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Warning: Do Not Deal w/Raisa Rafael of Brazil

Discussion in 'Market & Commissions' started by TCSloan, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. blaster Well-Known Member

    Is it possible for you to approach the Brazilian small claims court? They are probably the correct and most practical way to seek legal redress for overseas transactions.

    Rgds Victor
  2. Barry King Member

    If this clown frequents eBay, I would sure like to know his eBay user name so I can block him from bidding on any of the auctions I have from time to time. Not worth the headache, and frankly, I wouldn't buy one of his lame arguments about him having his credit card swiped. What BS.

    Actually, what he is engaging in is mail fraud, and at least here in the USA, that's a serious offence with jail time for the convicted. Trouble is, the bastard is in Brazil.
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  3. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well said Barry and to the point.
    I sell a few items through the bay and bought but rarely and this has proven more so why this forum and like are so good, one to one.
    I can survive without the dreaded but not without fellow modellers , as you said bastards and I would say paracites that hurt all at all levels
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  4. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Not to mention how people like that hurt this community.

    This is a blow to our brotherhood. We are a small brotherhood and we might have our quarrells and differences. But this is still a brotherhood that spans all over the world. Where so many have reached out so many times to help and support a fellow modeller. And I think we all can say that we have benefited from it in some way.

    What these people do, is that they sow mistrust thus hurting the community and comradeship. What Im afraid off is that if to many behaves like this, it will be the end of the friendly helpful and supporting athmosphere that have been here at Planet Figure and many other sites.

    Janne Nilsson
  5. TCSloan Guest

    Exactly! But Paypal ignores it.. and also, this guy is trying to defend himself here, but even after he's received the kits at his address,he does not offer to return them,since he's "innocent"
  6. blaster Well-Known Member

    See this website:

    As I was browsing thru it, a box appeared and offered advice on how to proceed with making small claims. Perhaps all aggrieved parties can do coordinated complaints against this person to pursue this matter.

    Rgds Victor
  7. Filipe Well-Known Member


    The small clains its impossible, because only the victim may open the case. Sloan would have to come to Brazil for that.

    I will seek for information with some friends of mine.

    I am already looking for what can be done, i´ve talked with Chuck and have a conversation, here, with Sloan. Unfortunately, the due legal process is too expensive, because, for example, Sloan would need to have a representative (a lawyer) here in Brazil, and hire a "legal translator", a person, authorized by law, to translate official documents (the brazilian legal term is "tradutor juramentado").

  8. blaster Well-Known Member

    Hi Filipe,

    Just sharing my experience.

    Some years back, I had to deal with an overseas non-performance transaction from a toy soldier dealer in Australia. I paid by Visa but the goods were never posted to me. I sought redress thru the Australian High Comm, who directed me to the appropriate Australian State Small Claims Court. I wrote to them with full documentation, was invited to turn up for the local court hearing but did not turn up for the court hearing and neither did the other side, and finally the case was settled in my favour after about 2 years.

    I guess I was lucky and the money was eventually transacted back to me after the Australian Court wrote a legal seizure letter to the other side copied myself.

    The whole process was only the cost of several registered letters written to the Aussie court and to the named defendant. But you have to be persistent.

    Here I see a clearcut case of a name, address for which several complainants on this website could band together and pursue a similar route.

    Rgds Victor
  9. TCSloan Guest

    Just wanted to give a praise report..I checked my PP account this morning and saw a credit for the amount of the charge back..thank you Lord! Looks like PP covered it themselves after the fuss I made with them.
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  10. elgreco A Fixture

    Keep an eye on it. This happened in our second case: we got the money back from PP. But then the VISA company started the redress for chargeback for a second time so PP had to put another temporary hold on the funds for further investigation. About 7 days later it was cleared again. I think PP are not at fault here as it is the credit card companies who do the chargebacks, not PP. All that PP does is put the fund on temporary hold until the dispute is cleared.

  11. TCSloan Guest

    thats what happened with us. They originally opened the case back in Feb, when this scumbag filed the claim, which PP placed the 1st hold, but then after speaking with them they released it. This past Monday is when the CC company made their decision so PP took the money back out. The credit they gave us today was them actually stepping up and covering the amount, not all of it, but about 90% .. we still had to eat about $100
  12. Filipe Well-Known Member

    Glad to know that you´ve got your money back, Sloan.
  13. Funky50 Guest

    Do you chaps in Canada have repeat offenders after that sort of treatment ....must admit these Bastards need their chestnuts roasted
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  14. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Not many once the word gets out :mad:
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