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Whats in your Paint Box?

Discussion in 'Painting Techniques' started by Mike McGregor, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Mike McGregor Member


    I was curious to know what colours everyone would consider "must haves" at they're desposal...

    I ask because I find myself having to make trips to the art store on a regular basis to pick a tube or two... right now I'm buyin mostly W&N Artist's Oil colours and some Rembrant colours. I find the Winton range a bit lacking when it comes to coverage...

    I haven't used my lamp black since i picked up mars balck and sepia, I really like my Yellow Ochre Pale, Naples Yellow, Davy's Grey, and Cadmium Red. I think I could use more blues (I have French Ultra Marine and Prussian), and I don't seem to have any greens or oranges...

  2. KeithP Active Member

    My recommendation would be for you to look at Einion's basic article here:

    This really began to simplify my pallet after reading this info. I also bought Blue and Yellow Dont Make Green by Wilcox that Einion refers to as well.

    I have found myself concentrating on a few key high quality pigments now.

    Good Luck.

  3. Lou Masses Member

    I found myself collecting paint inadvertantly over the years. Buying every color I saw. I now have a Sear Craftsman rolling workbench with 6 drawers full of paint of one type of another.

    THerefore I am in no position to recommend anything about simplifying the painter's box! :(

    However that said, I do use very few colors-
    All of the W&N Mars colors in the range (or that were in the range)
    Sepia, titanium white, zinc white, Flesh Ochre by Mussini, raw Umber and all of the Cadmiums.
  4. PJ Deluhery Active Member

    I'm with Lou - I collect oil and acrylic paints, brushes, glues, tools and figure kits. Occasionally they come together in the form of a finished product. I take it very personally if there's a color or tool I don't have!

    I "need" all these colors because I work at night and I'm constantly tortured by the thought that I will need a color at 3AM and not be able to find it or mix it right then.

    I think the "simplified pallette" was a good idea when artists had to mix all their own paints by hand - or hire assistants to do it. But now, hell, anything you want is an 800# phone call away. Now I think in terms of "How can I use this color I've had for three years and never opened??" So, buy it all and stay focused on the creativity. ;)

    As to Winton colors, I was told a long time ago that these are "student" colors and do not measure up in quality to the "artist" line. The pigments are not as fine as in the artist line. In my experience this is somewhat true, but I have used them with satisfying resluts.

    I have been buying the Gamblin line in the last few years, and I have been very satisfied with their ability to dry flat in the crock pot. I wait until Dick Blick puts them on sale and then order them by the case!!

    Tell me, Doctor, is there anything wrong with me? :eek:

    Happy Painitng.
  5. KeithP Active Member

    I guess I learned my lesson after checking on the pigment of mars yellow, gold ochre and something else (yellow ochre???) and found they all had the same exact same pigment.


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