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Wladimir Semjonowisch Wyssotskij

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Martin Rohmann, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Dear Planeteers,

    A riding messenger on a yellow foaming horse that could barely stand on its feet brought me a packet one hour ago!


    In the luggage a laser-cut wooden box came to the fore and inside it THE BUST OF MY FOVOURITE SINGER WLADIMIR WYSSOTSKIJ !!!


    Packed in individual transparent pouches and with lots of foam, the very clean casted items presented themselves ...:



    Hurraaah - finally I have got him !!!

    Wladimir Wyssotskij - who is that anyway?

    Here's his history...:

    The Summer Wyssotskij died...

    On July 25, 1980, the Soviet singer, songwriter, poet, and actor Vladimir Semyonovich Wyssotskij died of heart failure in his Moscow apartment at the age of only 42.


    While Wyssotskij, who was born in 1938, is almost unknown in the West, he was the idol of his generation in the Soviet Union!

    Wyssotskij lived a life in the musty seventies of the Soviet Union, reminiscent of Western rock stars with his drug and alcohol excesses.


    Secretary-General Leonid Brezhnev ruled the country at that time. Those who rebelled against the Communists were sent to prison or psychiatry.

    From the beginning, the rebellious artist was a thorn in the side of the rulers. Wyssotskij wore jeans, loved beautiful cars and married - but that was a tremendous provocation for the Red Tsars in the Kremlin! - a woman from capitalist France, the actress Marina Vlady ...:


    Marina Vlady wrote about her husband's alcohol addiction:

    "After two days of drunkenness, your body is nothing more than a flabby sack, your voice a shapeless croak, your clothes a heap of rags, your terrible second self gains the upper hand."

    Between delirium and creative crisis but the multi-talent Wyssotskij was immensely productive. He wrote poems and more than 600 songs and ballads, he was a celebrated film and theater actor (inter alia as "Hamlet").


    In his songs, the charismatic singer with the distinctive bass voice picked up topics that were taboo in the Soviet Union.


    He sang of alcoholism and prostitution, of anti-Semitism and crimes - all phenomena that, according to official interpretation, did not exist in the best of all socialist worlds.


    WhenWyssotskij joked in his song "Morning Gymnastics" about the daily, in factories and offices prescribed and distributed over the radio instructions for physical training, everyone understood what was meant:

    Meaningless uniform rituals.

    Wyssotskij criticized the ubiquitous uniformity imposed by the Communist Party on its subjects. That's why the state hated the songwriter! His music was not allowed to be played on the radio.


    But the people loved Wyssotskij!

    Under the hand, noisy tape recordings of his concerts were passed on millions of times.

    In one of his songs it says:

    "We're just dolls, we're dressed in silly models without blood and skin, we have heads, but our brains are made of cotton."

    Here's one of his songs - live performed...:


    When Wyssotskij died of heart failure at his home in Moscow in July 1980 during the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow, the Soviet media kept silent about his death.

    Nevertheless, more than 100,000 people gather on the streets of Moscow for the funeral.



    Their grief was also a political demonstration. It was the largest non-state organized demonstration in the Soviet Union!


    For many people, the summer of 1980 is still "the summer in which Wyssotskij died ..."

    Even for me!


    Thank you so much, Roman!



    The Bust:

    Legion Miniatures
    Scale 1:9
    Sculptor: Aleksandr Bodunov

    Contact to Roman Vetrov, the owner of "legion Miniatures" here on planetfigure:
    PM to "romariogandalf" (Romans Usernick).
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  2. gazer Member


    Wyssotskij is relatively known in my country, as many of the former USSR-born Israelis came to Israel in the early 1990's. A famous belarussian-born Israeli, Arkadi Duchin, recorded in 1989 a very powerful record with Wyssotskij's poemsqsongs translated to Hebrew. The Hebrew version of
    Дурачина became an instant hit!

    I am looking forward to see your work on this bust.


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  3. Warren SMITH PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very interesting, looking forward to seeing this painted..(y)
  4. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Sometimes I think here in Germany I am the only one who knows him...


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