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World Model Expo UPDATE now 1st,2nd and 3rd July 2022

Discussion in 'Figure Shows, Workshops and Events' started by Instructorrob, May 1, 2018.

  1. megroot A Fixture

    Nothing.....you can drive your car the way he is.
    Just drive on the right side of the road at the moment you come on the Continent. Pass Left :). Use your blinker, then we all know what direction you go.
    Only trick is ( as we are on the UK we use clockwise) that you have to take the roundabout counter clock wise. The traffic on the roundabout goes first, but sometimes signs so otherwise. Look for it.
    Into the villages it is common that cyclists and walkers go first on the roundabout.
    They use these people for slowing speed :)

  2. Hawk_Uk PlanetFigure Supporter


    Hi Badger,
    I drive to shows in Europe quite a bit and this is my understanding:

    The French have the stricter rules which will cover most of Europe rules too.
    You must have:
    two breathalyzers (in date)
    Spare bulbs - complete set
    High Vis vest for all occupants of the vehicle - accessible from within the car
    Warning tri-angle
    Head light deflectors - fitted

    And of course the GB sticker on the back of the car.

    Also in the Netherlands (Holland) there are plenty of cyclists and they have certain rights of way so you have to watch out for them

    Please add anything I have missed..
  3. megroot A Fixture

    Nothing from what John say is needed in the Netherlands.
    Only spare bulbs can provide a ticket when you can change the broken bulb immediately.

    Be aware of cyclists in my country, they take sometimes traffic rights where they shouldn't do it. Specially racecyclists....I'm one of them :)

  4. Instructorrob Active Member

    World Model Expo postponed to 2021

    With the ever increasing Covid-19 pandemic and no short term solution to be expected, we had to draw the inevitable conclusion that the World Model Expo cannot be held as planned in July of this year.

    As organizers, and on behalf of the World Model Soldier Federation, we also have a responsibility for health and safety of our visitors, exhibitors and staff, and we take this responsibility serious.

    Continued and stricter measures in all countries with regards to internal and cross border travelling, and a ban on all events for a longer period of time, have forced us in the past weeks to investigate the options and we can announce that the 11th World Model Expo in Eindhoven will now take place on July 2-3 and 4 2021.
    We hope that the world be a healthier place in 15 months from now and that all of you will stay safe and healthy.

    Practical info:

    As the new dates are 15 months from, we cannot yet assure that the same teachers who had planned to conduct their workshops at the WME will be available then and if they will stay on board. We will first need to check with them and then will let you know if the workshop you booked for will take place at WME 2021. You can then decide whether you wish to cancel your registration or not.

    We will send all participants an email about this in the days to come with the proper procedures. Please understand it will take time to get feedback from all the workshop teachers, so be patient and keep an eye on your email inbox, and the spam folder too.

    We will send all registered vendors a newsletter by email, in which we explain the situation for them and which steps to take. We ask all registered vendors to watch their spam folder too, so we can avoid unnecessary email traffic. Vendors can expect that email by Friday latest. Until then, please be patient.

    Hotel rooms: The hotel, NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof, has informed us that it is not possible for them to automatically change all reservations that are made. Practically this means that all room reservations will be cancelled, obviously free of charge, and that you should make new reservations as soon as we can re-open the NH event tool again. WE are sorry that we cannot bring you any better news, but we do not run the hotel.

    We will announce on the WME website and on Facebook when the NH Event Tool can be used for reservations again.
  5. megroot A Fixture

    Planned my whole vacation around this big event.:):)
    But that's the way it is, and fully understand it. My respect for this deccission. I see what it does daily in my work.
    Next year then.

  6. badger Well-Known Member

    wise decision,next year will give us amateurs a better chance,ha ha. take care everyone,see you next year./badger.
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  7. Forté A Fixture

    Taken from their Facebook page and was posted yesterday:
    Dear all,

    To say that 2020 has been challenging for all of us, is quite an understatement. And even with a vaccine eminent, it is clear that the larger part of 2020 will not bring a significant relief or an end to measures such as social distancing, face masks and limitations to gatherings and large events.
    Also, the possibilities of international or intercontinental travel are still limited for longer than we would like them to be.

    A World Model Expo should be a fantastic celebration of our hobby and an international get-together for and with hobbyists from all over the world which certainly doesn’t match with all these measures

    Therefore, and with a heavy hearts, we inform you that we are unable to host the 11th World Model Expo 2021 under such circumstances and in agreement with the World Model Soldier Federation the event will, once again, be postponed, and this time to 1-2-3 July 2022.
    We are deeply sorry that we had to come to this conclusion and have to move the event once more, but we have not taken this decision lightly.

    However, it’s not all bad news as we plan to organize an SMC in October 2021 instead. More on how this works and came about can be read on the SMC website : https://www.scalemodelchallenge.com/ or the SMC Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/scalemodelchallenge

    To all the vendors that have registered for the WME: please check your emails (including the dreaded spam folder) as we sent you a newsletter via Mailchimp. You have signed up for that list, so you should have received the newsletter with more relevant information. Or go to the vendor portal (using the password we provided you for registration)
    All correspondence regarding the WME should go through the email address that is stated in previous WME correspondence. In order to lead matters in good order we want to keep communication channelled and at one point. Please do not contact us via Facebook, Messenger, other email addresses, Whats App or other sources.

    To all that have signed up for the workshops at the WME : you will receive an email shortly to brief you about the procedures. For any enquiries please use the contact form on the workshops page of the WME website or the email address of our workshop team. That way you will be certain that your message arrives at the right person.

    To all who have booked a hotel room at the NH Koningshof, which is the hotel at the venue, not the NH Collection Eindhoven City centre(!!!)…all room reservations will be cancelled by NH automatically. We apologize that there is no other way to hold on to the reservations you made, but we have to follow NH policies.
    Procedure for room reservations for the WME 2022 will be announced not before the final quarter of 2021.

    Once again, we regret to postpone the event again, but the current situation leaves us no other choice.

    We hope to see all of you at the 2022 WME and hopefully even earlier at the 14th SMC on October 16-17, 2021.
  8. Mirofsoft A Fixture

  9. Instructorrob Active Member

    As faith for the event finally happening is definitely returning, we start the road to the 11th World Model Expo with some news.

    As with every World Model Expo, there will be an auction prior to the event of figures that have been donated by a list of renowned international miniaturists to support the Expo.

    We are happy to announce that the Chicago MMSI show, held this weekend from October 22-24, at The Chicago Marriott Schaumburg, US, will host the auction for WME 2022.
    The auction will take place on Saturday 23rd, in the venues' Midway Room from 12:30 to 13:30 PM (CDT).

    The auction is open to all and of you wish to bid online or by proxy, please use the contact form on this page of the WME website: https://www.wme2020.com/auction/
    On this page you can also find the images of the donated miniatures and info about their authors.

    Please refer to the aforementioned page for information about the auction and in order to contact us about it.

    For ALL (!) other currently available information, please check the website www.wme2020.com

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  10. Instructorrob Active Member

    World Model Expo 2022 preparations are well underway, and March 1 is DDay as ticket sales will start as well the contest registration.

    You can find all (indeed ALL!) information on www.wme2020.com

    The complete workshop program will also be revealed on March 1, but please be informed about these already:

  11. Instructorrob Active Member

    And here are some more workshops of the WME 2020


    As mentioned previously; on March 1 ticket sales, contest registration start.

    Go to : www.wme2020.com for ALL information
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