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Works in progress 1/9 Joachim Piper Andrea Miniatures

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Grenh3, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. Grenh3 New Member


    Current work in progress on Andrea Miniatures 1/9 Joachim Piper bust. Painted with reaper master series. All comments suggestions welcome.
    2016-02-27 22.26.43.png 2016-02-27 22.26.02.png 2016-02-27 22.26.43.png

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  2. Martin64 A Fixture

    It might be the pictures (flashlight washes out the colors) but the transitions of the skintones look very harsh so that the face does not seem to bear a good resemblance of Peiper. This might as well be a problem of the sculpt because the version of the boxart from Andrea Miniatures does not look too similar to the character either. IMHO there is a problem around the corner of the mouth that needs to be reworked.
    I would like to see some more pictures of your work taken with different lighting - thanks for showing your results.
    Cheers, Martin
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  3. Ferris A Fixture

    Overall I find this looks rather well. Blending looks ok to me, but there is indeed something 'off' with the face. Might indeed be the sculpt, but if I may note two points in the painting:
    1. suggest to reduce the value of the shadow on the upper lip, especially towards the corners of the mouth. It is now so strong that it suggests the mouth to be slightly open. Also tone down the shade in the corners of the mouth, that will narrow the mouth.
    2. Suggest to reduce the strength and extent of the highlight of the chin. You can see in the picture Martin posted that the chin does not need the same value highlight as e.g. The bridge of the nose.
    I hope these two things help to balance the face more. I'm afraid the sculpt limits you here. Only thing you could do to change it is buy the Life Miniatures bust instead... :-(

    Anyway, overall the tones and blending is very nice. It's just tweaking them a bit.

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  4. Babelfish A Fixture

    No disrespect to your painting skills (your previous shared work shows that you more than know how to handle a paint brush) but IMO this piece bears very little resemblance to Peiper. It's fine as a generic "Waffen SS officer", but the Life Miniatures bust is the way to go if you want a more accurate likeness of the subject.

    - Steve
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  5. El Tché Well-Known Member

    Steve is right but nevertheless if you blend the harsh dark colour of the cheeks and on the temples and it should be more like PEIPER
    Always check the pictures when you paint a specific characther because the ligths fall on their face on a way or another. you see on the pic that the face of Peiper was "flat" : no shadows under the cheekbones !
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  6. Grenh3 New Member

    Thank you all for your kind words and excellent input. I've tried to implement your suggestions and here is the result.

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  7. Martin64 A Fixture

    Definitely better transitions IMHO(y). To illustrate the "problem around the nostrils and the corner of the mouth" I attached two pictures. You might notice that the distance between the facial lines of the real person are much closer on the upper lip towards the corner of the mouth than on the bust. Anyway you made a sucessfull change from the cartoonish character towards the face of a real person - great job!
    Cheers, Martin
    2016-02-28 14.40.50.png Peiper.jpg
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