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Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Szymon, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Szymon New Member

    Hi. I would like to make realistic water of quite deep water. I used gloss laquer, but now i would like to use resin.. but what is good ? I was searching for topic about making water effect, so sorry if it was discussed.. should it be 'acrylic resin' ? Is this what MIG seels good ?
  2. megroot A Fixture

    I think artifical wather from Woodland Scenics is very very good.
    I hope for you that Costas is dropping in, he make's wonderfull basework also with water.

  3. Frank-Holger Member

    Costas, some pics? I know of Andrea Water, those Woodland pellets and Vallejo makes different sorts of water, too. But I do not know of the quality!

  4. John Long Active Member

    I've used Vallejo Still Water, and it works pretty well. It does have some odd proprties. I would recommend experimenting to find out how best to employ it, but it looks very convincing.
  5. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    My guess for wateris 2 part epoxy resin for industrial purposes (as the one used in marine companies) as this has better characteristics, than the model stuff. Valejo still water is also good but needs some practising before final use on a base at least for me.

    A good trick also if you dont have a very wide surface to cover is touse 2 part epoxy glue. I use Araldit 90 sec and 5 min clear epoxy glues,and dye them with oil colors and i have perfect results.

    If i canbe of some more help just ask me
  6. vergilius New Member

    Well I'm not an expert but I once used the Andrea water and it was very easy to use. Maybe a bit expensive if you want to use a lot of it.
  7. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Hello Szymon,

    the best results I got was with polyster resin (the type for making transperant blocks with insects or flowers included in it).
    It is very smelly and you might need to experiment a little to get used to its' properties, but I think it gives the best effect you can get. With this stuff, it is very important to get the ratio between resin and hardener right, so get yourself a simple pipet for the hardener and measuring cups or syringes for the resin.

    Good luck with the project!

  8. Szymon New Member

    Thanks ! I tried once Vallejo still water, but i don't think its worth its price, imo it doesn't look much better than rightly put glue ah, Major Goose, i tried it, it looks nice but i'd like to try something other.. and vallejo water melts :( but polyester resin is what i meant ! I only wonder- only kind i found is something described as Polster Resin for repairing cars.. when i said that i want to use it as artifical water, lady in the shop gave me laugh with weird face she did :p I asked is it clear, she said no, but i don't think she knew what i meant, so maybe its clear resin + 'net'.. you know, they give a kind of net to make resin hold onto flat surfaces. I can buy Andrea water, but i don't think its something other than normal resin, that's why i search for it in the shops.. price of Andrea water is an absurd.. ah wait, they give syringes :p
  9. vergilius New Member

    Two syringes and a little measure cup. But that won't make the difference I guess.
    I bought it as a trial once but when I'll be better as a moddeler I might buy something else.
  10. Szymon New Member

    Hi again. I asked Major Goose about it, but his tips aren't helped me.. i mean i still have a lot of bubbles in resin :( it ruined whole effect ! Anyone know something about how to do it right ? I must apply water on not so small area full of trash (drowned ruins), and bubbles completly don't belong here.. i'll be really glad for any help
  11. herbwf Member

    If you can find a product called EnviroTex Lite, give it a try It is a 2 part product that is used to protect wooden tables and bar tops, so it might be found in wood working supply houses in other parts of the world under a different name. It has no smell which makes it family friendly! It is very thin so the dam you put in place should be secure.

    Bubbles in the resin often come from stirring the product when you mix the two parts. Try to be careful not to stir up bubbles while you are mixing. They will also appear if you pour your river or pond too fast. You may want to trying to pour your water feature in layers. a number of thin coats is much easier to control than if you try to pour it all at once.If you end up with bubbbles try using a hair dryer to direct warm air over the top of your pour and see if that will bring the bubbles to the surface, it often does.

    Good luck
  12. moore Active Member

    I found this company when my husband went to one of his train shows
    the company is called Unreal Details LLC they are here in the USA
    they have a web site. www.unrealdetails.com.
    I looked at their water.. no bubbles... yellowing.. etc.. it looked pretty
    easy to use. Dave Williams is the owner, he developed this product after
    many, many trials and errors. I believe he told me that he ships all over
    the world.
    You may want to check out his site.

  13. Paul Kernan A Fixture


    After pouring the EnviroTex, gently blow/breath over the surface. The CO2 from your exhaled breath will remove the bubbles. Works like magic.
  14. herbwf Member

    Thanks!I thought it was just the warmth of the breath that did it:)

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