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WIP Worcester Yeomanry Cavalry 1/10th bust

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Geoff Charman, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    I have been wanting this bust for a while and finally bought it from El Greco.

    P1130068 (3).JPG

    Bust made by Dolman Miniatures and came in a nice plastic box and had very little cleaning up to do.

    So after the cleaning up, drilling holes for the mounting parts onto various size sticks and primed in Halfords White Primer I was ready for action.

    P1130071 (2).JPG

    The face as usual I started first, eyes painted in acrylics, then given a coat of acrylic gloss varnish, when dry I used Citadel Dwarf Flesh to outline the eyes followed by a coat of Vallejo Basic Skintone as a base coat.
    I shall use my usual Artist's oils to go over the skin base coat. A rough base coat of Black Artist's oils was given the the dome of the Tarleton helmet to give it a rough leather like, this is left to fully dry before touching it again.

    P1130073 (2).JPG

    The tunic lacing was next given a base coat Of Vallejo 824/128 German Cam. Orange Ochre ready for the gold colour.

    P1130072 (2).JPG

    That's it for now, more to follow

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  2. mick3272 A Fixture

    "That's it for now, more to follow."
    Whats this you on a go slow mate.
    Looking forward to this one
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  3. KenBoyle PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great start Geoff. Looks like a really nice sculpt to paint.

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  4. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    I wondered when this would make an appearance, watching with anticipation.
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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Geoff

    Good to see some busts on your bench and a dashed good choice as well...Yeomanry

    This has got lots of conversion potential as well

    Following this with interest

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  6. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    I am Mick, only do painting in the morning this weather before the sun starts coming in my west facing Hanger window.

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  7. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    Thanks Ken, he is nice and smooth which helps me.

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  8. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    Thanks Bob, I noticed someone had posted it but didn't have any intention of painting it, simply don't know why as it is a lovely bust.
    It might take a little while as I shall be receiving some 1/35th figures to make and paint as a commission from a guy at the Tank Museum next week so they will come first.

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  9. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    Thanks Nap, he is nice, also have the NSW Lancer as well to do.
    Don't know about conversions as I don't have a Jim to guide me.

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  10. Nap A Fixture

    I have the 1/16th NSW very nice .......

    You don't want to be guided by Jimbo ...you'll have legs everywhere !

    Looking forward to more on this

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  11. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    A bit more progress this morning before the British Super Bikes at Brands Hatch and the German Grand Prix on the box.

    Painted the shadow on the upper surfaces of the creases of the tunic using Vallejo 859/035 Black Red, then used 957/031 Flat Red carefully over the main tunic surface as a base colour.
    Used 862/168 Black Grey for the collar, epaulettes and cuffs. I also thinned this paint right down to use as a wash for the helmet Lambswool Crest and the feathered side plume.

    P1130074 (2).JPG

    Some areas of the lacing need a bit of touching up but this will be done once I have finished with my various wash coats of red shades.

  12. Tommy Atkins Well-Known Member

    Hi Geoff. I have this one too and am interested to see what you do with it. Looking good so far! Incidentally there is a re-enactment group for this particular regiment on tinternet which may help you with some good references. Regards Pete
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  13. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    Thanks Tommy, yes I have seen a few of their pics on Google, they certainly are a help.

  14. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Very colouful.

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  15. mick3272 A Fixture

    He Looks very nice so far.
    I know I am wrong but I always had it in my head
    he wore a Blue Tunic. Don't know why pleased you did it first
    or mine would be wrong.
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  16. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys

    Thought I would post these from the reenactors site


    Quite fancy changing the headdress to the "muffin" cap ....really tempted on this one ...Mmmmmm

    Anyway here's the pics

    image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png

    This is a great booklet on the Regt and a great series if Yeomanry is your interest


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  17. phil_h A Fixture

    Lovely work so far; looking forward to seeing more (y)
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  18. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    Thanks Guys and Nap for the uniform Pics.

  19. Nap A Fixture


    No worries Geoff ....I surrendered and ordered this bust from El Greco ....it's all your fault !

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