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Review Werner Moelders from MJ Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, May 4, 2017.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi everybody

    MJ Miniatures continue to add another to the Aces series a little while back a companion to the Erich Hartmann I reviewed as well : http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/erich-hartmann.83331

    The latest release was announced here on PF and in social media



    Who was Werner Moelders?

    Werner Moelders was born in Gelsenkirchen, Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany on 18th March 1913. After studying at the Dresden Military Academy he joined the Luftwaffe in 1935.

    Moelders was employed as a flight instructor until 1938 when he was promoted to squadron commander and sent to Spain. During the Spanish Civil War he was credited with fourteen kills, more than any other German pilot.
    zzzzzzzz.jpg z.jpg zzz.jpg zzzz.jpg zzzzz.jpg z1.jpg z2.jpg z3.jpg z4.jpg z5.jpg z6.jpg z7.jpg z8.jpg
    On the outbreak of the Second World War Moelders was given command of Jagdgeschwader 53. During the Western Offensive he led Jagdgeschwader 51. On 5th June, 1940, he came close to being killed when he was forced to bale out of his burning Messerschmitt Bf109 at Chantilly.
    zzzzzz.jpg z11.jpg z12.jpg
    During the Battle of Britain and Operation Barbarossa, Moelders became Germany's most successful pilot with 115 kills. He also became the first member of the Luftwaffe to win the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds. With this award he became the most decorated soldier in Nazi Germany.
    z00000.jpg zzzzzzz.jpg z9.jpg
    On 17th November, 1941, the First World War fighter ace, Ernst Udet committed suicide. Moelders, who was fighting in the Soviet Union, was called home to attend Udet's funeral.

    Werner Moelders was killed when when his Heinkel He111 crashed in fog at Breslau on 21st November, 1941.

    Books on the subject are available here are a few from my library along with some others

    z10.jpg z8.jpeg Z00.jpg
    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Now to the release details

    Details of the release

    Title: Luftwaffe Ace Pilot in WW2 "Werner Moelders"

    Reference: MJ10-007

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material:Lt Gray Resin

    No of pieces: 5 plus brass rod

    Sculptor: Jae-Kwon, Yoo

    Box Art: Jae-Kwon, Yoo

    The review item was received well packed with the resin in bags and surrounded by foam layers , so all was safely found , parts were held in a cardboard box with full colour on the top and ends
    MJ Pilot 001.jpg
    As with previous releases MJ has taken the time to sign the box as a thank you in addition to the printed note here
    MJ Pilot 002.jpg
    One thing I would like to highlight that customer service is paramount to MJ Miniatures and this shows on the website where they will even pay for return shipping to resolve any issues customers might have

    The resin parts consist of the main torso , 2 head versions , a cap and the knights cross in addition to a brass rod
    MJ Pilot 003.jpg

    Torso....Remove casting remnant from underside
    Heads...slight sanding on locating lug before fit
    Cap....Remove casting post from underside and small excess from back of cap edge
    Knight Cross...Remove from formers and fit
    Brass rod...Fit if you choose to use .

    General comments

    Initial investigation reveals the same high quality resin being used the undersides of the torso is really smooth with the details all being sharply cast .

    Sculpting quality is very good indeed and as always with excellent box art .


    Depicted wearing his uniform jacket with his iron cross being worn with the Luftwaffe insignia on his right breast and a ribbon in the button hole, with his rank badges on his collar and of course epaulettes as well ....ALL of this are very sharply sculpted and cast equally as good .
    MJ Pilot 004.jpg
    Note there is a small base piece to fit the knights cross to on the tie.
    MJ Pilot 007.jpg MJ Pilot 006.jpg
    At the neck we have the oak leaves and crossed sword well depicted , the shirt collar is seamed at the edges , this is the sort of details I love ..a small thing but adding that extra .
    MJ Pilot 008.jpg
    The collar badges are another well detailed area and careful painting will result in a area of impressive work ., full of the "wings" surrounded by the spray of oak leaves .

    The Luftwaffe eagle has a surround to it with nice surface details on it ..sharply worked .

    The epaulettes are yet again a well detailed area with the intertwined main epaulette alamost painting itself its that clean , on the top we have the 2 rank star , all sitting on the backing piece on the shoulder itself .
    MJ Pilot 009.jpg
    The uniform itself has folds that again show a really good knowledge of clothing and skill in representing this , the buttons are well formed and accurate , there being a slight raised texture to them as was worn .the seams on the shoulders and down the back middle are sharp as is the edging to the collar itself


    As with the Hartmann release there is a choice of 2 heads , one angled to take the cap the other bareheaded MJ Pilot 010.jpg , these comments apply to both :

    The likeness is very good indeed , features are well represented , eye in particular are well shaped and accurate , the nose and mouth are a good shape with the mouth being held shut , the ears are defined well with the actual neck muscles being in place , the head when in place looks to his left .

    The hair work is again as in previous release swept back and parted , nice texture work

    Choose the head of your choice and use the other as a practice piece on those fleshtones ..getting full value from the your purchase .
    MJ Pilot 014.jpg MJ Pilot 011.jpg MJ Pilot 012.jpg MJ Pilot 013.jpg MJ Pilot 015.jpg

    MJ Pilot 016.jpg MJ Pilot 017.jpg
    MJ Pilot 019.jpg MJ Pilot 018.jpg


    After removing the excess resin the fit is spot on , no filler was needed , the cap depicted is high crowned with the edges slightly down ,lovely work on the badges , very sharp , the cording sitting on the peak is well defined and accurate to that used , the peak itself is well shaped ( don't forget the shadow on the face when painting )

    MJ Pilot 021.jpg MJ Pilot 023.jpg MJ Pilot 024.jpg
    MJ Pilot 020.jpg

    Knights Cross

    This is a good representation of the award so respected by all and so hard earned , our Ace has the oakleaves and crossed swords as well , the actual cross is well shaped with good definition on the edges , in the middle we have the wartime swastika , fit of the piece is to the area to the right of the tie the cross sitting a little proud on the left collar.
    MJ Pilot 025.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    Another good addition to the series , well sculpted and with the casting equally as good , the resin us very well chosen resulting in high quality products , a great subject as well , and I hope we see another addition to the series very soon

    Highly recommended

    For more details on this and all the other great releases in all scales why not visit the website at:

    Thanks to [IMG]for the Review piece and all of you for looking in

  3. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for another great detailed review Nap:).
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