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Warning: Do Not Deal w/Raisa Rafael of Brazil

Discussion in 'Market & Commissions' started by TCSloan, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. TCSloan Guest

    I wanted to post this warning to as many as I can in hopes of preventing anyone else falling prey to this thief.
    On Feb 4 2013 we received an online order through our website from this character. He/she also emailed us to see if we could get a certain Andrea figure (54mm stage coach) ,which we did. At which point we processed his immediate order as he requested ,a $249 order. This order consisted of 1/35 Trumpeter armor kits. The second order, the Andrea stage coach was $536 ,which was charged and shipped out a week after the 1st order. Tracking/customs numbers were provided. (Payments processed through Paypal merchant service) Two weeks later we received an "unauthorized charge back" from Paypal on both orders. At which point I provided them with the order confirmation email which is made through the website, the customs numbers, and forwarded all emails I received from Raisa requesting the items, and his/her questions regarding shipping,time of delivery etc. Over 6 emails sent by him. Up until now,the status seemed rather clear that the case is obviously an attempt on his part to get free items. It took 2 months for Paypal and the credit card issuer to decide in his favor that he gets to keep the items,and nearly $900 .. please let this be a warning to anyone who uses Paypal as a merchant service provider, which they told me, on that service ,there is no seller protection like there is with the typical Paypal method used through Ebay.

    Heres is the thiefs information in case he tries to steal from you too.

    Raisa Rafael
    Rua Dois de Dezembro, 77 - 602 - Flamengo
    Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro
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  2. Filipe Well-Known Member

    As a brazilian, i am very sorry for that.

    Raisa is a woman´s name, but probably it is fake.

    That name and email is also on the black list of Soga Miniatures.

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  3. Filipe Well-Known Member

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    Boy what a thief and a disgrace to genuine folk in Brazil ....I have had no problems with purchases from Brazillian members on PF ...rather a pleasure in fact ......................

    Typical e bay though ....had an incident where I sold a genuine 100% Carl Reid figure to a seller , he said it was a copy , offered a full refund, asked for figure back but he just threw the figure away ..the git ......no help from e bay as normal!!!

    Hope this "woman" gets caught and soon

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  5. Helm A Fixture

    What is with you guys and catching women ? ;) Seriously it's a shame and more should be done about people like this naming and shaming (not that they have any shame) is a good start though

  6. Filipe Well-Known Member

    I think i found the guy. He have a profile here at planetFigure, by the way.

    Just waiting for a friend of mine, a forum moderator, to confirm me something.
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  7. TCSloan Guest

    I appreciate you guys posting that info for me, apparently Paypal doesnt care,and wont look into this any further. So much for customer service..I think I'll cancel my $40 a month fee for using their fraud credit card service.
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  8. housecarl A Fixture

  9. Mark S Guest

    I reckon that would be a good idea Tim, they seem to be ripping you and I dare say alot of others as well.

    Hey Steve I had to read your post about six times before I got your message!!...."more should be done about people like this naming and shaming!!??!"
    Get your self a big packet of commas and full stops and go nuts with them, mate.
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  10. Dmitri Baev A Fixture

    We confirm that Raisa Rafael has deceived our online shop when buying from us large party figures Pegaso, Romeo, Alexandros Model. We have published his name and the names of a few crooks in our black list and invite all do not sell to this person. no figure, no single model, no one even the smallest accessory. All the black list can be seen on our website.
    Even though Pay Pal protects these customers, all other people should be aware that this swindlers
  11. Jimbo A Fixture

    "BANDIT" comes to mind! sorry for your loss, these sort of scumbags should be hung drawn & quartered, thanks for giving us the heads up on him.
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    May he enter a major show, have a lady knock over his entries with a large knock-off purse, and have a helpful a blind judge decide to help out by super gluing them back together on the floor with the assistance of his seeing eye dog!

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  13. Oldironsides Guest

    Hi Tim

    The fraud described here needs to be reported to your local police so that they can take the issue up with Interpol and the Brazilian authorities. Such a crime report will also assist with your difficult negotiations with PayPal.

    It is easy for the police and PalPal to ignore/dismiss a single case, so share with them this blog to show that you are only one of a large number of cases of 'Organised International Crime and Fraud' that needs to be stopped.

    Ask PayPal that in the light of this evidence that they should be flagging/black listing transactions from this fraudster, otherwise to explain why they will not do so. Best of luck.

  14. Helm A Fixture

    Punctuation is for the weak

  15. elgreco A Fixture

    This guy has tried it twice with our shop - one under the Silva name, the other under Rafael name. In both instances he paid by credit card via Paypal. The first time we had sent the items (about £300 worth) but we had proof of delivery as it was International Signed For. As soon as he received the kits, he claimed a chargeback, but luckily seeing that we had the proof of delivery, Paypal and the Visa company ruled in our favour. The second time, he used the Rafael name, but we had flagged the postal address on our system so as soon as we received the payment via Paypal, we just refunded it straight away. Two weeks later, he claimed a chargeback again (despite the refund) but Paypal was on our side since we had refunded him immediately. We explained the situation regarding this fraudster, but they could not blacklist him in that he would only use a different e-mail address next time - since each time he was using Paypal via CREDIT CARD transactions. Paypal could only advise the relative VISA/MASTERCARD issuers so the onus was on them to track this person, not on Paypal.

    Another guy to look out for - if possible avoid selling to him is - Gustavo Francavilla from Argentina as he's a prolific recaster.
  16. Don Well-Known Member

    Reading this post makes me think it may be a good idea for members to post names and addresses and emails on a thread if Planet will allow it. That way we may never stop if but perhaps we can reduce the number of gus being ripped off.

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  17. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    This is a theft and therefor a crime and deserves police involvement. Blacklisting seems a trifle mild. In my circles we don't call the police... He might be visited by two or three gentlemen with a few yards of rope, a baseball bat, pliers:blackeye: , plastic drop sheet and a shovel:dead: . Being a repeat offender, it would be slow... and he wouldn't like it:sneaky:

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  18. Diegoff A Fixture

    Thanks for the heads up about this thief and about Paypal procedures! (y)
    Sorry for your loss. :(
  19. TCSloan Guest

    currently thats what Im trying to do..but being an international case,its going to be quite difficult I think.
  20. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    I get that... The wheels of justice grind slowly.
    That's why I prefer the personnal visit... much more satisfying and justice is definitely served

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