Werner Molders....Ace of Legend

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by EDUARDO SANCHEZ BARBERO, May 28, 2020.

  1. Reality in Miniature Member

    Remarkable likeness! I have seen a number of attempts — but this one really nails it!

  2. Thank you, you are wright
  3. JackG Active Member

    Does look very good, but am wondering about the medal around his neck. It looks small, maybe on purpose or just the effect of 3D rendering?


  4. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    I remember my aunt, mother, grandmother telling how they were attacked by " Aces" when moving fast on the roads of France when the Germans attacked Belgium .
    They spoke about the noise made by the planes, the bullets scorching the ground , the women and the children alike . Perhaps in this case Ace of Legend are a misprononciation of Ass Hole

    I think te Spanish have more rude words when speaking of him .

    We are so happy that the French pilot Dewoitine shot his plane down, avoiding him to bomb London
  5. Martin64 A Fixture

    Very good likeness to the real person - just ordered the busts of these legendary aces on kickstarter - is there a chance that you will produce full figures of them like Marseille and Philipp?
    Cheers, Martin
  6. SOON several scales

    KICK COLOR.jpg

    Now on website these figures

    Image00003 d.jpg
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  7. Soon Ace of Legend, G. Guynemer and E. Rickenbacker
  8. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

    All sides committed atrocities.
    My father freequently spoke about the carpet bombing that took place during the war. He lived near a forming station (trains) and the Allies carpet bombed the area twice - when I say the area, they started at one end of the city of Gent, Belgiium and ended at the other end in the hope of hitting the station. They did, but it never stopped the trains (my father stood before the rope 9 hours after the atack, the barrier was gone, but the trains could still function). He also talked about how he found his grandfather standing at the bottom of a bomb crater - he was standing because a steel support beam went through his head and kept him in that position. Thousends died during those bombing raids, yet they never stopped the German trains. A few days after the last raid a single English fighter dropped a single bomb on the building where locomotives were kept and by chance it dropped in the cimney just above the gate. No fatalities, and the locomotives were out of action for 7 weeks.

    I also looked up to Charles Lindbergh for a long time. He was a bit of a hero to me in the earlier days because of his crossing from ocean the States to Europe, that is until I read his biography where he clearly recalls strafing a hospital during the war, and justified it by claiming it was full of Japs, despite the red cross clearly painted on the roof. He was not authorised to fly war missions, but because of his status he pulled a few strings left and right so he could do the occaional mission. Here was only a very small hint of remorse in his biography.

    When I look at these busts - and I have committed to the Kickstarter campaign as I want the whole set of busts they produce, irrespective of which side they were on - I am seeing how horrible things can be done by human beings, and I want that to be the main theme of that collection, not to glorify these people, but to remember that they were human beings doing horrible things because of the circumstances they were placed in.
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  9. Martin64 A Fixture

  10. Yes,
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  11. Martin64 A Fixture

    Mölders risked his life as a fighter pilot - he was originally trained as a bomber pilot but never saw combat in this role. I add a screenshot from your own webpage, where you celebrate our hobby. Screenshot webpage Mirosoft.png

    Btw. being targeted by enemy aircraft and bombers as civilians was a common experience on all sides in WW II - unfortunately.
    Cheers, Martin
  12. Elegant response... Bravo
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