of the cavalry detachment. Remainder of the detachment have just come to a stop or are in various stages of pulling up, with horses being reined-in.

    (2) Both the lieutenant and his NCO have been trotting along with the detachment and are suddenly startled by a noise or something unexpected on their flank. One of them is pointing and shouting. Other members of the detachment are in various stages of reining-in and starting to turn to look in the same direction.

    Obviously, both would require mods to figures and horses to sell the stories.

    All the best,

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