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Work Area

Discussion in 'Painting Techniques' started by Keith, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. Keith New Member

    I am wondering how everyone's workspace is setup for painting, sculpting etc. I am in the process of re-jigging my room to be best organised. My only trouble being it has to fit in with lots of other stuff.

    So what are you doing? Working on the kitchen table, have a dedicated work area. Is everything to hand, stored after each sitting etc.

    Any tips on setting up and being organised appreciated.

  2. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Keith,

    My model room is a seprate room in my house, I have a 3 bedroom house all to my self so I dont have to worry about the space issue that you might have, although I am sure this will change once I get married and I am not sure how I am going to deal with that!

    I work on an old computer desk, with some shelves attached infront of it where I can put paint, reference pictures and other junk. I have 3 lighting sources, I have an overhead flouresent light bar with Sunlight 'bulbs' in it, and then I have 2 architect desk lamps, one on each side of me with 100W light bulbs in them.

    I'll attach a picture of the desk, I took it to show my photo setup some time back, so you can't see the whole thing. On the right side of me I have some pegs where I hang my dremel tool and some other things. Maybe not the best setup but it works for me :)

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  3. Hardy Guest

    Hi Keith, everyman should have Shed.....oops I mean studio. This is mine :)
  4. Hardy Guest

  5. Guy A Fixture

    Hey Hardy, your shed reminds me of mine when I lived in the Mountains of North Carolina. Your own little santuary.

    Keep posting pics of your work areas guys and I will establish an album of work areas. I went back to the thread we started last year and the pictures were gone. I'll keep them this time. If you use kitpic, I have a hard time downloading them so use the pf or photobucket to download.
  6. Hardy Guest

    Hi Guy. Its my own private heaven, fully insulated against the cold winters and biting winds of East Anglia. Because its not part of the house Im guaranteed peace and quiet, apart from the sounds of the koi carp pond bubbling beside it. :) ..............Bliss
  7. Bryon Ray New Member

    My wife gave me a closet, that way my krap was not always set up on a card table in her "ELVIS ROOM" notice the mens room sign for my krap. Now all I have to do is shut the door. Not big enough for me in there, but there is a place to hide the messed up kitchen towels.

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  8. Alex M. Active Member

    Here's my little space...crammed in with the TV to the left, bookcase to the right

  9. Guy A Fixture

    I remember those days Richard.........then I started selling some and she "allowed" me more space. Now I have a whole room, and sell very few......go-figure

    OK........I have a link at the bottom of my signiture on each posting that reads "Member's Work Area"........this is where you guys can see each other's work area into a portfolio. We are working on having a gallery here at PF but it has not been finalized as yet.
  10. Bryon Ray New Member

    Cool page Guy . Thanks
  11. Pete_H New Member

    Didn't the Unabomber live next door to you? :lol:
  12. Pete_H New Member

    Well, here's mine. It's the same picture, but the work area hasn't changed at all. Believe it or not, it is always this clean. The reason I keep it so clean is so I can find those little 1/35 or 54mm pieces that get misplaced. The actual tables are nothing more than a 6' and an 8' card table formed into an L-shape in the corner, and then covered with a cardboard sheet (why spend good $$$ on furniture when I'm going to ruin it with oils, acrylics, solvents, and magic sculp?).

    I keep my Vallejo's in the trays seen at the back of the work area categorized by color or by paint pack (WWII Allied, groundwork, WWII German camo, etc.); I also keep my oils categorized by color in the trays seen at the bottom left under the table. This helps me in picking out the appropriate color without even looking for it - just reach out or down and take it. As for the grey army, it is kept behind and to the side of this area in a walk-in closet across from the "hobby sink" - where parts get washed. There's also a computer desk directly behind the workbench for easy access to my email and forums. The library is off to the left side in a 3'-tall bokshelf. I've also got a sliding door for easy access to the patio where all spraying takes place.

    The only things that have changed from what you see in these pictures are the figures on the workbench and the print over the workbench (now it's the one seen at www.bandofbrothersprint.com). I'm thinking of adding one of those mini-refrigerators for other supplies (beer, water, etc.) but then I'd never leave the room.

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  13. Hardy Guest

    Pete :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Het Pete, can I come over and use your desk? Looks nice and cozy.
  15. Keith New Member

    nice pictures, fellas. It's great to see how you guys are dealing with things. When i get set up properly i'll post a pic of mine.

    Hardy - I see you live in East Anglia. May i ask where? I live there myself (in Ely, Cambs actually). My wife also suggested the shed to me but i want to adapt my study (converted garage) to incorporate my figures (as well as all my other stuff, computer, magazines, tv, hi-fi, cds etc).

    Pete - I'm amazed how tidy your area looks and that's exactly what i'm after. That way my wife will be able to live with it.

    Anders - You have a great (working) desktop. Looks like you keep very busy.

  16. Hardy Guest

    Hi Keith I live about 10 miles from Great Yarmouth Norfolk.
  17. Keith New Member

    So Hardy, are you a member of any clubs, or do you know of any in the region?
  18. LCoote New Member

    Gee Alex, you've got a lot of stuff going on there, where do you work :lol:
    My work area is just a desk in the corner of the sunroom.

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  19. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Guys, Here's where I do my work. I lucked out and got bedroom number four all to myself. I still need to get some art on the walls as they are quite bare. I took the pic this morning so it's a bit bright.~Gary
  20. garyjd Well-Known Member

    This is just maybe half of my reference library, The other half resides in a couple of other rooms in the house.~Gary

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