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What happened after Kirin company shut down

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by bigtodd, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. bigtodd PlanetFigure Supporter

    Does anyone know the story behind Kirin shutting down?
    What happened to the original masters that were created for Kirin after they shut down?

  2. 1969 A Fixture

    Mike Good might be able to shed some light on that for you, he did work for them.

  3. Pilgrim_uk Active Member

    Did the Kirin Stuff go to Legend or was it the same company?
  4. bonehead A Fixture

    When Kirin went, most all the masters were sucked into the inescapable vortex of an all consuming black hole. Most people do not know that there were probably dozens of masters that were never produced as kits. I sculpted stuff for them that has never seen the light of day and even I do not remember what they looked like. All that stuff was shipped to Hong Kong and was never seen or heard from again. It is gone, finito, done, over, kaput, dead in the water. The Kirin stuff went nowhere. And the owner of Kirin instead concentrated on Dragon (DML) models. It seems his energies were better served there as Dragon seems to be a success.....
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  5. Blind Pew A Fixture

    A crying shame.
    I don't like this.
  6. kaz6120 A Fixture

    That's what I wanted to know, thanks for the info Mike.
    That's a sad story, still lots of people will be happy with Kirin kits and I'm one of them. They should have sold to someone who can reproduce them.
    At least I prefer Kirin kits to Dragon ones...
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  7. tonydawe A Fixture

    Our very own Ben Flood (aka Figure Lover, picked up a mint condition Kirin Highlander at the WASMEx swap and sell last Sunday for $30.

    Not a recast but an original. What a frickin jammy bastard!
  8. Pilgrim_uk Active Member

    So in somebodies store is a box of masters waiting to be found. :D

    Just thinking of the positives.
  9. bigtodd PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks for the info Mike. :)

    Ooh sounds like a made for TV movie. Maybe we could George Clooney to play the roll of the talented modeler (me, or insert your name here) in harrowing and comical adventure in the search of "The of lost masters."

    We would see the talented sculptor (Mike Good) played by Brad Pitt weaving the tale of the glorious pieces that were never seen. How he was in a trance and these were the greatest ones he had ever sculpted. They were made as if he was in a trance, guided by an outside alien force. So much so he claims he only see these as blurry images in his dreams. Dreams that haunt him, as he struggles to continue sculpting to this day.

    Don't forget the plucky little side kick (insert your name) played by Matt Damon that helps/complicates along the way to discovery!

    OMG!!! I smell blockbuster! I think I may have to go to kickstarter and get this movie funded. :woot::woot:

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  10. Martin64 A Fixture


    :D Cheers, Martin
  11. Pilgrim_uk Active Member

    Or the end of raiders of the lost ark when the guy is taking the crate into the deepest darkest depths of the warehouse.

  12. chippy Well-Known Member

    I know Jaguaur Models bought a few of the figures as I bought one from a while back , one I had been to tracking down for a long time . The quality was nothing like the old Kirin and to be honest it's so poor I haven't had the enthusiasm to build it .
  13. MrBMB A Fixture

    Same as Warriors 200mm Germans
    Great kits but very very hard to find these days
    And don't get me started with Johns S&T 1/16 Germans great figures , if S&T has gone for good I wish John could get the masters and give them to another company ......... Alpine maybe
    Wish John Rosengrant would sculpt some more 200mm Germans
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  14. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    They were stocked in Warehouse 13 .
  15. Fokionas Well-Known Member

    The 2oomm kirin figures( Copies )can be found on Ebay.Not all of these are good so you need to be sure about the quality of them before ordering.Even as copies they are still expensive.
    I managed to get the German Parachutist and the MG 42 Gunner at a very high quality.
    If anyone is interested I can find some of them even in metal(......).
    I ve built a lot of Warriors's 200mm range figures and I still have a lot in my drawers............

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