Weapons in 54/75 and 90mm from St Petersburg Studio

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Silver Dream, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Silver Dream Member

    Tiny copies of weapons for models of 54 mm (1:32), 75 mm (1:18) and 90 mm (1:18) scales.

    Today, most of the figures painted by Silver Dream Studio is completed with miniature copies of weapons made from steel. It is many times stronger, more aesthetic and just easier in the work of the artist than the native tin.
    Everyone knows how absurd sometimes look like thick drains in the hands of infantry, which represent spears, and something like police batons instead of knight swords, and also how fragile it is. In the case of steel weapons, these problems no longer exist.

    I post just a few photos as examples. The full catalog (more than 350 items) can be found on my website in the Gallery section.

    • All samples presented in the catalog are made by professionals with many years of experience in this topic and have been repeatedly put on miniatures of various companies.
    • The album presents the so-called draft photos. For me personally, they are quite enough for work, but if this topic is in demand, in the future I plan to expand the description and add photos of specific figures on which this weapon was placed.
    • The catalog will be constantly updated. It is also possible to produce individual projects according to your sketches or samples on models up to 1: 6 scale.
    All the prices and certain sizes of the items are on photos.
    1 US is 65-69 RUB (depending on your bank exchange rate)
    For example, 200 Rub is app. 3$

    Payment via Paypal only with official invoice and buyer protection programme.

    I will be happy to answer any questions.
    Enjoy watching)

    4.jpg 11.jpg 16.jpg 20.jpg 227.jpg 255.jpg 270.jpg 137.jpg 145.jpg
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi there Alexsey

    Thanks for sharing this , some great looking items there and bring metal means less chance of breaking off in transit ...and they look good

    Just as a matter of interest what's the approx cost for individual projects dependant obviously on scale and weapon chosen


    PS Ihavecamended this thread title for you
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  3. Silver Dream Member


    Thank you! The title looks much better now.
    Individual projects cost principally the same as models from the catalog. Just send photos or sketches with the metal weapon you might need and I will be able to give a price. No additional payment for "new research" needed))))
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  4. Jaybo Active Member

    This is a product I have long yearned to see be made ever since I saw one of those professional Russian made St. Petersburg figures with a real steel sword. Excellent idea. I will be sending Aleksey a private email with some questions.
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  5. Oda A Fixture

    This is indeed excellent news.As a great fan of Russian miniatures I have worked with such blades and they are exactly what Aleksey says they are:aesthetically pleasing,tough and durable and on scale.A fantastic new product.Thank you Aleksey!

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  6. Silver Dream Member

    I plan to periodically publish here the novelties of the steel weapon catalog for models of the scale of 54-75-90 mm, as well as examples of works where our weapons were used.
    I present to your attention two Viking figures of 1:18 scale (90 mm).
    For figure number 1 a steel spear was used (# 197), and for figure number 2 the original tin ax was replaced with a steel ax (# 305) from our catalog.
    Soon both figures will be announced in the paintwork by Silver Dream Studio
    Enjoy watching!

    1.jpg 2.jpg
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  7. Silver Dream Member

    New positions in the catalog of miniature weapons for models of different scales

    363 - made for a 1:30 scale figurine from Miles Publius (The Russian-Turkish War)
    364 - another ax for 1:18 scale. May be used for Vikings, Normans and more late periods.
    365 is probably the most interesting position: a bowstring for crossbows and bows. The thickness may vary, so when ordering, please specify the scale you need.

    363.jpg 364.jpg 365.jpg

    P.s. Several positions are missing in the catalog. These will be tournament knights 'spears, battle knights' spears and Roman pilum - all for a 1:30 (32) scale. Models are quite complex in production, now I am optimizing production.
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  8. theBaron A Fixture

    Any possibility of producing weapons from the 18th century?

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  9. Silver Dream Member

    Let me know what are you interested in?
  10. Jaybo Active Member

    Today my order arrived from Russia. I ordered several of the sword blades as well as some custom stuff (18th century etendard poles and a fringed flag). I am very pleased with the workmanship and Aleksey was excellent to deal with and very accommodating to my particular requirements. I highly recommend their products & service.
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  11. Blind Pew A Fixture

    I got some of these and they arrived a couple of days ago.
    They are amazing! Total quality throughout. They're made in steel and feel indestructible! They are the Rolls-Royce of weapon sets.

    Thanks Sergey - these things are absolutely superb in every way. I cannot recommend these highly enough.
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  12. Silver Dream Member

  13. Silver Dream Member

  14. Oda A Fixture

    As someone who has ordered some of these weapons and blades I can attest to their accuracy and beauty.They are masterpieces of the micro-lathe.

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  15. akaryu A Fixture

    This must be the answer to many modeler's prayers! No more warped or oversized katana blades on my bushi!

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  16. Ferris A Fixture


    Do you have something like this:


    It’s a late Roman sword.

    Thanks for any info!

  17. Silver Dream Member

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  18. Ferris A Fixture

    Thanks. I sent you an email using the gmail address on your site.

  19. akaryu A Fixture

    Oh happy day!

    My order for several blades, katana and other, arrived this morning. Excellent quality workmanship throughout!
    Gone are the days of twisted, warped and oversized katana blades and the fiddling with warped resin in hot water. I am one very satisfied customer and a very happy modeler!

    Спасибо большое Алексей

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  20. Silver Dream Member

    Thank you, Pierre!

    I really appreciate you are satisfied with your order!!!

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