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What figure in your grey army scares you?

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Mariner, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. theBaron A Fixture

    The resin anime figure kits. My skills are not up to painting them yet. But I realize, I have to tackle them and not let it bother me, it will be good to stretch my skills.

  2. ometz Well-Known Member

    In my grey army I am most afraid of Highland tartans and my White Models mounted figure of Lasalle.
  3. teacher23 New Member

    I have been hunting for a Ray Lamb standing Taisho samurai figure for over 10 years. Does any one out there know of one for sale... any condition considered.
  4. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Ah . . . what was it that President Franklin D. Roosevelt said?
    Sumpin' like "There is nothing to fear by fear, itself". Oh Ma'Gosh,
    I don't think so . . . For me the biggest fear with figure modeling
    is doing an equestrian figure; as I'm doing two figures. . . the rider,
    of course, and then the horse as well. . . and all the attendant bags,
    pouches, straps and the saddle and bridle . . . and remembering
    the effects of gravity on all those hanging things. It causes me to
    think . . .and then say to ma'seff. . . why are you punishing yourself
    in this way. . . life is too short. . . . and then sumpin' tells me to stay
    with it. . . and OhMa'Gosh. . . when it is completed? Wall. . . I am
    completely surprised and feel that I've improved and learned a great
    deal from all the challenges of this kind of equestrian figure. Sigh

    Oh well, that is my chicken hearted take on this original queery.

    Good question, . . . . Rock Chalk, Jayhawker . . . Mizzou? Why
    did you do it???? Oh my gosh. . . I just posted one comment over
    two thousand. . .
  5. Wlas Member

    ....and I thought I was the only chicken here......
  6. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    There seems to be a trait amongst us (of which I am very guilty) is that once we see a beautifully painted version of some figure we have in the grey army it sorta moves that one down or off the list, to be revisited at a later date. Some of the stunning work we regularly see on here inspires me to finish what I would currently be working on, as well as that constant need to improve. What a hobby eh?
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  7. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    The Ray Lamb Taisho does crop up on ebay fairly regularly and recently auction prices do seem to have fallen particularly if you're prepared to deal with a part assembled/painted example.

  8. Grod A Fixture

    An interesting dilemma Mary.
    I have a couple of sets which I always bottle out on including verlindens 120mm war elephant diorama and an old 80mm scale Royal Horse Artillery gun team with mounted officer which I think was by AQM.

    My Ray Lamb Taisho - I have had him in my GA for 35 years but there were casting problems on the back of the helmet and I did not have the skills or materials to fix him back then. Now I don't care enough.


    I started my Lasalle but didn't get far. Great figure though. I will put him back on the conveyor belt at some point.

  11. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    The casting problem Colin refers to was a common one which afflicted this figure when it was re-engineered and issued under the Caldercraft label. Basically it was believed the original figure was too difficult to assemble and so changes were made to the kit to make it easier. These changes did affect some of the detail.
    If possible it would be better to obtain the version released originally by Hinchliffe before the kit was amended around 1978. It is possible to tell the difference not only by the box label but also in the original the arms and legs are in two halves. If Skytrex were ever to reissue the kit (dream on!) it would be adviseable to replace the Ray Lamb helmet with the one from the mounted version of the figure sculpted by Paul Knight.

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  12. Helm A Fixture

    Weird they thought it was difficult to assemble I haven't had that problem.... painting yes but assembly nope
  13. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    I think it was based on customer reaction. Back in 1973 the figure was such a leap forward in large scale figure manufacture that many people got out of their depth with it. It was also bought by a lot of people for whom this was their first effort. Back then a lot of shops stocked Hinchliffe Models but didn't have the expertise to advise or support customers. I remember the first time I bought the kit it was from a local toy shop. That's why Hinchliffe made the kit available on a limited basis & only directly from them from around 1976 until it was re-engineered and branded under the Caldercraft label.
    The Caldercraft brand was started in the late 1970's as an attempt to produce a range of kits and figures which were retailer & consumer friendly. These included wargames figures in blister packs with related rule/scenario books.

  14. Helm A Fixture

    Yeah I recall those I bought the Robin Hood set for my nephews
  15. Gary D PlanetFigure Supporter

    o.k., I thought I was brave enought to tackle everything I have in the grey army, but I just opened the box for Carl Reid's Gordon Highlander Pipe Sergeant bust and now the thought of trying to paint tartan for his bagpipes is giving me nightmares. The bagpipes are primed and base coated in light green, but I'm now starting to sweat. I may have bitten off more than I can chew as I can't seem to paint one thin line let alone alot of them. :wideyed: Like Paul, I also have two or three highlanders as well.

  16. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    It's always the figure I want to paint next.

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  17. ometz Well-Known Member

    For me it's any figure with eyes.

    I must have drawn a particullary short straw as mine is a Hinchliffe bought before Caldercraft came into existence and a few month after than amazing MM cover shot of the original. I was too young and far away to think of complaining to the manufacturer and just put it away. All the lace on the back of one of the curved wngs on his helmet is soft and there is thick flash that requires a rebuild. No probs with today's putties and tools but whatever.

  19. Helm A Fixture

    Colin I have a spare head more or less complete it's definately got that part and I'm sure it's ok if you do feel the need to start it let me know

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    Thanks Steve - very kind of you. Will certainly let you know if it land back on my list. Again really nice of you to offer it


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