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Review Wilhelm Ernst von Sachsen Weimar - Latest from UP Miniaturien

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi to one and all on PF ,

    I have recently had the opportunity to get a couple of new busts from Ulrich at UP Miniaturen , both from the Imperial German era/WW1 period the 1st was Wilhelm Ernst Von Sachsen Weinmar and the 2nd ........

    .......well you will have to wait for my review in a couple of weeks once I have got all soted out from my house move!!!..lets just say you will like what you "sea" :) (play on words there!!!)

    Lets have a little bit of information about the subject of the bust namely Ernst v Sachsen (Saxe) Weimar .

    Wilhelm Ernst was born in Weimar, Großherzogtum Saxony-Weimar-Eisenachthe on the 10/06/1876 and was the eldest son of Karl August and Princess Pauline. He succeeded his grandfather Karl Alexander who happened to outlive Wilhelm's father. Wilhelm Ernst was very unpopular in Weimar and following his abdication at War's end, fled to Heinrichau in Silesia where he died on 24/4/1923.

    He married on 30 April 1903 Princess Caroline (1884-1905). then 5 years later he married again on 21 January 1910 Meiningen Feodora (1890-1972)Princess von Sachsen-Meiningen.

    Caroline died by suicide after only 2 years of a sad and childless marriage, it is considerd by some that the duke drove his wife to this tragic end.

    The Grand Duke was almost hated in the royal courts and was considerd a "sadist" by some , the Countess van de Poll (lady in waiting of queen Emma) states the following "the grandduke is a little, ugly and noisy man" , he was also called the "most unpopular prince in all Germany by many others.

    Continued in next post:


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  2. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys ,
    Onto the best bits now the model itself :

    The subject is : Wilhelm Ernst von Sachsen Weimar

    Scale : 1:10th

    Material : Resin

    Reference Number : 0025

    Sculptor; Ulrich Puchala

    Casting: Yanis Sagiadinos

    As usual it was received quickly in the now distinctive blue box which has a picture of an unpainted model on the front.

    On opening the box I found the contents (less base being secured in a clear bag surrounded by foam chippings , also included is a full colour information sheet in both German and English.

    The model consists of 5 pieces cast in a gray resin, these being the torso , the head , the helmet plume ,the pouch and a base as usual this in the shape of the Iron Cross.

    Continued in next post:


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  3. Nap Moderator

    Looking first at the Torso :

    Ulrich has sculpted Ernst wearing the distinctive cornflower blue regmental uniform of the 2nd Cuirassier Regt .

    He is wearing many decorations , both medals (Prussian Order of the Crown with blue ribbon, Prussian 1897 Centenary medal (yellow ribbon) and unidentified medal with a red ribbon) and stars of the House Order of Saxe Ernestine , shown at the top of picture (on the right side on the model) and the Order of the White Falcon (on the left as you look at the bust) together with the Red and green sash of the Grand Cross of Saxe Ernestine going over his right shoulder(shown in picture)

    He has the very distinctive pouch belt with clearly sculpted buckles and of course the arms of Saxony on the front , and the epaulettes of a general of Cavalry.

    Detailing on all of the decorations is very good indeed , all of which will make painting them accurately a lot easier ., the pouch belt has the arms of Saxony on it , agin good definition , lacework around the collar and down the front of the uniform is again well defined and sharp.

    The sash has been really well done with a soft movement in it , a good chance to try out your paintiing techniques to replicate this .

    The left arm is cut halfway allowing detail of the sash and girdle(waist belt) to be seen , the other arn is cut higher and at a rather strange angle IMO , personally I would have preferred it differently but looking at the way the torso itself is angled with the right shoulder raised it looks ok , I would be interested in seeing possibly a picture refrence for this postion

    The uniform coat itself is full of well done folds , not overworked and all in the right position for the pose of the bust .

    There are some fine casting lines to clean up , easily done as normal. but none are on any of the fine details so carefully sculpted and well cast .

    Continued in next post:


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  4. Nap Moderator

    Lets look at the crowning glory now ..the head with helmet and plume :

    The helmet is the very distinctive "Lobster tail" style with the strap being held up on the front of the helmet , detailsing is as expected good , nice rivet definyion and the design on the top is also well done , there is however a casting plug to remove from the back and a tiny mould line from the "tail" , the helmet plate is another nce area , undercutting is good as well , particularly above the ears and at the base of the helmet .

    The helmet strap has well detailed pieces on it , all of which can be brought out further by careful washes . , the helmet bosses will also benefit from this as well .

    Facial features look good and like the references , he has the "haughty" moustache immaculately turned up at the ends , eye details are good , be careful here when painting as they are close to the helmet peak , I suggest using some childrens "silly putty" (this comes off easily) to cover the eyes whilst you do the metallics on the helmet .

