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Review Westpoint Cadet from DG Artwork

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, May 31, 2017.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi there to one and all ,

    DG Artwork have anice new series being released covering military academy's of the world and what better way to start off than with one of the most known ....WESTPOINT

    Announced here and in social media as well


    Note: others are planned ( the next being Sandhurst which I will look at soon!!! )

    Westpoint is without doubt an institution that has produced many great leaders some fighting on opposite sides as in the ACW , cadets are " groomed" for officer status by discipline and meticulous standards and both male and female officers are sent out after graduation to the Army to serve their country .
    Cadets are known as "plebes" in the first year after which they are recognised as West Pointers

    The uniforms are distinctive being "cadet gray" with full dress headwear known as a "tar bucket" being worn as well , together with white trousers in certain orders of dress

    Lets have a brief history

    West Point's history dates back to the AWI ,Washington considered West Point to be the most important strategic position in America and personally selected Thaddeus Kosciuszko, one of the heroes of Saratoga, to design the fortifications for West Point in 1778, and Washington transferred his headquarters to West Point in 1779.
    Continental soldiers built forts, batteries and redoubts and extended a 150-ton iron chain across the Hudson to control river traffic.

    Fortress West Point was never captured by the British, despite Benedict Arnold's treason. West Point is the oldest continuously occupied military post in America.

    President Thomas Jefferson signed legislation establishing the United States Military Academy in 1802. He took this action after ensuring that those attending the Academy would be representative of a democratic society.

    Colonel Sylvanus Thayer, the "father of the Military Academy," served as Superintendent from 18l7-1833. He upgraded academic standards, instilled military discipline and emphasized honorable conduct. Aware of the nation's need for engineers, Thayer made civil engineering the foundation of the curriculum. For the first half century, USMA graduates were largely responsible for the construction of the bulk of the nation's initial railway lines, bridges, harbors and roads.

    After gaining experience and national recognition during the Mexican and Indian wars, West Point graduates dominated the highest ranks on both sides during the Civil War. Academy graduates, headed by generals such as Grant, Lee, Sherman and Jackson, set high standards of military leadership for both the North and South.

    The development of other technical schools in the post-Civil War period allowed West Point to broaden its curriculum beyond a strict civil engineering focus.

    Following the creation of Army post-graduate command and staff schools, the Military Academy came to be viewed as the first step in a continuing Army education.

    In World War I, Academy graduates again distinguished themselves on the battlefield. After the war, Superintendent Douglas MacArthur pushed for major changes in the physical fitness and intramural athletic programs. "Every cadet an athlete" became an important goal. Additionally, the cadet management of the Honor System, long an unofficial tradition, was formalized with the creation of the Cadet Honor Committee.

    Eisenhower, MacArthur, Bradley, Arnold, Clark, Patton, Stilwell and Wainwright were among an impressive array of Academy graduates who met the challenge of leadership in the Second World War. The postwar period realised many changes to the West Point curriculum resulting from the dramatic developments in science and technology, the increasing need to understand other cultures and the rising level of general education in the Army.

    In 1964, President Johnson signed legislation increasing the strength of the Corps of Cadets from 2,529 to 4,417 (more recently reduced to 4,000). To keep up with the growth of the Corps, a major expansion of facilities began.

    Another significant development at West Point came when enrollment was opened to women in 1976.

    Sixty-two women graduated in the class of 1980, to include Andrea Hollen, Rhodes Scholar. Just as women are a vital and integral part of the U.S. Army, so they are at West Point.

    In recent decades, the Academy's curricular structure was markedly changed to permit cadets to major in any one of more than a dozen fields, including a wide range of subjects from the sciences to the humanities.

    The result ...producing the very best in Officers for all arms in all specialisation including Infantry , engineers, medical and many more.

    Books are of course available here are a few:

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    aa.jpg aaa.jpg

    DUTY , HONOUR , COUNTRY ...the motto of the Academy

    Continued in next post


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  2. Nap Moderator

    Now to the resin

    Details of the release:

    Title: West Point United States Military Academy

    Series Title : World Military Academy Series

    Reference: DG12B007

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 4

    Sculptor: Dae-Hyeong, Kim

    Box Art: Dae-Hyeong, Kim

    As with all of the releases we have a good strong box with excellent graphics and colour references on all 2 of the sides , the parts were in plastic bags and then in a bubble wrap envelope.Parts consist of the main torso , 2 versions of the headwear and a chinstrap .
    West Point 001.jpg
    West Point 002.jpg

    Parts consist of main torso with head , 2 caps , a chinstrap West Point 003.jpg


    With only 4 parts prep is going to be simple and again we find the casting plugs in easy to access positions , so a quick saw/sharp knife and sand will be all that is required .

