Who are the Top Artists today?

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by ghamilt1, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. ghamilt1 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hello all;

    I was spending some quality time at work (#yourtaxdollarsatwork) going over some examples of figure painting done by the classic painters that inspired me when I was younger and just starting out. I think I may have even seen a post many years ago discussing those pioneers of the hobby.

    This got me to thinking who do you think are the new "Masters"? So I thought I would pose the question here and see what the weight of opinion is. Who do you think are the artists who will be inspiring new painters? Don't feel restricted by genres or painting medium preference (Oils vs Acrylics for example). Those are debates for another time and place. I welcome your opinions and additions here, feel free to drop a picture of their work into your reply as well. Let the games begin.

    I'll start by nominating one painter whose work I have had the privilege of seeing in person at the last World Expo, and another whose work I have admired from afar.

    Kirill Kanaev
    Kirill Kanaev.jpg ....and

    Sergey Popovichenko
    Sergei Popevenchko.jpg
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  2. megroot PlanetFigure Supporter

    Today for me is one off the greatest artist Michael Kontraros.
    Great inspiration for eather what kind of figures.
    01__sized.jpg 14624643_1846914972198345_2194315159646765056_n.jpg dsc_0412__sized_l.jpg Elf dragon Prince-900x900.jpg

    I will admire Ivo Preda for his awesome creations with Napoleontic figures.
    1ba55f72fe128edc5c50d9ab45dae2e6--napoleonic-wars-figure-painting.jpg 470472fe4a17879393d5240abeca5f52--toy-soldiers-napoleonic-wars.jpg

    And can't get enough from the painters of the St Petersburg school, like Olga Kroptova etc.
    4d7ce7fd57d6d230b75cc3ab35408702--medieval.jpg 16th+Cent+Italian+Knight+-+Olga+Kropotova.jpg

  3. Tommi A Fixture

    All of the above for sure and so many more as the standard of painting has come along way the past few years, I always like the work of Brian Snaddon, David Mitchell, Alex Long etc, to many to mention really

  4. Helm A Fixture

    I would add yourself, Carl Barton, Gells and Del to that list Oh Rog billy turnip too and Smudge etc etc
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  5. santi fernandez Active Member

    mates...the spanish school,Gerard Rubio,Jaume Ortiz,Juanma Vergara;)
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  6. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter

    I would add Mike Butler (Mike the Kiwi) for his outstanding detail and realism on his WW1 figures.

  7. John Bowery PlanetFigure Supporter

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  8. Maybe biased but I have never ever seen a more constant sculptor than Maurice Corry, the man is at times put down, some justifed, he doesn't show himself often but as a constant the man is World class IMHO. He will never be recognised US side as his face doesn't fit, but he is worthy of Grand Master. Carl Reid of course is another who constantly produces world class pieces and professional all the way.
    If we are talking painting alone then the above post names fit, but a figure has to start somewhere
    Best wishes
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  9. And MJ and DG Artwork, another 2 humble guys that do everything themselves
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  10. ghamilt1 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Not only top quality artists, but top quality humans as well. Will always remember how these gents "adopted" a lone Canadian and made me feel welcome in their country and modelling community. Special shout out to Derek DEL Bell as well.
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  11. ghamilt1 PlanetFigure Supporter

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  12. Blind Pew A Fixture

    What a thought-provoking thread. Yury Serebryakov and Anton Meseguer are favourites at the moment.

    But never forget Carl Ried and Moz Corry - who've been doing it for decades.

    Tommi is right, there's almost too many to mention
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  13. Forté Active Member

    There's so many skilled painters out there but here's a few I hold highly:

    Roman Lappat. Absolutely love his creative work.

    Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee). I know many who won't agree but the way he uses an illustration style and art knowledge cannot be ignored.

    Kirill Kaneav. The man is a machine of pure quality. His control of paint is increadible.

    Dmitry Fesechko. Another creative type who has some great views about how to grow as an artist rather than just being a painter.

    Pepa Saavedra. Impossible to ignore how well she uses the airbrush to such a great effect and finish.

    There's so many and they're all different.
    Sergey Popovichenko.
    Mike Blank.
    Oliver Spath (Honourguard).
    Alexandre Bonastre.
    Chris Clayton.
    Olga Zernia.
    Sang-Eon Lee.

    And sculptors like:
    Patrick Masson,
    Raul Latorre,
    Lucas Pina,
    Pedro Fernandez,
    Raffaele Picca,
    Romain Van Den Bogaert,
    Adriano Laruccia,
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  14. kevininpdx Active Member

    I like Diego Ruina.
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  15. TERRYSOMME1916 Well-Known Member

    Everyone mentioned in this thread deserves to be there plus so many others who continually push the boundaries of sculpting and painting to feed us with inspiration and supply us with the figures and busts that we love to paint, each and every day someone posts their skillful work on PF and other forums, our jaws drop and eyes pop to the thoughts of how the hell did they do that, what a wonderful hobby with a healthy future.
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  16. tomifune A Fixture

    Jason Green
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  17. ghamilt1 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I'll keep the ball rolling by mentioning recently named World Master and Maestro of the flat figure, Rick Taylor. Especially nice because I get to meet with him for coffee every so often and pick his brain for ideas. Plus he makes really nice bases too!
    rick taylor.jpg
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  18. badger Well-Known Member

    sandy Lawson from Dundee model club, does fantastic work.
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  19. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    peinture fine.jpg All is relative in the world
    This one is classified by the seller as " peinture fine "
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  20. jai A Fixture

    Difficult to say
    the first two names for painting and sculpture that come to my mind are:

    -Olga Zernina

    -Maurizio Bruno
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