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WIP: 1/4 Meiya Mitsurugi

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by khorgor, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. khorgor Member

    Here is the start of my first WIP.

    I hope to keep this pretty updated and show the building of a garage kit from start to finish

    So here is the start:

    The parts!
    I've started the clean up process on some parts and have done some pinning.

    Hopefully this weekend I will get the time to grab the power drill and do some holes for where I'll be using copper piping to hold the model together.

    As you can see from the ruler, this thing is huge and will be a interesting experience to work on :)

    #edit# as some of you will spot, the chest region is kinda naughty. But don't panic. That will be sanded back and made more appropriate. Next weekend I will be attending a sculpting workshop and will work back the breasts and also putty up the back and sculpt the kit some proper pants :-D
  2. Guy A Fixture

    That is a big kit. I look forward to see how this develops and your construction and painting of the figure. In this case.....naughty is nice...:D
  3. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi Scott,

    Nice looking figure mate. I hope to see it next Tuesday night. There's nothing wrong with a well developed chest mate!!!
  4. khorgor Member

    To be honest, the whole naughty issue with the big chest and g-string is well...I don't like it

    I've never liked fan service (the term used for a anime that has coopious amounts of cleavage and panty shots)

    So I bought this kit with the plan to resculpt it in a few places to make it more viewable.

    Anyways, this is probably my entry for next wasmex, so it really needs to be toned down on the naughty.

    Thankyou very much for the comments. next update will be after cleaning and pinning
  5. rej Well-Known Member

    What??? BREAST reduction??? My goodness WHY are you depriving us from feasting our naughty eyes :eek:????

    Joking apart, this will be interesting to follow as I'm sure it will be an outstanding piece, so good luck with the project...........hey, you're gonna feel the remorse asa you start the toning down of those breasts :D :p

    Take care,

    Ray ;)
  6. khorgor Member

    Regarding the whole breast issue. I just did the claculations. If this kit is really a true 1/4 representation, then the breast is acutally a proper size (as on the kit its 1 inch in diameter and about half an inch or so high)

    So I might not actually sand it back.

    However, what you probably cant see in my photo is the #coughnipplecough#
    Which is just plain WRONG.
    So that will be filed off. But the original breast size won't be tempered with :)

    Thanks for all the feedback. Feel good that you saved Meiya from dropping a cup size :-D
  7. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi again Scott,

    The rules of WASMEx state that any models entered and put on public display must be in "good taste", and it is up to the Chief Judge to determine what is acceptable and what is not, in consultation with the Organising Committee.

    Your figure, as it comes in the box, may or may not be acceptable. Some people in our community do have very strong views on these matters and we the Organisers do have a moral and legal responsibility when it comes to exposing children to potentially offensive and sexist images and representations of women at model shows.

    Personally I don't have a problem with this particular type of subject, or the Andrea girls, but I've never been Politically Correct and never will be.

    If you're planning to convert the figure to enter it into WASMEx, then I think you've got the right idea Scott.
  8. megroot A Fixture

    Topless on the beach or on the contest table's. What's the difference.
    The kids know's more then we thought about.

    In my opinion it can on the contestable. See no reason why not. But like Tony i'm not always correct when it come's to breast's. :D:D:D
    I think this bust is a "good taste" and i want to talk to the judge who say it is not a good taste :D

  9. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    hmmm, shapely ladies...

    I have a thread on the vBench regarding the china lady bust, with a rather nice bust.

    Heres the human oddity of it all.
    paint a lady minus clothes on canvas, its art.

    same lady carved in marble, cast in bronze, its still art.

    reduce in size, cast in resin, its a kit.

    depending on how I paint it, it may be art, an appreciation of the female form I may have to hide from kids and my mum, or I may be beaten to death with it at an expo?


    Its kinda like the American movie phenomena; you can cut a booby off, but not kiss it. Weird.

    Having gone on that rant in e minor, I recognise that people have a right, and a responsibility, to choose what may be appropriate for immature people.

    Please note, immature doesn't always equate to 'young' person, although the two are closely related.

    Agreed, however, the super sizing of breasts, tight knickers in super small dental floss size, etc, may be fantasy, but is edging towrad the extreme.

    Now to cop flak in a few months when I start working on my figure of Mirei san. at least she looks like within specs for a lady....

    PS looking forward to your work on the kit....wear a helmet at WASmex, perhaps?
  10. dannyk01 New Member

    Hey there scotty, you have given me a deja vu seeing that. I have seen another person with something very similar to this. Only difference is she was a Japenese "geisha" type looking character and was of course sculpted in the manga way. Personally, it is still ironic when you paint a resin kit which resembles a women and it offends people. Breasts where designed to feed babies when they come out of a mothers womb and thats the only purpose. That is what the problem about society is, we find breasts to be erotic and people believe they should not be shown to childeren because they take that to offence for some reason *sigh*

  11. khorgor Member

    update #2 - Warning - NSFW

    So updates. Warning - photos below may be unsuitable for work viewing and some people may find them offensive.

    Throughout the week I glued the arms and legs to the body and puttied up the gaps left.

    Today I had a sculpting workshop with HMFS and got to work sculpting up the breasts and backside as discussed.

    Photo time!

    General putty work

    Meiya's hari constructed, puttied and undercoated ready to go.

    [IMG] [IMG]
    Before and after back side

    [IMG] [IMG]
    before and after breasts

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