    The plume which has the spike also cast into it , is a cracking piece of both sculpting and casting , a minute amount prep is needed on the lower edges and on plume (small casting remnants), fit is perfect when done , obviously this will be painted separately and then carefully attached ...creating a very impressive headdress (The plumes/feathers were combed out to allow to "whirl" about in even the slightest breeze)

    The picture shows a reserve officers helmet but gives you an idea of the quality and materials in addition to the shape .

    The separate picture shows a helmt plate which should replace the one shown.

    Continued in next post:


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  5. Nap Moderator

    Lets have a look now at the final pieces , the pouch and the base :

    The pouch is another little gem 0f sculpting , wonderfully done with the embossdd decorations , there is a casing plug to remove from the top (again easily done by using a knife and sanding blocks) , there are 2 lugs on the rear which allows for a perfect fit to the rear of the bust between the belt itself .

    The base is in keeping with the rest of the range in the shape of an Iron Cross , , a small amount of prep is needed to clean the edges up , fitting of the actual pedastal is really good , my suggestion is to pin this as well .

    Continued in next post:


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  6. megroot A Fixture

    Great bust. Thanks for the revieuw.
    When looking at WW 1 movies you always see the high society with these giant plume's at the pickelhaube.
    This bust do justice.

  7. Nap Moderator

    My Final thoughts on this release:

    I do like the subject , and all the fine details that have been both sculpted and cast , I am not keen on the arm poition but this is my opinion , there is a bit of prep to do so be careful with that knife especially on the helmet .

    When painted you will have had hours of enjoyment and a great display model for the cabinet ...another one from UP that I have no hesitation to advise you to get this bust ...100% value for your hard earned money

    UP miniatures contact details : www.puchala-figuren.de or up-miniaturen@t-online.de

    Price of 35 euro's plus shipping, you are guarenteed an excellent service from UP

    or from Historex Agents in the UK www.historexagents.com

    Very highly recommended , and another interesting subject to review.

    Some references for you :

    Osprey Elite 97 The Kaisers Warlords Plate A3 (and cover) - Full colour picture by Patrice Courcelle

    Imperial German Army from the Uniformology series

    Cuirassiers and Heavy Cavalry of the German Imperial Army -Al mark publishing (OOP but sometimes on e bay!!)

    WW1 German Army -Brasseys History of Uniforms

    Finally lets have some pictures of the Review model made up for you to enjoy


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  8. Filipe Well-Known Member


    As always, a very good review. And, as aways, your pieces arrive before mine. Damm the Atlantic Ocean. :whistle:

    As the v. Zeppelin bust, i´ve also made the historic research for this bust (and for the surprise that people will "sea"). It was a pleasure to do so.

    You mentioned the distinctive cornflower uniform; in this case, the special tone are the black and gold details. Michael Miniatures have a bust of the 1st Saxon Cuirassier Rgt (with white and blue details, and the beautiful lion crest on the pickelhaube), so, the modeller can have both uniforms. :)

    I recognize the references you posted. :lol:

    All the best

    Ps: Got my email last week, with my promisses attached?
  9. amcairns A Fixture

    Nice sculpting,it has depth.
    Alles gute
  10. Nap Moderator

    Hi Filipe ,
    Now come on why let a little lake cause any problems ..move to the UK or Germany !!!o_O

    As always the research you do for Ulrich is 1st class and of course you are right about the MM piece of the 1st regt and for the colour ref , and the regimental colour on the collar and cuffs of black with gold lacing for the 2nd .

    I actually had all the references books etc in front of me after unpacking several boxes and then looked at what you sent me :eek:

    Anyway I enjoyed the review and now my time is running out ..3 days till I loose the internet before we move ...a max of 2 weeks after that to get it back :( but before that my workbench is being put up(y)......... if Carole allows !!!

  11. gordy Well-Known Member

    Very nice review Kevin, thank you. (y)

    I really appreciate the sourced photos that will surely aid painters, above and beyond!
  12. rheath Active Member

    Nice review as always m8 - I ;m liking these UP Mins very much and REALY want the Hartman pilot duo. Thanks old friend.(y)
  13. combatartist Active Member

    The research on this wonderful bust is terrific. I wish I had as much reference provided to me when I get a book illustration commission. Great piece and I'm sure it will be a show stopper. I hope I will get to the level to justify buying this kit oneday, but the Planet Workshop taught me to be realistic in my expectations of my abilities, practice, then practice some more, and then buy kits that I won't botch up.
  14. Jazz A Fixture

    Marvelous review again Kev. This bust really is up my street. (y)

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