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which shade to choose

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by Alexandre, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. Alexandre Active Member

    good evening, I would need your opinion to know what base color I must use to paint (in oil) but 3 wolves that I would like to different and look like the photo?

    I miss a bit even if I have the habit of painting realized wolves and a 1st for me.
    Thank you for your advice

    3e31c280487c91b44d3d1adb5b03df12.jpg 470de9d5d0d7d7abcd534d3da9ba6f48.jpg 625a749c94a3815f0b6f40237f91d9c6.jpg 118481993_10220186853435209_7952957728328357515_o.jpg
  2. grasshopper A Fixture

    Grey is most common..with three, maybe distinguish one as lead by lightening more than the other two..I’ve been fortunate to have encountered wolves in the wild several times..always grey..and never cartoonish ala “the Grey” film..I believe there is occasionally some interbreeding with dogs that have gone feral and become part of packs..maybe giving other colours..or it’s regional..speaking from mountains of western Canada..grey
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  3. NeilW A Fixture

    Hmnnn... interesting topic (reminds me of reading White Fang as a kid).

    So off to Google.... first searched 'wolves colours' found the likes of this :(

    But some refinement found loads and loads of material. Useful stuff includes:

    World species showing body/colouration variations (assume your doing grey/timber wolves?)

    Excellent discussion from Wiki showing all 38 subspecies.

    More grey/timber wolf colour variations

    And another useful item ref colour variations

    Accepting Grasshopper's point that most 'grey wolves' are, well, grey (but with many subtle variations), but that other colours exist, and that packs are generally related family groups, I wondered whether individuals within packs can have colour variations....

    This shows that the answer is 'yes'
    And a photo to prove it (the Gibbons pack of Yellowstone):

    This is a site about drawing wolves but will certainly help you ref modelling them (especially the last section on fur/colours)

    eg: this is how a wolf's fur lies:
    W2.JPG W3.JPG W4.JPG

    Not specifically about base coats, but I hope this helps,

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  4. Alexandre Active Member

    Thank you very much I have a lot more precision now and I will follow the example given in your link
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  5. Reborn New Member


    nice wolves, where are they from?

    Would like to have them too! :)

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