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Warning: Do Not Deal w/Raisa Rafael of Brazil

Discussion in 'Market & Commissions' started by TCSloan, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Blackship Active Member

    Since the package was registered is easy to verify through Brazil Postal Service delivery of the goods .
    Coreios provides all the necessary information regarding arrival processing and delivery .Did you provide paypal with this information ?

    I would like to know if Paypal still refuses to back you if you show them this string and the precedents. If so, I will radically reduce my use of their services....and I don't think I will ever sell anything with them (I was cosidering starting) as they seem hopelessly biased towards the punters and crooks.

  3. TCSloan Guest

    yes, they were provided with the tracking information,and from what they tell me ,this was the credit card companies decision and not theirs, but yet Paypal themselves have still not represented me like they should during this claim.
  4. Filipe Well-Known Member

    Very important: anyone who have dealt with him (Soga, ElGrego, Sloan) may provide me a IP number ?

    I have the informations about a "suspect" and would like to cross that with the people that have been scammed. Send me by inbox.
  5. elgreco A Fixture

    Did you contact Brazil Post Office to obtain proof of delivery? That is, did Rafael have to sign for receipt of item? When we obtained the image of the signature showing proof of delivery, for the first case, Paypal fought on our behalf with the card issuers. You need to be persistent and phone them and fax them every single possible piece of information.
  6. Blackship Active Member

    Did you actually check by yourself with the tracking number you had on the Coreios site ? It it shows up don't let it go ! Also go to your local post file a trace request and complain and involve them into it .
  7. elgreco A Fixture

    Filipe - what is the IP number please?
  8. Filipe Well-Known Member


    I´ve sent you in private.
  9. elgreco A Fixture

    Thanks Filipe - I thought you meant the transaction number or something like that. Not sure if we still have this information as this happened a couple of years ago. But will try to look it up.
  10. TCSloan Guest

    It shows it was delivered, I cannot read the details in that language,but heres the customs numbers CJ171459150US
    The only word useful I can make out is DELIVERED.
  11. Blackship Active Member

    19/02/2013 19:30 Entrega Efetuada : delivered .
    Its hard to believe that all this information was thrown away by paypal and credit card company .
    They verify shipping & delivery confirmation with postal services before a decision is made !
  12. pmfs A Fixture

    Yes, you are right both itens was delivered in the same area from Rio de Janeiro, BOTAFOGO. Really dont understand paypal.
    Yesterday someone from US buy me a item in ebay and paid me £100, but wants the item shipped to Nigeria to a verified adress in Lagos. After that, received 2 email´s from Paypal one with the money in my account other asking me to provide the tracking number. I didn´t send anything because the money was not in my account. Those scammers are everyday better and better, we have to be careful with them. I am thinking close my paypal account soon.

    Filipe likes this.
  13. Filipe Well-Known Member


    It´s the following.

    Sloan made the same posts in other forums, like Hyperscale. And it reached the biggest brazilian modellers forum, which my friend is a moderator.

    The data of the guy is:

    Flavio Lucio da Silva
    Rua Dois de Dezembro,77 Apto-602-Flamengo
    Rio de Janeiro -RJ-Brasil

    His emails are: flavio.lucio@ibest.com.br ; flaviolucio17@gmail.com

    His blog: http://guevarafiguras.blogspot.com.br/

    His user name here at planetFigure is Guevara.

    The link of the Brazilian post office, showing that the package was delivered and the post office agency matches the adress: http://websro.correios.com.br/sro_b...LINGUA=001&P_TIPO=001&P_COD_UNI=CJ171928238US

    A brazilian forum where he has just been blocked: http://webkits.infopop.cc/eve/forum...19603841&m=3277034073&r=7617044073#7617044073

    If people who handle business wants he IP adress, send me a inbox. I will not post it in public, because it is an illegal exposure.

    He is also a member of SpanishTeam forum, so, if anyone is also a member there, could spread the word, it would be a lot of help.

    Finally, i am not doing this for personnal reasons, i dont even know the guy. I am not doing this for "mob mentality" or "witch hunt". I am doing this because a whole modeller comunity cannot be blammed for the fault of one person (a member of Hyperscale already said that he will not sell to Brazil anymore).

    Again, my apologies to the ones who lost their money and i hope that the information above is of some help to avoid more people being frauded.
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  14. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Way to go Filipe!!! (y)
    People like this need to be outed so they can't skulk around in the shadows, ripping people off and making others in his area look bad.


    Filipe likes this.
  15. elgreco A Fixture

    That's the guy! Shops beware!!

    We're surprised re Paypal - maybe the Business team here in the UK is more pro-active, then?? As I said, they were extremely helpful to us and persisted in both our cases to revert the funds to our account. It took about 4-6 weeks in both cases for the issues to be resolved.

    If the guy orders again, just refund immediately via Paypal (not bank transfer or anything else). Like that it's all on record.
  16. TCSloan Guest

    thankyou Filipe, on a side note, I want the Brazilian members to know, I dont hold this against your people or country and do not throw everyone from that country in the same pot as this scumbag. He can be from anywhere and still be a scumbag. I dont punish Brazilian customers for the deeds of one .
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  17. Filipe Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the messages, but thanks are not in order today, guys. People lost money because of that person, it´s the least we could do.

    And, Sloan, i did not said that it was your case. But, it can be the case of others. Anyway, i hope that Sloan can reclain his money, and that a lot of people see this thread and spread the word.
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  18. Figurenfreund66 Well-Known Member

    Such a mess!
    Does anyone know the name of this Ebay dirt bag? So I can put it on my no-go list?

  19. Filipe Well-Known Member

    Well, he sent me emails, a little angry, and asked me for post his explanations here. To be fair, i will post them here. I am not a judge, i am only trying to help.

    In short, he said he and his wife (Raisa Rafael) wore/are victims of a credit card fraud. He says that he won an judicial action in brazilian justice some time ago, and his wife is with two judicial actions currently. He also says that he even received a credit card already frauded, still on the bank mail.Besides that, some outflow and finger-pointing at me.

    For those who want to read the full emails, in portuguese, ask me for the link.

    As i said, i am not a judge, so i´ve sent an email to Chuck of RedLancers, to ask for his side of the history, also. Celine and Sloan have spoken, and Soga is here at planetFigure.

  20. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Strange that this person committting the fraud also is interested in models. And why have them delivered to the actual adress of the cardholder?

    Janne Nilsson

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