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Warriors Update

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by bchilstrom, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. bchilstrom New Member

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    Here we have in progress shots of figure #2 & #3 and a shot of all three of the first figures, posed in the AAVP7. These first three and the next two figures all represent Marines in the standard BDU's. The next set will be Marines in the MOLLE suits seen early in the campaign.

    Plus a few other O.I.F. accessory items planned.

    Hope you like 'em.
  2. Chazman Active Member

    Looks good!

    The only thing is the M-249. That's the older stock... not used in OIF.

    BTW, when is that M-16/M-4 kit going to be released by Warriors?
  3. Evan August New Member

    Looking good, Bill. I'll be sure to pick these up when they come out.
  4. bchilstrom New Member

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the input, we will putty up the stock soon. The Warriors M16/M4 weapons set is still being mastered, no production yet, only test shots. So no firm release date is known.
  5. T50 A Fixture

    My hat off to you, my friend!
    The figures look great. IMHO,
    a figure with weapon firing pose
    is very hard to execute...
    What is your secret??? :)
    I love the poses.

  6. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Are you sure about the M249 stock? Not every unit was modernized with the new weapon prior to deployment...It's not too much of a stretch that the older weapon would be used in the early phases of the operation.

    All the best

  7. Chazman Active Member

    I'm pretty sure Patrick. At least I haven't seen any pics of any in action.

    I believe all the M249's in USMC use were retrofitted with the new stock in the '90's.
  8. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Alright, if you say so, Charlie...

    All the best

  9. Pete_H New Member

    Could you please clarify your references? I did a little digging around and found pictures taken as early as last month showing the "old version" of the SAW in use. By the way, I think Patrick is correct since I'm sure he's checked out on it recently ;)
  10. Chazman Active Member

    Sorry, forgot to log in.
  11. Chazman Active Member

  12. Pete_H New Member

    Nope. I saw several pics of Marines armed with the "older model" of the SAW. I saw them in Time's "21 days to Baghdad." I wish my scanner worked. I also spoke to a friend up at Camp Pendleton earlier today (a squad leader) and he tells me they're still hauling around the original 249.
  13. Chazman Active Member

    Thanks. I looked through that book awhile ago, but I don't remember seeing any older SAW's. I'll check it out again.
  14. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Look, my point is simple, we have introduced many units from the reserves and national guard to the fight. And, not every unit is modernized with the latest generation of weapon systems at the same time. Also you need to consider the fact that weapons malfunction in combat, they need repairing like any machine, and who is to say the armorer issued the older SAW for this mission because the newer one is in maintenance or down for a part. This happens more than you would expect.

    Let's not get wrapped up into the TO&E application for what should be in a Marine rifle squad; when dealing with the reality of close combat the TO&E isn't the forcing function. What is the forcing function is what gets you through the engagement, be it a AK47, a M16A2 or a Carbine or a SAW. "Joe" is going to use whatever means are avialable to him to whoop someone's arshe and it doesn't matter to him if the weapon is part of the TO&E or not. This is reality; and, Bill has captured the passion of a firefight very well.

    Do our soldiers and Marines have the best equipment, damn straight they do! But don't loose sight that Murphy has a vote in combat operations, too. And gentlemen, it is not unimaginable or wrong if there is a mixture of weapons in an engagement or operation...

    Pictures are invaluable to our passion, but they aren't the sole source of what is factual. We have to balance them against the lithmus test of reality...and seeing where we are in this operation, the historical perspective is very real and very current.

    If I have ruffled some feathers then we need to take a step back. But we have to consider those things that are beyond what is captured on film...

    Bill is doing a great job, and am eager to see how this vignette progresses.

  15. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Patrick, (y)(y)(y)~Gary
  16. Pete_H New Member

    Very well said. I don't see how you could have ruffled any feathers with your elloquent post. First, you're speaking as an authority on the subject because you are an authority on the subject (I'd say 20+ years in the armed forces makes you one). Second, you're driving home a very valid point: such nitpicking is distracting from the intent of making a model in the first place.

    Good job (y)
  17. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Gary and my Brother, Petey...
    Thanks for hanging with me on this my friends...

    All the best

  18. Larry R New Member

    I love a man who speaks with passion!! You big loveable Force Developer!~~
  19. Chazman Active Member

    You know guys....no biggie. I just made a comment on Bill's excellent figures. I don't know who's feather's were ruffled, or why.

    Whatever, maybe it came across the wrong way, who knows.

    BTW, a similar discussion on this topic is going on at planetarmor.

  20. Patrick Kirk New Member

    You slay me... :lol:

    Ok, whatever. I just wanted to clarify is all.

    All the best


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