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Well hello!

Discussion in 'Welcome aboard' started by nig-g, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. nig-g Active Member

    Hi everyone.
    I’ve been a regular follower of PF for some years but only recently got around to subscribing. As I have been posting a few comments I thought I should take the opportunity of introducing myself.
    like many people I started making kits as a child, mainly aircraft, tanks and those small scale waterline ship models. I also had an array of Pyro 1:1 scale pistols and Aurora large scale figures. I particularly remember the gladiator and a Blue Knight. I also converted the old Swoppets using a mixture of glue and talc as a modelling putty. Coming across the Historex stand at the Model Engineer Exhibition at the Seymour Halls was a revelation. I used to convert the old Airfix 1/12 scale figures before beginning to scratch sculpt my own figures in that scale. I still like to work in this scale although I also convert 200mm busts and scratch sculpt busts in 1/6 scale. I have also been known to put the legs (and arms and bodies on commercial busts (see example below which is a bust from Bonapartes). I Still find painting a chore and enjoy the sculpting far more. I use oils over acrylic.
    Modelling has kept me sane during lockdown like so many others. See you all soon
    I’ll load some more pictures when I learn how! 72746D27-77B1-4AD7-9609-1A623D41F167.jpeg
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  2. nig-g Active Member

    A WRNS officers steward in 1/6 scale. Purchased head rest scratch built

  3. nig-g Active Member

    A QARNNS nursing sister. Scratch built apart from commercially available hands. 825FA34B-E8B2-44CF-84BD-870275BFC9C2.jpeg
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  4. nig-g Active Member

    WW2 sailor scratch built apart from bald head and hands. 1663C778-DC3A-40E9-8573-AE3FA66B656C.jpeg
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  5. nig-g Active Member

    ...and something completely different. Rita Hayworth from the film Gilda. 800AF698-335B-43BA-B2AF-B67ABFBB46A3.jpeg
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  6. nig-g Active Member

    Final taster of my work. (Before you all get too bored!)..a Greek hoplite. F591E81D-05BE-44DD-A529-06AFCE441F9C.jpeg
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  7. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Nigel


    Good to have you with us

    Plenty of info in the Welcome aboard part but feel free to ask or message me

    Thanks for sharing some pieces in a large scale as well ..... we have a part for members completed models

    Enjoy your visits and do share any SBS/WIP as well

    Happy benchtime

  8. 1969 A Fixture

    Nice to see some of your work Nigel , nice varied selection, I like the Knight in particular.
  9. Chris Oldfield A Fixture

    Hi Nigel - I'm well impressed with your WRNS mess steward.
  10. nig-g Active Member

    Thank you all for your warm words.
    The WRNS has a special place in my collection as my mother was a WRNS mess steward during ww2 and this inspired me to have a go at making that figure.
    It also got me very interested in women’s roles during both world words which I think is undervalued by modellers. Currently working on a member of the Women Police Service during WW1 in 1/12th scale.
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