Way of the Cross dio

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Ghostrider, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. Ghostrider New Member

    Good morning all,

    With a "gentle" nudge from Jim Patrick, I've finally decided to give this posting thing a try (hopefully this old "Spectre gunner" broke the code!). The dio is my latest creation obviously inspired by "The Passion of the Christ" movie. The figures are both major conversions and original pieces. All are painted entirely with Vallejo's. I look forward to your comments as well as jumping into the forum, and no more lurking!

    Best regards,

    Bob Waltman



  2. megroot A Fixture

    I didn't saw the movie. But what i have heard it was very colored with blood.
    So, i think you did a very good job to make it in a dio. For me it is difficult to say thats not good or something like that.
    It is (if you can speak of such a disaster) an very well sculpted, builded and painted job.


  3. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Bob!

    Welcome to the planet!

    Was great to meet you at Mastercon earlier this year. This dio is great and the pictures really don't do it justice!

    What are you working on now?
  4. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Great work on the dio Bob, according to movies and books... Romans had put a red tunic on Jesus, in order to laugh at him. I don't know if the movie that you are refering had that detail. Anyway, it's really a beautiful dio.
  5. Ghostrider New Member

    Hello all,

    Thanks for the kind comments. I pretty much copied the movie as far as the "look" and "feel". Not having much reference on the subject, I used the movie "coffee table" book for detailing and painting. In the movie, they did cover Jesus with the red tunic at sentencing, but removed it for the march to Golgotha. So I went with that.


    It was great to meet you as well. Had a blast, can't wait till M14. As far as current projects, I have been on hiatus since Hurricane Ivan trashed my hobby room but prior to that I had the Soliders' 101st Airborne figure and a 54MM Frankestein vignette (based on a Bernie Wrightson drawing) in the works. The room has about a week left of repairs, then I'll be back in the saddle as it were. Can't wait. Hope to see you and Jim in Atlanta.

    Take care,

  6. btavis Active Member

    Right up my alley. Looks great! Do you have a close up of the lady in black with the baby?
  7. fsdesimone Member

    That looks very interesting Bob. I wish the pictures were a tad clearer.

  8. Ghostrider New Member

    Thanks Francesca,

    I to wish I had taking better pics but I'm not the most "graceful" with the camera. Fortunately, I have a friend who has a studio set-up that is going to help me take some better shots that I'll post at a later date.


    Here's a couple pics of the figure in black. In the movie he/it represented Satan. Sort of an androgynous character.


    Bob W


  9. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Bob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A BIG hearty welcome to you here in the planet. Now that your'e here....you do realize that your'e gonna have ta showw off more of your work. Once the room is completed of course ;) . You guys should have seen this dio. Or at least when the opprotunity presents itself, take a long look at it. Bob did an excellent job of making Jesus the center of focus. Other than the obvious reason, everyone's attention is on him. Either looking at him or pointing to him. Now if we could only see it somewhere else...... ;) . Mum's the word. aside from this dio, we have truly gained a terrific talent here in adding Bob Waltman to our ranks. He's a fantastic sculpter seconded only by his imagination. Great to have you on board Bob and I look forward to more of your postings! Give my best to your family.

    Jim Patrick

    androgynous.........???...where'd ya get that word from? the dictionary? :lol:
  10. Pete_H New Member

    Good dio and welcome aboard! I remember you once did a huge dio of MI troopers defending Whiskey Outpost from the movie "Starship Troopers." Any chance we can see pictures of it here?
  11. daredevil New Member

    Bob--Welcome! And might I add: what a stunner of a diorama! I wish I could see it in person--this a marvel of different conversions...(no religious innuendo intended...) :lol:
    I'll look forward to seeing the 'pro' photos--and more of your work.
    BTW--where did you score the Wrightson vignette?
  12. yeo_64 Active Member

    Hi Bob ! Welcome to the "planet" ! Your dio ROCKS !!! (y) (y) (y) Very evocative and it captures the feel of the scene to a "T". I saw the movie and was extremely touched by it and I feel that you have captured the emotion of the entire movie here. If you don't mind me asking,what scale is it and will we be seeing it at Boston next year ? WELL DONE,Bob ! Cheers.
  13. JBoisson New Member

    Outstanding diorama. Those shots look like movie stills. Great job, can't wait to see some more of your work.
    John B.
  14. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Superb, just like the movie!!! Looking at both makes me feel how much this man must have suffered; being the son of God I leave up to each to decide, but you see he's in a lot of pain. The setting is perfect too. Congratulations!!!


  15. Ghostrider New Member

    Thanks everyone. Now to answer your questions:

    As soon as I get all of the pics together, I plan on posting some of the Starship Trooper dio.

    I have an article on the construction completed, just need to post it and I will do that as soon as I can. As for the Bernie Wrightson vignette, there isn't one available. I plan on sculpting one in 54MM based on a couple of his B/W prints.

    The scale is 54MM. As for Boston, I have no current plans to go but Jim Patrick is working on me hard about going. I would love to be there.

    Take care,

    Bob Waltman
  16. yeo_64 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply,Bob :lol: ! 54mm,huh ? WOW ! You DEFINITELY must try to make it to Boston,Bob;I'd really LOVE to see it in the "flesh" ;) ! Cheers.
    Kenneth :)
  17. Alex Lopez Active Member

    Amaizing diorama Bob!! I dont saw the movie, but it´s no matter, your work is an exelent representation of the pasion aniway.

    Congratulations, and I hope see more of your works here...


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