    The chin strap if you use it has flashing to remove before fitting

    Excess resin is at :

    Rear of integral base and under torso
    Rear of helmet ( lower edge )
    Rear of cap ( upper crown )
    Chinstrap lower edge

    Looking at the parts now:


    Our cadet is wearing the distinctive laced jacket with the head turned to the left , looking straight ahead.
    West Point 004.jpg
    Starting with the face , a young and determined closed mouthed cadet , as with previous sculpts all features are well done , the eyes in particular ...an area that's so important on a face regarding painting ..so this quality makes it easier .
    Hair is textured well with the strands being seen and a military look but I am pleased it is not sculpted shorn close to the head.

    Moving onto the uniform itself , this has been delightfully sculpted , very well defined lacework on both the collar and the chest , , the ends have trefoils on the chest with the collar having a star on each side .

    Across his chest we have the crossbelt with the plain brass plate at its centre

    Seams are well shown at the arm shoulders and rear of the jacket .

    The round balled buttons are cleanly sculpted and again well cast .

    On either arm we have the chevrons seen on cadets uniforms these are just the top parts , but are well defined on both , the folds of the cloth are delicate and natural in look

    The base is sculpted within the torso itself and presents a very clean look

    West Point 005.jpg West Point 006.jpg West Point 007.jpg West Point 008.jpg West Point 009.jpg West Point 010.jpg West Point 011.jpg West Point 012.jpg

    2 versions are available to choose from , the soft cap seen with and without white top covers , has a good shape to it with the piping around the crown being well done , , the strap running at the front has a very tidy shape with good buttons , the peak has a edging again nicely done . , the academy badge sits proudly at the upper centre , , careful painting will bring out the details here ....the cap has a very military bearing about it .
    West Point 016.jpg West Point 017.jpg West Point 018.jpg
    The 2nd option is whats known as a Tar Bucket and is for ceremonial parades , this is one many will choose as its certainly impressive looking with the cocks feathers plume cascading down .
    West Point 013.jpg West Point 014.jpg West Point 015.jpg
    The cap is a nice shape as it should be , nice bands run round both top and bottom , there is a chained piece at the front , well sculpted in respect the links and sitting just above the peak .
    The plume is a lovely bit of work very full and with the feathers all showing good surface work , the lower ones sitting on the crown and over the large badge on the front.

    At the side we have 1 hole to take the chin strap , this itself fits good to the face and adds to the military look of the uniform.
    West Point 019.jpg

    Final thoughts

    A nice series to do in my opinion paying tribute to all armed forces led by these cadets who mature so much during their time at Westpoint . As with previous very nice presentation and sculpting together with excellent box art gives the modeller a good quality package when purchasing .

    A great No 1 ...here's looking forward to No 2 and beyond

    A pleasure to recommend

    Before we finish lets have acouple more pictures to enjoy

    z.jpg zz.jpg zzz.jpg zzzz.jpg

    Thank you to DG Artwork for the review piece and naturally for you all for looking in


    For more information why not visit the website at


    or PM them via PF .

    Happy benchtime to all

  3. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Thanks for sharing another good review Kev.
    I like the first two of this series.
  4. clrsgt A Fixture

    This looks to be an interesting series. I like the first two and hoping that they do an Annapolis midshipman.
  5. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Intended to say that as a one time Drum and Bugle Corps Director I think that the Shako is the best of the three.
    Although I would convert it to a Blue Devils brass musician
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  6. Lasalle A Fixture

    Very beautiful! Thanks!
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  7. Lasalle A Fixture

    Very nice also the second subject, British cadet. Now I hope to see a cadet of the Italian Military Academy... (where I was in the far 1991 ...) :whistle:;)
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  8. David Goudie New Member

    I received both of these last week. Mailed direct from Pusan, ROK. Very nice castings of a very different and interesting subject for me.
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  9. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for another great review Nap:).
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  10. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the posts appreciate your time

    This and the Sandhurst are great little pieces ...you wait till the next comes out .......tease eh!!

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